Henry Chase Hager – Bio, Facts About Jenna Bush Hager’s Husband

Henry Chase Hager

Henry Chase Hager is an American politician who is notable for his dalliance with Jenna Bush whose father is George W. Bush, a former U.S.A president. Moreso it is known that Hager’s father also had a long-standing political career and was a one-time governor of Virginia State.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Hager started his political career upon graduation from college and since then, he is known to have worked with top U.S politicians which include the likes of Carlos Gutierrez and a couple of others.

Henry Chase Hager’s Bio (Age)

Henry Chase Hager has his birth took place at his parents’ home in Richmond, Virginia on the 10th of May 1978. His dad John H. Hager, was a politician with the Republican party who is notable for his positions as Assistant Secretary in the Department of Education, a one-time Governor for Virginia State and a former Chairman for the Republican Party in Virginia. Hager’s mother who has been identified as Margaret Hager is not as popular as his father and not much is said about her.

A look into his educational history shows that Hager was a brilliant lad who had a smooth ride through school, from St. Christopher’s School moving on to the University of Virginia. It is also known that Henry Chase Hager has been able to pick up one or two things from the political world and a year after his college education, he gained employment as an assistant to the senior advisor at the White House – this was at the time George W. Bush was president.

The young aspiring politician spent roughly 3 years as an assistant before he went on to become the Deputy Operations Manager during the campaign of 2004. As the years went by, Henry Chase Hager progressed in his career as he is known to have worked with top politicians like Carlos Gutierrez, a former secretary to the Department of Commerce and later he got the position as Lead Product Specialist at the Kohlberg Kravis Roberts firm.

However, Henry Chase Hager graduated from that position to become the company’s director and over the years, he has shown professionalism and expertise in his field. He is a major stakeholder in Building Conservation Trust which is an arm of Coastal Conservation Association (CCA)

Henry Chase Hager’s Relationship With Jenna Bush

The same year Henry Chase Hager ended his course at the University of Virginia, he started a romantic relationship with Jenna Bush, the daughter of former United States president, George W. Bush. It is known that he first came across Jenna in the heat of the campaign in 2004 and they started off as good friends, gradually progressing into being lovers.

Henry Chase Hager
Henry Chase Hager with his wife Jenna Bush Hager image source

However, several years down the line, Jenna’s mum felt the relationship was not going to last as she believed Hager was not serious about it. She even admitted to this fact in a TV interview where she acknowledged that irrespective of being a decent man, Hager was not serious about marital commitment. Surprisingly the couple tied the nuptial knot the 10th of May 2008 with the consent of their families.

The exquisite wedding took place at a ranch in Prairie Chapel, Texas which belong to the Bush family and there were about 200 invited guests in attendance. Sometime in 2012, they made it known that they will soon become parents and their first child, Margaret Laura Mila Hager was welcomed in April 2013. Two years later, in August 2015, they had another daughter, Poppy Louise Hager. Lately, the couple has made it known that their son was in the pipeline and they are eager to add yet another member to their clan.

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Other Facts About Henry Chase Hager

His estimated net worth stands at about $4.5 million while his wife, on the other hand, has close to $4 million to her name.

Henry Chase Hager resides in the beautiful city of New York together with his family and he also owns a comfortable house in Long Island.

One of Henry’s hobbies is cooking and entertainment

It is interesting to know that Hager’s wife is a twin.

Henry Chase Hager’s daughter Louise got her name Popper from her grandfather  George Bush who was fondly called Poppy during his young days. Laura, on the other hand, got her name from Hager’s mum.