The Real Reason Heather Mills And Paul McCartney Kerr Divorced After 6 Years 

Before Heather Mills and Paul McCartney Kerr, there was Paul and Linda McCartney, the first wife of the legendary British singer. Paul was married to Linda with whom he had 4 biological children and 1 adopted child from 1969 until her death in 1998 which was said to have left him devastated for more than a year. The Beatles frontman would not marry again until 2002 when he walked down the aisle with Heather mills.

With more than 25 years age difference between them, they both seemed very happy with their marriage. That was until 2006 when they separated and then by 2008, their divorce was settled with heather being awarded £16.5 million and assets worth £7.8 million although what she really wanted was a massive £125 million but what the singer was willing to offer was £15.8 million.

Just as it is with the end of every marriage, there were many speculations as regards the cause of the end of the Heather Mills and Paul McCartney union. While some claimed it was all because of the singer, others claimed it was because of the model. However, here are the main reasons why the marriage ended after only six years.

Here’s Why Heather Mills And Paul McCartney Kerr Divorced After 6 Years 

1. Stella McCartney did not support the marriage

According to Heather, the main reason why her marriage to the legendary singer did not work out was because his daughter, Stella, did not support the union between them. More so, she alleged that Stella did not like her. The rift between the two is believed to be among the main things that finally drowned the marriage.

Heather Mills said Stella was very jealous and she did some evil things just to make sure the marriage doesn’t survive. In an outburst of emotions, she claimed that the fashion designer’s daughter of Paul McCartney was jealous that she was the one who would now get the plane tickets and diamonds.

Heather Mills and Paul McCartney Kerr
Paul and Beatrice McCartney (Image Source)

More so, Heather Mills claimed that each week, Stella was doing something evil to ensure that the marriage ended and she was tired of it just as she was also tired of protecting the fashion designer. She claimed she had some facts which she did not want to release in order to protect someone she really cared about. Because of all she had gone through,  Mills revealed that she contemplated suicide. Talking about all she had been through, Mills likened herself to Princess Diana.

On her part, Stella described her former stepmother as a manipulative person who was trying to destroy her family as well as the legacy of their mother. She claimed she had warned her father not to marry her but he wouldn’t listen.

2. Alcohol and drug abuse allegations between Heather Mills and Paul McCartney Kerr

There were sources that claimed the main reason behind the divorce of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills was as a result of the latter’s alcoholism. It was claimed that the former model who had suffered an accident that led to the amputation of one of her legs years before meeting Paul would drink and get wasted. Even though she had an artificial leg, it was claimed that she would drink too much and throw the leg away, which was how the singer would always return home and meet her.

In another twist, Mills accused the singer of abusing alcohol and drugs and that he abused her emotionally and physically, something he vehemently denied. More so, the judge in their divorce trial said in conclusion, that the evidence submitted by Mills was inconsistent, inaccurate, and less than candid.

3. Other things that came up

As the divorce case continued, there were many other allegations on both sides. Mills who fired her lawyer and represented herself claimed her husband was often stoned while their marriage lasted.

Angered by the divorce case, Heather Mills poured a jug of water over Fiona Shackleton, the solicitor of her husband describing her as a bitch who should be ashamed of herself for doing that to another woman.

After Heather Mills and Paul McCartney Kerr went their separate ways, the singer who later got married to his third wife, Nancy Shevell, revealed that his marriage to Mills was one of the biggest mistakes of his life although he was still grateful because it gave him a beautiful daughter, Beatrice McCartney.

No matter what actually led to the end of the marriage, it was hard for both Heather Mills and Paul McCartney Kerr. As revealed by Mills, it was easier for her losing her a leg than going through with the divorce.


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