How Tall is Bob Saget? His Real Height Revealed

How Tall is Bob Saget? Bob Saget’s height was 6 feet 3 and a half inches during his lifetime. This translates into a height of 1.92 m or 192 cm.

The ace comedian, actor, and TV host complemented his tall frame with a slim physique during the early days of his career. He however added on some weight as the years passed by. Despite this, he never lost his smashing good looks until his unfortunate demise in 2022.

Bob Saget’s Bio and Body Stats

  • AGE: 67 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: 17th of May 1956
  • BIRTHPLACE: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
  • BIRTH SIGN: Tauruses
  • ETHNICITY: Caucasian
  • FATHER: Benjamin Saget
  • MOTHER: Rosalyn Dolly Saget
  • SIBLINGS: Gay and Andrea Saget (both late)
  • HEIGHT: 6 feet 3 and a half inches or 192 cm or 1.92 m
  • WEIGHT: 85 kg or 187 lbs

How Tall was Bob Saget?

Bob Saget was 6 feet three and a half inches or 1.92 m or 192 cm tall during his lifetime. This ordinarily sounds impressive and available statistics confirm this. The height of the average American man is put at 5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm tall. It, therefore, means that Bob Saget was six and a half inches taller than the average American male during his lifetime.

A similar result also obtains when the demographic is narrowed down to Hollywood. The average Hollywood male star is 5 feet 10 inches or 178 cm tall. This means that Bob Saget was five and a half inches taller than the average male Hollywood star.

Bob Saget’s Height Compared to Robin Williams

Robin Williams was 5 feet 7 inches tall which means that Bob Saget was eight and a half inches taller than Robin Williams.

Before he passed away in 2014, Robin Williams established himself as one of the greatest comedians in American history. He was also a renowned actor and won an Oscar. During their lifetime, Robin Williams and Bob Saget were great friends.

How Tall was Bob Saget Compared to Richard Pryor?

Richard Pryor was 5 feet 10 inches or 1.78 m tall. This means that Bob Saget was five and a half inches taller than Richard Pryor.

Bob Saget
Richard Pryor (m) and Bob Saget (r) in Critical Condition

Richard Pryor was an American comedian and actor who was considered one of the greatest stand-up comics ever. He won numerous accolades for his work including five Grammy awards as well as a primetime Emmy award. Richard Pryor and Bob Saget both featured in the 1987 comedy, Critical Condition, about a conman who tries to escape jail.

A Look at Bob Saget’s Weight and Other Body Measurements

At the time that he passed away, Bob Saget’s weight was estimated at 85 kg or 187 lbs. His other body measurements are not available but the late actor and comedian boasted of a full-looking figure just before his demise. Saget’s weight had previously varied over the years. For instance, when he was a child up until his early 20s, he was quite overweight.

Bob Saget
Bob Saget in Fuller House in the 90s Image Source

Saget later decided to make some major lifestyle changes, most likely in a bid to succeed in his acting career. He lost the pounds and achieve a slim figure. This made him quite good looking and by the age of 30, he landed the iconic role of Danny Tanner on the ABC sitcom, Fuller House.

All through his Fuller House days (1987 – 1995), Bob Saget maintained a slim figure. He also sustained it into the early 2000s. However, by 2005, he had piled on the pounds and had a flabby physique.

Bob Saget
Recent photo of Bob Saget Image Source

The ace comedian and actor found it difficult to watch his weight as he grew older and by 2017, tabloids reported that he had added an additional 77 lbs (35 kg) for a total weight of 267 lbs (121kg).

Many health experts predicted that Bob Saget’s weight could impair his health and he did his best to tame it. Ultimately, it wasn’t his weight that caused his death as he died from a fall that caused a blow to the back of his head.


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