Haley Joel Osment Sister, Wife, Height, Weight, Gay, Where Is He Now
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Hollywood is filled by so many actors who were child stars and Haley Joel Osment is one of them. He has managed to impress movie enthusiasts with his acting prowess which has brought him increased fame and fortune. Haley has been nominated for many prestigious awards and he has won more than a handful of them. Beyond his bio and the facts surrounding his career as an actor, learn about Haley’s family, body measurements, and the things he’s been up with.

Who is Haley Joel Osment?

The former child actor, Haley Joel Osment, was born on April 10, 1988, in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, Osment engaged in wrestling, football, basketball, and golf. He attended Flintridge Preparatory school in La Canãda, California and later completed a degree in Experimental Theatre at the New York University’s Tisch School of Arts in 2011. Haley Joel Osment’s ancestry includes English, German, and Irish.

At age four, he got signed up with a talent scout. His description of an IMAX theater screen landed him a Pizza Hut TV commercial where he advertised a Big Foot pizza in a shopping mall. The commercial launched him to what would later become a big career. His first movie role was in the 1994 hit film, Forrest Gump where he played Forrest Gump Jr – the son of Forrest Gump. In the same year, he also featured in Mixed Nuts.

He was featured in the movie, Bogus in 1996 where he portrayed the character of an orphaned boy. However, it was in 1991 that his Hollywood breakthrough came with the film, The Sixth Sense. In the movie, he played the role of a haunted little boy alongside Bruce Willis. This earned him the highly esteemed Academy Awards nomination for Best Supporting Actor. It made him the first millennial actor to receive an Academy Awards nomination for acting, and the second youngest actor to ever receive an Academy Awards nomination for a supporting role. He also won the Saturn Award for Best Performance by a young actor.

Family – Sister, Wife

Osment’s acting trait stems from his father, Michael Eugene Osment – a theater and film actor. His mother, Theresa Seifert Osment is a teacher. Both of his parents are natives of Birmingham, Alabama and they are Roman Catholics.

The Sixth Sense actor has a younger sibling who is also a Hollywood star. She goes by the name, Emily Jordan Osment and was born in 1992. Some of her works include The Secret Life of Girls and Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams.

Haley Joel Osment Sister
Haley Joel Osment and Emily Osment: Image Source

We’re sure that many are curious to know about this actor’s marital life. Haley Joel Osment is not a married man and he is not engaged either. The actor is rumored to be entangled in an intimate affair with actress and singer, Mae Whitman. There are also photos supporting the rumors. Their relationship is said to have been on since 2000.

The two have denied that they are lovers but as it is almost certain that Haley Joel Osment has a girlfriend, fans are waiting to know if his heartthrob is actually Mae Whitman.

Is He Gay?

This question is always quick to raise a lot of eyebrows. Why would people think that this actor is gay? Haley Joel Osment’s portrayal of the gay character, Chip, in the movie Sassy Pants, may be the reason for this. In Sassy Pants, his fans got to see what would be a gay version of him. He has never opened up about being gay and there are no photos supporting it, save for the ones from Sassy Pants.

Where Is He Now?

There are several instances which have shown that it is not always easy for a child star in Hollywood to grow up and still retain that status. Although Osment had a run-in with the law in 2006, he is one of those child stars who has survived in the industry, remaining relevant as an adult. He credits this to his upbringing.

Some of his works as an adult include Sex Ed, Sassy Pants, and Comedy Bang! Bang!. He played for the U.S. team at the All-Star Cup 2005. Haley Joel Osment lives in New York City.

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Height, Weight and Body Features

Haley Joel Osment looks nothing really like what he looked like as a kid. The actor is small in appearance as he is only 4 inches taller than 5 feet. But that doesn’t matter, after all, it is said that big things come in small packages. His weight is 64 kg, he has blue eyes and is very hairy. Haley’s hair is blonde in color and he is quite plump.

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