Inside Tony Finau’s Family With Wife Alayna Finau

Tony Finau is an American professional golf player who is married to Alayna Galea’i-Finau, a former volleyball player. Together, the couple has five children: Jraice, Lielene Aiaga, Tony, Sage, and Sienna-Vee.

The couple, who has been married for almost 10 years has become a source of inspiration to those looking to follow the same path. Both Tony and Alayna are athletes (the former is a pro golfer and the latter played volleyball in college) and have supported each other since they met in 2010. Learn more about their family.

Who Is Tony Finau’s Wife?

Tony Finau’s wife is a former volleyball player who is known as Alayna Finau. They have been married for about a decade and she has remained a pillar of support to her husband who is also a successful pro golfer. The latter has always attributed his success to his amazing wife.

Born Alayna Galea’i on August 10, 1990, Tony Finau’s wife is 33 years old and is a native of Honolulu in the United States, which makes her an American citizen. However, we cannot confirm if she is of the same ethnic ancestry as her husband – Tony Finau has a Tongan and Samoan heritage and is Polynesian by ethnicity.

Furthermore, Tony Finau’s wife was born in a Christian home. Her parents are Tipa Galei and Taliilagi Moana Galeai and just like her husband, she came from a large family. This celebrity wife was raised in Honolulu where she lived with her parents and four siblings. Alayna Finau has three sisters; Aja Taliilagi, Adrianne Tautinei, and Alethea Aila. Her only brother is Tipa-Jesse Tuvale Galea’i.

Talking about her educational background, Alayna is well-educated. She was a student at Kahuku High and Middle School. In high school, she was an amazing athlete and played volleyball.

Alayna Finau attended Notre Dame de Namur for her tertiary education and while there, she continued playing volleyball. She was a member of the Notre Dame de Namur Volleyball team.

Apart from the aforementioned, Tony Finau’s wife has lived a private life. She only came to the limelight when her husband became popular for his success on the golf course. Also, she seems to be her husband’s no. 1 cheerleader as she always attends his games and is always seen cheering him up during his games.

Tony Met His Wife at a New Year Eve’s Dance

Life, they say, is a little weird as it brings beautiful and amazing people our way even in odd places. Such is the case of the pro golfer, Tony. He met his sweetheart at a New Year’s Eve dance in 2010.

According to Alayna, she had come to Utah to see her relatives, but she ended up meeting the love of her life. And when they started dating, she did not understand anything about his job but with time, she got to know what it meant to be a professional golfer.

Furthermore, Finau had always wanted to raise a large family. He was born in a home with eight siblings, thus, it informed his keenness to have a large family himself. It also helped that his wife, Alayna also came from a big family.

It is reported that the size of their family is one of the things the love birds discussed while dating and fortunately for them, they seemed to be on the same page in that regard. As expected, the couple decided to be together forever. This decision came after they had dated for two years as in May 2012, Tony and Alayna exchanged marital vows.

Despite being a famous golfer, Finau chose to keep everything low-key. They had a private wedding ceremony and their nuptials was witnessed by family members and close friends.

Tony And Alayna Finau Have Been Married For A Decade

As earlier mentioned, Tony Finau and his wife, Alayna, walked down the aisle in May 2012 and they have remained together ever since with no news of any form of major crisis in their relationship. This means they have been married for 12 years now.

The fact that the family has remained a close-knit unit is good, however, it is also refreshing to know that there are also no rumors of any infidelity or scandal associated with any member of the family.

As regards their previous relationships, this seems to be the first marriage for both of them. As of the time of writing this piece, the public is not aware if Tony had been married before his current marriage to Alayna Finau or if he had any children before he got married. In fact, his dating history before marriage is unknown.

Similarly, Alayna Finau is also close-lipped about her personal life. Nothing is known about any ex-boyfriends in the public domain. Also, there are no reports of a child before her marriage to the golf star.

Tony Finau And Alayna Have Five Children Together

Tony Finau always wished for a large family and that’s exactly what he has. He is the husband of one wife and a proud father of five children. According to him, he wants to have at least five to six kids. So, the public is not aware if he is expecting another baby soon.

The PGA Tour winner and his wife, Alayna Finau, welcomed their first child, Jraice in 2012, and the following year, they welcomed another baby, their first daughter, Leilene Aiaga. However, the Finaus were not done with childbearing just yet.

Two years later (in 2015), Alayna delivered her third baby – a baby boy – who was named after his father, Tony. In 2017, she had another child named Sage. It was reported that Tony had to miss a game against his idol, Tiger Woods, to be with his wife when she was about to give birth to Sage.

Moreso, the family has also welcomed their fifth child, a daughter named Sienna-Vee who was born in 2021. The little girl was born with a congenital cystic adenomatoid deformity and had to go through surgery to correct it.

Besides coming from a large family, Tony Fina’s faith also influenced his desire for more children. He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. Tony explained that the Mormon church, LDS, loves to have big families.

The American golfer now enjoys the company of his family. His children and wife do attend most of his games and as mentioned earlier, Alayna is Tony Finau’s biggest fan.

Alayna Finau, Played Volleyball In College But Never Went Pro

Alayna Finau’s career path is still not clear. While in high school and college, she was a volleyball player and showed the potential of becoming a superstar in the court game but despite how good she was at the sport, she never played professionally.

It is not clear why she never went pro but after college, she was not reported to pursue any career in any other field. She might have taken up a couple of jobs, however, these are mere speculations as she hasn’t said anything about her source of income. This celebrity wife is very private and usually avoids media interviews.

Some reports have it that Alayna Finau is a businesswoman but none is clear about the nature of her business. However, the celebrity wife is said to have a net worth that has been estimated to be about $1 million.

In addition to this, she flaunts her family on Instagram @lanyafinau. She has over 11K followers on this platform but is absent from other social media platforms. However, she doesn’t reveal anything about her career on Instagram.

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