Hannah Lee Fowler
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While the dream for a lot of girls is to be the normal regular girl that their favorite hot and sexy musician falls in love with, like a scene from a Disney film, reality often offers something different. Famous sexy musicians often end up marrying someone who is equally as famous as themselves. But sometimes, the stars align, the universal code experiences a beautiful anomaly and the hot popular musician falls in love with the random normal girl in a small town. Popular Country Music star, Sam Hunt is the hot musician with whom Hannah Lee Fowler gets to live the fantasy of millions of girls all over the world? Read on for details about how the fairytale love story occurred to make Hannah the envy of all ladies.

Biography of Hannah Lee Fowler

Hannah Lee may be a famous name now as the wife of Sam Hunt, but the brightness of the spotlight over her has been controlled thus far. Usually, when a nobody becomes somebody overnight, especially in the Entertainment business, their lives are looked into with a fine toothcomb and every information about them is made public. Thankfully for Hannah, that hasn’t been her case. She has managed to keep herself removed from the prying eyes of the media and so far, all we know about her background is that she was born on the 27th of October. Her exact age is unknown and neither are other background information such as her education. We, however, know that she is the daughter of parents, Scott Fowler and Linda Fowler and she was born in Montevallo, Alabama. We also deduced that as the child of a minister, Hannah was raised deeply conservative.

While we cannot say exactly what schools Hannah Lee Fowler attended other than the Evangel Christian School, a homeschooling program she graduated from in 2006, we know she’s a nurse and thus must have attended college in some capacity. Her insights and collaboration efforts as discussed by Sam Hunt also points to a very intelligent woman.

There is not much information available about Hannah’s life before or after she met Sam Hunt. All we know as expressed by Sam Hunt is that he met Hannah while he was at the University of Alabama in Birmingham in 2007. Over the next decade, the pair were in an on and off relationship that eventually blossomed into an engagement in 2016. The engagement would not be made public until the following year and the couple eventually tied the knot on what has been a long love affair on the 15th of April 2017.

Hannah Lee Fowler may just be a nurse, but according to Sam Hunt, she is the inspiration behind the majority of his songs. The music star gives her credit for his music and he specifically named his first album, “Montevallo” after her hometown in honor of the time he spent with her. One of his hit songs, Drinkin’ Too Much is an apology track to Hannah.

Lee Fowler’s Parents and Siblings

The bit of information available about Hannah’s Family tells us she’s from a big family. Her parents, Scott Fowler and Linda Fowler have seven children. Her father is also a pastor at the Spring Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

What number Hannah falls in among her siblings is also unknown but the rest of the Fowler family are – Joshua, Rebekah, Sarah, Jonathan, Elizabeth, and Daniel.


Hannah got married to husband, Sam Hunt on April 15th, 2017. Unlike Hannah, her husband is very much in the public eye, a result of his success as a country music artist.  He has several chart-topping records to his name. He is also a Billboard Music Awards and Grammy Awards nominated artist.

His full name is Sam Lower Hunt, he initially pursued a football career before he turned to music after his pursuit failed. Sam was born in Cedartown, Georgia. Due to the significance of the town to him, the couple also got married there in 2017.

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Other Facts About Hannah Lee Fowler

  • She has no social media presence

Perhaps a result of Hannah Lee Fowler’s relationship with Sam Hunt and the unwillingness to lose her privacy, Hannah has no social media presence. She deleted her Twitter account and her only existing social account, Myspace has not been updated in a long while.

  • She enjoys the outdoors

Although there is very little personal information about Hannah, the few bits of information on her MySpace page shows she loves the outdoors and likes horses. Not a big surprise considering where she grew up.

  • Hannah Lee Fowler is a fitness junkie

As a nurse, the importance of being healthy is not a fact lost on Hannah Lee Fowler. Through the social media posts of her sister, we know the Southern beau enjoys working out.

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