India Westbrooks popularly known by her social media name India Love is a black American model and reality TV star. She is best known for her appearance in the reality TV show “The Westbrooks” that revolves around India and her sisters Brooke, Morgan, Bree and Crystal. She is also a famous figure on the social media and the internet.

Early Life: Age, Background and Rise to Fame

Born India Love Westbrooks on February 3, 1996, in California, United States. She attended Santiago High School in California. She is the youngest of the five sisters born in Westbrooks family.

Before the five sisters got a reality TV series of their own, the sisters have gained much popularity as internet personalities, with each of them having their own fan base on twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. India Love though the youngest is the biggest star of “The Westbrooks.”

India Westbrooks began her online career in 2011 when she opened her first Tumblr account, where she shares her own pictures. Being young, inexperienced, and naive she was not able to gain much attention as at that time. But the young chap didn’t give up rather she continued being active online. She kept on posting glamorous pictures on various social media platforms.

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India Love was very young when she became a social media idol. At first she started with Tumblr in 2011 but couldn’t gain the fame she quite expected. After facing series of issues with hackers on her Tumblr account. She sought other social media platforms like Vine and Instagram from where she gained her fame.

The rising fame of India Westbrooks and her sisters, however, attracted the attention of the popular media house BET Networks and these sisters were asked to star in their own reality TV show, “The Westbrooks.” The show premiered in 2015 and it was a hit because these sisters have built up their audience and they have many fans from all over the social media.

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indian westbrooks net worth

Personal Life: Boyfriend and Dating History

When it comes to her personal life, she has dated several popular guys. In 2011, Indian Love had a boyfriend named Ron Robinson. After dating for about two years, the duo broke up in 2013. The reason behind their break up was not disclosed. Shortly after the break up, India started dating Soulja Boy but the relationship didn’t last and also had an affair with Justin Combs and at the same time she had another boyfriend named Brandon Wimberly with whom she broke up with in 2014.

After Indian Love broke up with her fifth and sixth boyfriend. She yet again had an affair with Louletay in 2015, their relationship was thought to have a destination but yet again it crumbled.

India dated Kevin Durant’s brother Cliff Dixon in 2016 before the rumors spread out, though it hasn’t been confirmed that the gorgeous amazon was having an affair with Drake. However, the news came up a few months after the rapper reportedly broke up with India’s sister Crystal Westbrooks in 2016.


India Westbrooks is very active on Instagram and other social media platforms. She currently has more than 3.4 million followers and more than 3k posts on her Instagram account @indialove

Does India Westbrooks have Tattoos?

Well…yes. India Westbrooks has a lot of tattoos all over her body including religious tattoos. Check out 25 India Love tattoos and their locations below:

  • Hebrew, number, writing on her side
  • Crown on her knuckle
  • Writing on her lower back
  • Inscription on her wrist and
  • Another writing on her second wrist
  • Dots, heart, tribal design on her knuckle
  • Roman numeral, writing on her side
  • Writing on the side of her hand
  • Crown, writing behind her ear
  • Logo on her butt
  • Writing on her hip
  • Another writing on her elbow and
  • the other on her bicep
  • Cross on her spine
  • Cross, rose on her neck
  • Writing on her upper back
  • Jewelry, tribal design on her arm
  • Jewelry, tribal design on the back of her hand
  • Fleur de lis, jewelry on her chest
  • Tae on her forearm
  • Pin-up girl, portrait on her forearm
  • “Solitary” on her arm
  • Number on her chest
  • Chains, jewelry on her thigh
  • Playing card on her calf

India Westbrooks Net Worth

India Westbrooks has a very gorgeous and exotic looks and in her early twenties she has gained popularity all over the social media. Currently, she has more than 3.4 million followers on Instagram. India Love doesn’t have any awards or nominations to her name yet. India Westbrooks currently has an estimated net worth of $1.3 million which she earns through her successful modeling career, though her annual salary is not yet known.

Interesting Facts about India Westbrooks

Name: India Love Westbrooks

Date of birth: February 3, 1996

Birth/Zodiac/Astrological sign: Aquarius

Birth City: California, United States

Height: 5 feet 3 inches

Education: Santiago High School

Sisters: Brooke, Morgan, Bree and Crystal

Nationality: American

Profession: model, blogger

Hair Color: Black

Married: No

Kids: No

Net Worth: $1.3 million