Inside Raphy Pina’s Family With Wife Carolina Aristizabal and their Kids

Puerto Rican record executive Raphy Pina was married to businesswoman Carolina Aristizabal for eight years before they went their separate ways.

During that time, the former couple became responsible for two sons, Antonio Monti Pina and Rafael Chingui Pina. They also had a daughter named Mia Pina. Let’s take a quick peek into Raphy Pina’s family life with his ex-wife, Carolina Aristizabal.

Raphy Pina And Carolina Aristizabal Got Married In 2011

The relationship timeline between Raphy Pina and his now ex-wife, Carolina Aristizabal is not fully unraveled. We don’t exactly know when Raphy and Carolina met for the first time, when they officially began seeing each other, or how long they dated before deciding to settle down as man and wife. However, well-substantiated reports reveal that they tied the knot in December 2011.

The finer details of the ceremony including the venue and guests who attended the wedding have not been made public. At the time of their wedding, Raphy had already spent 15 years as the owner of the record label, Pina Records. The record label was established in 1996 and has been responsible for bringing artists such as Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Don Chezina, Zion, Lennox, and Raphy’s current wife, Natti Natasha to the limelight.

Raphy Pina had also been partially working with his then soon-to-be wife, Carolina, who handled the business aspects of the label while Pina focused on the music aspect of it. Before establishing Pina Records, Raphy had been running his late father’s recording company after entering the music industry at the age of 16.

Raphy Pina’s Infidelity Ended His Marriage To Carolina Aristizabal

Infidelity seems to be the highest cause of divorce among entertainment stars and the case of Raphy Pina and his ex-wife Carolina Aristizabal was no different. The couple seemed to have the perfect marriage on the surface of things but the record executive reportedly had a tendency to be unfaithful. Things eventually came to a head, leading to the couple’s separation in 2017 amidst allegations of infidelity on the part of Raphy Pina.

The period of separation lasted for some years before the couple decided to end their marriage in mid-2019. Initially, neither Raphy nor Carolina wanted the allegations of infidelity to continue so they ended up claiming that they had gone the divorce route for personal reasons.

However, even though they tried so hard to hide the actual reason for their divorce and pass it off as “personal reasons”, subsequent events and closer scrutiny of the facts of the marriage revealed that Raphy had indeed been unfaithful to his wife.

The person many people held responsible for breaking the marriage of Raphy Pina and his ex-wife was a woman named Natti Natasha. Born Natalia Amapola Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista on December 10, 1986, in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, Natti Natasha is a Dominican Reggaeton singer who came under the management of Pina Records sometime in 2017. That move put her directly under the stewardship of Raphy Pina.

It’s no coincidence that Pina’s marriage started to fall apart the sooner he started to work with Natti Natasha. It’s been said that proximity breeds affection, and one would be hard-pressed to find a situation where that premise is made clearer than in the case of Raphy Pina’s relationship with Natti Natasha.

The closer they worked together, the more the dynamics of their relationship changed to include baser feelings which they didn’t hesitate to explore without regard to Raphy Pina’s then status as a married man. In light of this information, it becomes crystal clear why Raphy’s ex-wife decided to separate from him in 2017.

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Following Pina’s divorce from Carolina in mid-2019, more evidence of the fact that he had played the infidel with Natti Natasha became increasingly difficult to deny until they sealed their relationship with an engagement in February 2021.

On the 18th of that same month, Natti Natasha publicly revealed that she and Raphy were expecting a child together, and on May 22, 2021, the now engaged couple welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Vida Isabelle Pina Gutiérrez.

Raphy Pina Has 3 Children With Carolina Aristizabal

Raphy Pina’s marriage to Carolina Aristizabal produced three children. Their first child, a daughter named Mia Pina after Raphy’s mother, was born in 2005. Specific details of her birth, including the day and month of birth, are yet to be revealed to the public.

Sometime after his daughter’s birth, Pina welcomed a second child with Carolina, this time a son who was named Antonio Monti Pina. Antonio was reportedly born in 2006 but like his sister, specific details of his birth have yet to become public knowledge.

Pina’s third and final child with Carolina was also a son who was named Rafael Chingui Pina, becoming the 3rd generation Rafael of the Pina family after his late grandfather and father. Raphael came into this world in 2008.

It Is Alleged That Carolina Is Not The Mother Of Raphy’s Children

There has been some confusion and speculation which has centered around the question of whether Carolina is the birth mother of all three of Raphy Pina’s children during the time he was married to her.

Those questions have come as a result of a remark made by Raphy in 2008 giving the credit for birthing Rafael Chingui to a woman named Wanda. Other sources have also claimed that she is in fact the birth mother of their daughter, Mia.

Neither of those claims was substantiated and we have since proceeded with the more reasonable and valid opinion that Carolina is the mother of Pina’s first three children. Mia, Antonio, and Rafael are already teenagers but not much information is available regarding their existence.

We are, however, aware of the reality that all three children were born at least three years before their parents tied the knot in 2011. Mia was 14 years old when her parents’ divorce was finalized in 2019 while Antonio and Rafael were 13 and 11 years old respectively at the time.

The divorce meant that their once united family had been torn apart, and while we cannot be certain about who got primary custody of the kids, we can confirm that they spend just as much time with their dad as they do with their mother.

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