Is Cameron Monaghan Gay and Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Cameron Monaghan is not gay and has been linked with several women. Although he is not married, he is currently in a relationship with American model, Lauren Searle whom he began dating in 2020.

It might come as a big surprise that Cameron isn’t gay because rumors about him being gay began to circulate after he perfectly nailed his act as a gay character (Ian Gallagher), on the Showtime TV series, Shameless.

The result of his professional delivery of his character meant that his fans, as well as movie lovers began to wonder if Cameron Monaghan was gay. And although the actor prefers to keep his personal life private, he has come out to respond to these claims, but so many are still not satisfied as the rumor about his sexuality has shown no sign of abating. Continue reading to learn more about Cameron Monaghan, his sexuality, relationship history, and career.

What Is Cameron Monaghan’s Sexuality?

A few years ago, Cameron Monaghan came forward to say unequivocally that he was not gay. This came after endless conversations online about the fact that he played a gay character a little too well. Cameron Monaghan finally had to give in and eventually confirmed that he only played the role the best he could, and that he was not gay in real life.

Cameron Monaghan is not gay because he has been linked with several women. Although he is not married, he is currently in a relationship with American model, Lauren Searle.

The actor also doused any further flames by stating that he would only answer the question about his sexuality once and for all. He further revealed his annoyance at the invasive questions, saying that questions about anyone’s sexuality should not be raised for public entertainment. Cameron then thanked everyone for their kind words, adding that it felt “strange” to come out as a straight guy.

Cameron Monaghan Has Dated  Several Women

To settle the curiosity of fans who had believed that Cameron Monaghan is gay, it will be interesting to take a look at his dating history. Most people, to confirm Cameron’s sexuality for themselves, have naturally taken to digging out information about his love life. As already stated, he is not gay and actually has a girlfriend in reality. He has been linked to numerous dating rumors over the years and was thought to be in a relationship with his co-stars.

Cameron was previously in a relationship with model Peyton R. List. They met on the set of Anthem Of A Teenage Prophet. They made their relationship public in September 2017. It was adorable when they shared their Disneyland photo, but unfortunately, they split up in January 2019. But his dating options don’t stop there.

Prior to dating List, the actor was in a relationship with Shameless co-star, Ruby Modine. This gives further credence to the fact that Cameron Monaghan is not gay, even while he was acting the gay character of Ian Gallagher. Cameron Monaghan and Ruby Modine dated for a year.

He was briefly linked to model Sadie Newman in 2015, as well as actress and model Jemma McKenzie-Brown in 2019. Jemma has appeared in a number of films, including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Cameron Monaghan is Currently Dating Lauren Searle

For a while, it was believed that the actor was dating model Lauren Searle. This was eventually confirmed in 2021. Apparently, he and Lauren Searle have been having an affair since October 2020. They, however, decided to only make their relationship public after one year. The couple has shared numerous photos of themselves together on their social media accounts. Hopefully, this puts a final  conclusion to the reports about Cameron being gay.

The Show, Shameless Brought Cameron Monaghan to the Limelight

After Cameron Monaghan made his Shameless debut, rumors and news about his homosexuality began to circulate. He played Ian Gallagher, a gay man with bipolar disorder who grew up in a dysfunctional family in Chicago. His performance as Ian Gallagher in the series was so authentic that it piqued the interest of fans and critics alike, and people wondered if he was gay.

Though his excellent acting raised questions about his sexuality, it also helped him win numerous awards. Cameron made sure that his sexual orientation had no bearing on how he approached his role in the series. The show’s executive producer, John Wells endorsed Monaghan’s amazing performance saying, “He’s not gay, but he completely embraced the concept of this character and what it means.”

For his performance in Shameless, Cameron Monaghan was nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award for Best Supporting Actor. His acting abilities were so realistic and true that he was also named one of 2011’s top Breakout TV Actors by, a gay-interest media outlet.

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