Is Alex Scott Gay and Does She Have A Partner, Boyfriend or Husband?

Alex Scott has not revealed her sexuality and cannot be considered gay. She dates both men and women and has been romantically involved with Kelly Smith, a fellow teammate, in the past.

Alex Scott is an English pundit, sports presenter, and former professional footballer. Ever since she kicked off her professional football career, her unique playing style has made many interested in her. This includes her sexuality and love life, which she has kept a secret for years. Nevertheless, she later decided to lift the lid on her sexuality and love life, and here is all to learn about it. 

Is Alex Scott Married?

Alex Scott is not married, nor does she have a wife or husband that is known to the public. As stated earlier, she is single at the moment and is open to finding love again. With time, the TV presenter might find the one for whom her heart yearns and eventually walk down the aisle.

Is Alex Scott Gay or Lesbian?

Alex Scott is neither gay nor lesbian, as she has not revealed her sexual orientation. She prefers to keep personal details about herself under wraps, including her love interest. However, according to some sources, she dates both men and women and has chosen not to label herself as anything.

Though she later revealed in her memoir that she dated her fellow teammate, she still cannot be labeled gay or lesbian. Since she has chosen to remain unlabelled, her sexuality can be said to be pomosexual.

Is Alex Scott in a Relationship?

As of this writing, Alex Scott is not in a relationship. She revealed that she has been single for a while, and that is because she needed to be. Alex further stated that there were patterns in her relationship that she knew were not healthy for her, but she understands herself better now.

She continued that she had these walls up because she wanted to protect herself and the people around her. But now, she is ready to let them down and is prepared to be loved. Meanwhile, she has been in a relationship in the past, and here is all to know about the TV presenter’s love life.

She Once Dated Former Teammate Kelly Smith

Before Alex Scott revealed who her former lover was, she was known for being secretive about her love life. A few years after she had split from her lover, Kelly Smith, whom she had tagged her first love, she revealed all about their relationship in her memoir. This was because she felt it would be cheating if she did not tell about their great moments together.

Alex Scott and Kelly Smith met while playing for Arsenal in 2005. The duo lived together and played in most of their clubs together but never came out open with their romance. They moved to America in 2009 and signed with the Boston Breakers. Three years later, they moved back to the United Kingdom to join the Women’s GB football team at the Olympics in London.

The duo helped each other and accomplished a lot together before their split. It was revealed that Alex helped Kelly fight her drinking habit. However, according to the sports presenter’s memoir, How (Not) To Be Strong, they decided to call it quits in 2013. Kelly moved on pretty well and married DeAnna Dobosz, a management consultant, with whom she has welcomed two children.

The TV Presenter Was Allegedly Linked To Two Other Men

Alex Scott was also alleged to be romantically involved with two men after she split from Kelly Smith. Here are the men that she has been linked to.

Sam Robertson

She was allegedly linked to Sam Robertson, a Scottish actor and model. The speculations about their relationship began after they were spotted enjoying a cozy candlelight meal at a restaurant known as Soho Restaurant in Dean Street, Townhouse, London. However, she addressed the speculations in February 2022 at The One Show, stating that she knows that she is single.

Neil Jones

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Alex Scott was also speculated to be in a relationship with Neil Jones, her partner in the 17th season of Strictly Come Dancing held in 2019. Neil Jones, who was divorced from his wife at the time of the speculation, refuted the claims, stating that there was nothing on their minds but the show. The TV presenter also denied the claims.


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