Herschel Walker Net Worth and How He Made His Money

What is Herschel Walker’s net worth? Herschel Walker’s net worth is $10 million. He made his money through his former profession as a footballer, mixed martial arts, and other lucrative businesses.

Herschel Walker has achieved a lot through his NFL career as a footballer. He first started in 1959 with the New Jersey Generals and moved on to a couple of other clubs before retiring in 1991. He also takes part in other sporting activities like martial arts and also has streams of businesses that earn him a good living. The ex-footballer has equally appeared in a couple of TV series, like Rachel vs Guy: Celebrity Cook Off.

Herschel Walker Net Worth Is Estimated at $10 Million

The American martial artist and former reality TV star has a net worth that is put at $10 million. He has been able to amass such a whopping amount following his years of commitment and diligence in pursuing his various careers. Though Herschel is mostly known to engage in sports, which have contributed to a lion’s share of his net worth, he also has other streams of income that add to his net worth.

The Various Sources of Herschel Walker’s Net Worth

Football Career

Herschel Walker began playing football in high school prior to his professional football career. He also represented the University of Georgia while he was a student at the university. The footballer played for three years throughout his collegiate years and bagged numerous honors. Among the honors are the Heisman Trophy and being elected into the College Hall of Fame.

After he was done playing college football, Herschel Walker started his professional career in 1983 with the United States Football League’s (USFL) New Jersey Generals. He signed a $5 million contract with the team and played with them as a fullback for just two years, from 1983 to 1985 when the USFL collapsed. Consequently, the ex-footballer moved on to the Dallas Cowboys in 1986.

Herschel started his NFL career with the Cowboys with a five-year contract worth $5 million. While he was with the Cowboys, he proved his worth by playing seven different positions (fullback, halfback, tight end, H-back, wide receiver, both as a flanker and in the slot). He recorded 1,512 rushing yards and 505 receiving yards and ranked as the 10th player in the history of the NFL to obtain 2,000 rushing and receiving yards in a single season.

In 1989, the Cowboys sold Herschel to the Minnesota Vikings for five players in return and six future drafts. In his first match with the team against the Green Bay Packers, he proved his prowess and gained 148 yards on 18 carries. He played for the Vikings for two seasons and a half (two years and six months) before joining the Philadelphia Eagles in 1992.

Thanks to his mastery of the game, the team signed him with the aim of reaching the Super Bowl through his help. He broke new records in the team as the first NFL player to have one-play gains of 90 or more yards running, receiving, and kicking in a single season.

He left when the team signed free agent Ricky Watters and played just three seasons with them. Though the amount that he was paid by the club is unknown, with his skills and previous earnings, he is sure to have earned a huge sum.

Moving on, the ex-footballer signed a three-year deal worth $4.8 million with the New York Giants in 1995 as a third-down back. Herschel Walker had limited blocking skills and couldn’t fit into the position nor the position of a full back. However, he lasted a season, leading them with 45 kick returns at 21.5 yards per return.

In 1996, he had his second stint with the Dallas Cowboys. He played as a kick-off return specialist, fullback, and third-down back. He retired in 1997 after just a season with the team. His earnings in the club during his second stint are unknown. However, he is seen to have earned a reasonable sum following his level and active years in the field.

How Well Did Herschel Walker Earn From Martial Arts?

There is no doubt that Herschel Walker is a highly talented sportsman that could easily fit into any sport. With his physique, one can see that he is fit and healthy, so he can do any heavy man sport. As a result, it was not surprising when he ventured into martial arts after his retirement from the NFL.

He signed a deal with Strikeforce, an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) promotion company, in 2009 as a competitor in the heavyweight sector. In January 2010, he made his MMA debut after training for 12 weeks at the American Kickboxing Academy.

He had his first fight with Greg Nagy and emerged as the winner. In January 2011, his second fight against WEC fighter Scott Carson took place. Having developed himself in the field of art, he defeated his opponent. However, that has remained his last professional fight as has not been able to find anyone to fight him since then. The amount of money he earned from his two victories is also unknown.

A Number of Businesses Also Help To Boost Herschel Walker’s Net Worth

The retired footballer has got his hands full with a couple of businesses under his name. Below are the businesses established by Herschel Walker:

Herschel’s Famous 34 Pub and Grill

In January 2013, he launched his first brand name restaurant, “Herschel’s Famous 34 Pub and Grill”, in Athens, Georgia. Since it started operating in Georgia, it has become one of the best and has been receiving positive remarks from customers.

H. Walker Enterprises LLC

He founded H. Walker Enterprises LLC, a foreign limited liability company, in 2002. The company was established with the purpose of ensuring corporate transparency. Solar blinds, custom bedding, and draperies are sold to the hospitality industry through the corporation.

The Former NFL Star is the owner of Renaissance Man Food Services

Herschel Walker launched Renaissance Man Food Services, a chicken distribution company, in 1999. The company is a major supplier of pork, poultry, and bakery products. In 2008, the company recruited over 100 people and claimed to generate $70 million in gross revenue.

The Athlete has Appeared in TV Series and Commercials

Herschel Walker is quite multi-talented and has delved into other fields aside from sports. He has appeared in various reality television series from time to time. The ex-footballer was cast in the third season of Rachel vs Guy: Celebrity Cook Off and emerged as the winner of the season.

In 2009, he was cast on the Celebrity Apprentice show and was dropped after the eighth episode of the show. Herschel starred in a commercial paid for by the United Chamber of Commerce that supported Jack Kingston’s campaign for the US Senate election in 2014.

He Also Makes MoneyThrough Stock Investments

Despite earning from his various sources of income, Herschel Walker’s net worth also increases from stock investments. He has an investment portfolio of 10 stocks that are valued at $16 million. Below is a list of some of the stocks owned and controlled by the ex-footballer:

  • Microsoft
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Comcast
  • General Electric


During President Trump’s tenure, Herschel Walker was appointed as the co-chair of his council on sports, fitness, and nutrition. He is also known to earn money from the rents of some houses owned by him.

The ex-footballer has over six residential houses, which generate about $5,000 per month, giving a total of $60,000. He is known to have a number of endorsement deals that he earns from due to his large fan base.

Herschel Walker’s net worth was also built through his stints as a spokesman over the years. In 2021, he earned $330,000 as a spokesman for a Delaware-based mental health provider’s veteran support program. He has earned massively by appearing as a spokesperson for various other groups like Mid City Women’s Clinic in Hurst, Texas, Pregnant Choice medical group, Republican Attorney Generals Association, Boys and Girls Club, as well as many other groups.


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