Inside The Personal Life of Felix Jamieson of Raised By Wolves

Felix Jamieson is a 16 year-old British actor born on August 28, 2007 in England, United Kingdom, who has gained fame for starring in the TV series, Raised By Wolves. He has gained quite a reputation for being one of the country’s most recent star products, having appeared in a good number of TV series and movies.

Jamieson’s impressive performance as a child actor in HBO’s Game of Thrones put him in contention with playing a starring role in the drama/fantasy/sci-fi series known as Raised By Wolves.

Summary of Felix Jamieson’s Biography

  • Full Name: Felix Jamieson
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: August 28, 2007
  • Felix Jamieson’s Age: 16 years old
  • Place of Birth: England, United Kingdom
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: British
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Felix Jamieson’s Height in Inches: 4 feet 10 inches
  • Felix Jamieson’s Height in Centimeters: 147 cm
  • Felix Jamieson’s Weight: 40 kg (88 lbs)
  • Felix Jamieson’s Net Worth: Est. $1 million
  • Famous for: Being a child star on Game of Thrones and on Raised by Wolves
  • Felix Jamieson’s Instagram: @felixjamieson

How Old Is Felix Jamieson and Who Are His Parents?

Felix Jamieson is 16 years old and was born on August 28, 2007. Given the spotlight that has been on the young British actor since he first stepped onto the big stage, it is easy to see why there would be significant interest in the identity of the couple who raised Felix Jamieson.

The scope of that information is limited to the fact that an unverified source claims his father’s name is Luke Jamieson. However, that’s all there is to know about the man who fathered Jamieson. The actor has yet to officially tell the world who his parents are or what they do for a living.

We do know, however, that they played a big role in the trajectory that his acting career has taken. Felix makes it a point of duty to mention their contributions and the support they provide on a regular basis to see to the growth and success of his fledgling career as an actor.

He Appears to be an Only Child

Felix Jamieson was born on August 28, 2007, in England, United Kingdom. He was born under the birth sign of Virgo and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. His birth status makes him a British citizen.

The young actor plays his cards very close to the chest when it concerns members of his family and he has made it seem like he is the only child of his parents. This is simply because he has not once disclosed if he has any siblings and if he did, who they are, and what they are currently up to.

There is also the real possibility that if any of his siblings were as famous as he is, the public and the media would have somehow gotten wind of that priceless information. Felix Jamieson’s formal education background is also something that not too many people, aside from those who are close to the actor, know too much about. Certain sources claim that it is an aspect of his life that the actor takes very seriously.

Felix Jamieson Started Acting From a Very Young Age

The world got a first glimpse of Felix Jamieson when he appeared as the Winter Town Boy in the award-winning HBO series known as Game of Thrones. His contribution was minimal but it left enough of an impression on all who saw him that lots of inquiry quickly followed.

As earlier stated, Felix Jamieson’s parents were quite instrumental in shaping his career as an actor and this fact is made all the more prominent by the fact that they protected his art and encouraged him to venture into the world of acting at the very tender age of five.

Understandably, he started in school plays to theatres, and then before he even hit puberty, he was on the big screens. He had his first official movie role when he was just 11 years old. The movie was a short film titled The Ghost and was released in 2018. Felix played the role of Rob White and just a year later the Game of Thrones opportunity came and then some other roles such as the ones he played in Catherine The Great and Summer of Rockets.

Raised By Wolves is Felix Jamieson’s Biggest Acting Role Till Date

It needs no repeating to say that the makers and crew of Raised by Wolves had seen enough of Felix Jamieson’s acting ability by 2020 to convince them that the young actor was one they could work with and they promptly handed him the role of Paul in the drama/fantasy/sci-fi series.

Felix Jamieson’s character of Paul is introduced as one of the Mithraic kids in Raised by Wolves. He portrays the character of a kid who appears to be better off with his new parents, Marcus and Sue, who had to kill his birth parents in order to take their place on a ship that is evacuating earth in turmoil.

He has a shy outlook that belies the kind and brave personality hidden beneath and makes one want to go all out for him. He becomes best friends with Campion (played by Winta McGrath) and showcases that much-vaunted but hidden bravery by protecting his android parents and his best pal Campion from danger.

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His character evolves into something crueler under the astute guidance of Sol and by the time the second season rolled around, his maturity, alongside those of the other kids from the first season, was clear to see and his qualities as an actor fully shone.

Unfortunately, following the season 2 finale, Raised By Wolves was canceled and will not be renewed for a third season. This disappointing development happened as a result of the criticisms the show received in the second season as opposed to the positive reviews it got in the first.

Regardless of the fact that Felix Jamieson’s time on the set of Raised By Wolves has ended, his performances and acting skills should be enough to get him on to the next big project.

Below is a list of Felix Jamieson’s Movies and TV Shows so far.

  • 2018 – The Ghost as Rob White
  • 2019 – Game of Thrones as Winter Town Boy (1 ep)
  • 2019 – Summer of Rockets as Young Anthony (1 ep)
  • 2019 – Catherine the Great as Alexander (1 ep)
  • 2020 – Raised by Wolves as Paul (2 seasons)

This list is almost certain to grow in the coming years and it will be fun to see how this young British actor develops into the kind of actor who would be able to hold audiences much in the same manner as other British and American actors like Tom Holland, Tom Cruise, and other great actors.

What Is Felix Jamieson’s Net Worth?

For a career that officially began less than five years ago in 2018, Felix Jamieson’s net worth of an estimated $1 million is impressive, to say the least, and that amount will most certainly have a few more zeros behind it as the years go by.

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