Harry Styles Dating History: A Guide To All The Women He Has Dated

One interesting thing about Harry Styles relationships through the years is the fact that he is so secretive about them and has never openly admitted to being involved with the many women he has been linked to, except for his relationship with singer/songwriter Taylor Swift.

Although many of what makes up Harry Styles dating history usually begins with rumors and speculations, there has always been an atom of truth in the supposed rumors/speculations. We have gone ahead to compile a list of everyone who has been linked to the former boy band, One Direction member, from his childhood days to date.

A Guide To All The Women Harry Styles Has Dated

  •  Abigail Crawshaw

Harry Styles
Harry Styles+Abigail Crawshaw

The first lady Styles was linked with is named Abigail Crawshaw, believed to be his childhood sweetheart. Harry and Abigail were very close back in 2007 when he was only twelve. Even after many years have passed, the two have remained friends and Styles is said to have even invited her to One Direction shows in the past.

  • Caroline Flack

Harry Styles
Caroline Flack image source

The second on our list is X Factor presenter Caroline Flack. The duo met on the set of X-Factor in 2011 when Harry was only seventeen years old and not minding the 14 years age difference, they began dating but things went wrong when the relationship which was meant to be a secret between them got out in the public.

Flack who was once linked to Prince Harry actually admitted to the little romance between her and the One Direction star.

  • Emma Ostilly

Harry Styles
Harry Styles kissing Emma Ostilly
image source

After his supposed break-up with Caroline Flack in 2012, Styles was linked to American model Emma Ostilly after the two were spotted kissing in Auckland, New Zealand during a date.

Emma and Harry met during the filming of One Direction’s second single Gotta Be You and they hooked up when Harry and his former band members visited New Zealand for a concert. Nothing more was heard about their relationship after this time, guess the fact that she resided in New Zealand at the time hampered the affair.

  • Taylor Swift

Harry Styles
Harry Styles+Taylor Swift image source

In the same year, 2012, Harry was linked to Taylor Swift. Although many still believe that the relationship which made headlines at the time was for the purpose of publicity, some believe something really genuine transpired between the duo, and we believe so too as they have written songs supposedly about each other.

Taylor’s “Style” and “Out of the Woods” and Harry Styles’ One Direction last singles, “Perfect,” and his solo song “Ever Since New York” are supposedly some of the songs, to name a few.

  • Cara Delevingne

Harry Styles

Harry and British model and actress Cara Delevingne were linked together briefly in 2013, but neither of them confirmed nor denied the rumours.

  • Kara Rose Marshall

Harry Styles

It’s like the good-looking star did a lot of hooking up in 2013 and with beautiful models too. After his rumored relationship with Delevingne, he was then linked to another model, Kara Rose, the rumors began spreading like wildfire after the duo were spotted hanging out in New York. Unfortunately, they were not spotted together anywhere again.

  • Kimberly Stewart

Harry Styles
image source

In 2013, Harry was also rumored to have dated Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly Stewart. The two were rumored to be dating after Harry was spotted having dinner with the whole family in L.A. Rod would later confirm it after it just slipped out from his mouth.

  • Kendall Jenner

Harry Styles+Kendall Jenner
Harry Styles+Kendall Jenner image source

Harry Styles relationship with Kendall Jenner is obviously his longest till date. They were first spotted together back in 2013 at a restaurant in West Hollywood. After a photo of them in Style’s car, got out in the public, Jenner quickly took to Twitter to announce she was single.

Rumours of their relationship made serious headlines in 2014 when they were seen going out to dinner together and were later seen at Mammoth Mountain, California. In 2015, what initially appeared as mere friendship began to get more serious as they were spotted vacationing together in the Caribbean.

They were seen enjoying an intimate dinner, relaxing on a yacht, and even sharing a passionate kiss together. Khloé Kardashian would later confirm in an interview that her sister and Harry Styles were dating.

  • Camille Rowe

Harry Styles
Camille Rowe image source

The news of Harry Styles hooking up with Victoria Secret’s model Camille Rowe got out after the two were spotted everywhere in New York City together. Although they never confirmed nor denied the rumors, one thing that remained proof of a possible relationship between the two was the paparazzi they were never able to hide from.

  • Paige Reifler

Harry Styles
Paige Reifler image source

As stated above, Harry seems to be into models and in the winter of 2014, he was spotted with another one named Paige Reifler in a few photos that appeared on social media. Things between the two, however, got messy when Harry discovered Reifler may be using him to draw attention to herself and get some fame.

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There are several other women that have been linked to the star including Nadine Leopold whom he reportedly dated briefly in 2015, then Sara Sampaio (friend to Nadine), Georgia Fowler, Pandora Lennard, Erin Foste, and UK chef and blogger Tess Ward.


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