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The intriguing American sitcom, iCarly and its long list of super talented iCarly cast kept millennials glued to the television from its first season to the very end. The show which aired on Nickelodeon for close to five years was the talk of town and shot its talented cast to stardom. For those who are still not in the know, iCarly is a popular teen sitcom which tells the fictional story of a tech-inclined teenager ‘Carly Shay’ who created a web show, iCarly alongside her two friends Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson. The show started on a small scale and soon became a hit, taking the internet by storm and of course making its creators the center of attraction in school. The tech trio have now reconciled themselves to the life of fame.

For its intrigue and uniqueness, the show which debuted in September 2007 earned lots of recognition and accolades including five nominations at the Emmys for Outstanding Children’s Program. The popular sitcom also garnered millions of views from across the country, making it one of the most viewed shows on Nickelodeon. iCarly dished its last episode in November 2012 after five years, with the finale coming off on November 23, 2012. Viewers hoped for a reboot or something of the sort but iCarly has really drawn the curtains.

Ceasing productions and airings on TV has not stopped millions of fans out there from wanting to know what happened to the cast and crew afterward. Many have not only anticipated a reboot but also wondered what the production crew of the popular sitcom has been up to. This quizzes have given rise to several questions pertaining to the whereabouts of the iCarly cast members. Answering some of these questions would mean digging deeper into the life of the stars. Starting with the frequently asked:

Who are the iCarly Cast Members?

From Carly, Sam Puckett to Freddie Benson, many have sought the real identity of their favorite stars on the show as well as their lifestyle in reality. Though we have mentioned the three main casts of the show, iCarly was brought to life by a bunch of talented hands who gave their best to see to the success of the production.

Here are the iCary cast members

While the above characters have been considered the major ones in the series, iCarly rose to a high pedestal with the help of other guest appearances. While actors like Miranda Cosgrove played all 96 episodes of the show, others like Noah Munck, Mary Scheer, and others did not appear in all.

What Are They Up to?

iCarly Cast

It is interesting to know that many still watch the sitcom despite its 2012 closing. These diehard fans also search the internet to know what their favorite stars have been up to. It’s interesting to know that after iCarly, some casts of the popular show are still into showbiz though on various platforms. Keep scrolling to find out what your favorite iCarly stars have been up to.

Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay)

Being the center of attraction and the key character in the sitcom, it was predicted by many that Miranda would get more roles in TV and movies.

The talented actress did not draw the curtains on acting after iCarly, she went on to play the voice of Margo in the popular animation Despicable Me 2. She also appeared on Crowded, an NBC sitcom. We hope to keep hearing more from the actress.

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Jennette McCurdy

Sam Puckett starred in a spin-off, Sam and Cat. She also played the role of Wiley Day in the movie Between. Jennette did not rely on movie roles alone, she went on to create her own online show What’s Next For Sarah? in 2014, two years after the last season of iCarly.

Nathan Kress

Everyone wants to know what happened to the only guy in the midst of the girls. Freddie Benson who won the hearts of many through his geeky attributes went on to star in other movies after his iCarly stint. Nathan starred in the movie Into The Storm. He is also a director of popular Nickelodeon series Henry Danger.

Mary Scheer (Marissa Benson)

After playing the mother of Freddie, Mary Scheer went on to appear in the spin-off, Sam and Cat. She also appears on the Disney show Bunk’d.

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