Get To Know All About Hannah Bagshawe’s Work, Family and Marriage In These Facts

Hannah Bagshawe is definitely most known for being the partner of Eddie Redmayne. As a result of this, many have come to believe that her life revolves around the English actor. While that is not totally false, it would be out of place for one to suggest she’s living in the shadow of her more popular partner. The alumna of the University of Edinburgh has accomplished quite a lot on her own.

Besides being born on the 30th of November 1982 in London, England to Nicholas and Caryl Bagshawe, there are interesting facts about Hannah that are worth knowing. Get details below.

Hannah Bagshawe Has Built a Career As a Publicist

Since graduating from the University of Edinburgh, where she nagged a degree in English Literature and French, Hannah Bagshawe has been working as a public relations executive. She has worked with a number of high profile individuals, including the Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne. She is also an antique dealer.

In the past, she used to work for one of the most respected antique dealers in the business, but she has since set up her own business so she can be more in control of her schedule and able to spend time with her loved ones as needed.

She Is Married to Eddie Redmayne

Many women are head over heels for The Theory of Everything star, but Bagshawe is the lucky woman who gets to go home to him every day. The lovestruck couple tied the knot in a private and intimate ceremony held at Babington House in Somerset, England, with only their families and closest friends in attendance.

Their wedding had a winter wonderland theme and took place on December 15, 2014. Interestingly, Hannah was late to the wedding, causing guests to worry that something had gone wrong. However, Redmayne claims he wasn’t troubled or surprised because he knows she was always late to everything.

She Met Her Husband in High School

The lovers’ path first crossed in 2000 when Redmayne and other members of his class at Eton College were invited to serve as models for a fashion show, at a charity event organized by Hannah’s all-girl school.

During the afterparty, they began talking and soon realized that they had a lot of things in common. They became friends and kept in touch even after they went off to different universities. Hannah also served as his publicist. Given how much time they spent in each other’s company, it’s no surprise that the flames of romantic love sparked between them.

How Did They Become Lovers?

Hannah had a 12-year friendship with Redmayne before they began dating. Yeah, it wasn’t “love at first sight” for this couple as they decided to take things a step further after being friends for over a decade. Redmayne had just completed rehearsals for Les Miserables, and after having dinner with Hannah Bagshawe one night, he asked her to accompany him on a vacation to Florence.

She agreed and they ended up going on their first date in Florence. They transformed from friends to lovers in January 2012, and Bagshawe soon began accompanying Redmayne to premieres, award shows, and red carpet events.

Redmayne Proposed to Her with a £30,000 Engagement Ring

Hannah said yes to her longtime companion when he bent the knee and asked her to marry him in 2014, over Memorial Day weekend. They were enjoying a romantic getaway together when Redmayne popped the question, wielding quite an expensive ring.

They announced their engagement to the public on May 31st in The Times and a couple of other publications. After their wedding, they jetted off for their honeymoon in The Alps.

Hannah Bagshawe’s Kids and Family Life

Bagshawe and Redmayne’s marriage has been blessed with two kids. They welcomed their first child together, a daughter they christened Iris May Redmayne, on the 15th of June 2016. Two years later, on March 10th, the couple welcomed the newest member of their family, Luke Richard Bagshawe.

Hannah Bagshawe with her husband and daughter Iris Mary Redmayne
Hannah Bagshawe with her husband and daughter Iris Mary Redmayne: Image Source

The happy parents took an unconventional approach in naming their children: their daughter bears Redmayne as her surname, while their son bears Bagshawe as his. The couple is expecting their third child as of this writing.

Bagshawe Keeps Eddie Grounded Amidst The Fame

When you’re famous, it can be very easy to lose grasp of reality and succumb to the dazzle of fame. Luckily for Redmayne, he has someone to pull him back to earth when he gets caught up in the glitz and glam of Hollywood.

The actor praises Hannah Bagshawe for helping him stay grounded and true to himself. As far as she is concerned, he’s first and foremost the man she loves and the father of her kids before he is a movie star. This reality check helps him to not stray too far out of line. Hannah seems to be doing a splendid job of being a career woman, mother, and wife. She and her beautiful family all live in London.

About Hannah Bagshawe’s Family

Irrespective of the fact that Hannah Bagshawe is almost always facing the glare of the media as she supports her husband, she has been able to keep her personal life private to a great extent. So far, the media only gets to know what the couple chooses to share with the public. This is why much isn’t known about the family she hails from. All we can tell is that it’s a family that’s fully British. Her parents (Nicholas and Caryl Bagshawe) are indigenes of London, England and nothing is known about her siblings; it is not even known if she has any.


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