GWSN – Members Profile, Discography and Other Interesting Facts

Gongwon Sonyeo shortened as GWSN, is a new addition to Kpop girl groups which has been making waves since they debuted in September 2018 under Kiwi Media Group’s subsidiary, Kiwi Pop. However, it would interest you to know that unlike several other music groups based in South Korea, GWSN’s seven members are composed of ladies from different countries who came together to form a unique girl band under the big K-pop umbrella.  In this article, we discuss the profile of each member of GWSN, their discography and other interesting facts about the girl group.

GWSN – Members Profile

1. Seoryoung – Group Leader

Seoryoung - GWSN Group Leader
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Born Lee Seoryoung in Masan, South Korea on January 26, 2000, Seoryoung is Korean but she speaks Japanese. In addition to being the leader of GWSN, she is also a vocalist who plays the guitar. Seoryoung’s nickname is Fairy Leader.

2. Seokyoung

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Seokyoung is a vocalist, rapper and lead dancer for the group. She was born on April 16, 1999, in Ulsan, South Korea as Kim Seokyoung. It is also known that with a height of 5 feet 0 inches, she is the shortest member of GWSN. Seokyoung enjoys solving maths and covering dances. The nickname of this talented vocalist is Sunshine.

3. Miya

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A vocalist, dancer, and rapper, Miya was born on May 26, 1993, making her the oldest member of GWSN. Although she is alternatively known by her nicknames Yami, Yamiyamisang or Girl Crush, Miya’s full name is Miyauchi Harukaand she is from Shizuoka, Japan. Before GWSN, this versatile artist was part of Baxx, a VIXX cover group.

4. Anne

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Born Lee Seoyoung on October 17, 2000, Anne is Korean but she speaks Mandarin. She attended Hanlim Multi Art School, Seoul from where she graduated in February 2019. Although she is one of the main rappers and vocalists in GWSN, Anne can also play the piano. She is fondly called Mood Lighting by her bandmates.

5. SoSo

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Though she has a Korean name, Wang Jung Eui, SoSo is a Taiwanese lady born as Wang Chingyi on March 14, 2001. She is a vocalist and a dancer who specializes in street dancing and splits. Her nicknames are ‘Vending Machine model’ and Jjingjjingie. This GWSN member attended Juang Jing Vocational School, Taipei, and she enjoys rock climbing.

6. Minju

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Born Kang Minju in Masan, South Korea on March 11, 2001, Minju is a rapper, vocalist, dancer as well as a pianist. Her nicknames are Vitamin Rabbit and Mindoongie. She used to be a trainee of SD Entertainment and she attends Hanlim Multi Art School.

7. Lena

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The youngest GWSN member, Lena was born as Kang Lena on April 17, 2002, in Seoul, South Korea. This GWSN member had part of her education in the U.S so she speaks the English Language fluently. Lena currently studies at Kaywon High School of Arts, Seoul.


GWSN made their debut on September 5, 2018, with ‘Puzzle Moon’, the title track from their first EP, ”The Park in the Night Part One’. Since then, they have released two more EPs, ‘The Park in the Night Part Two’ in March 2019 and ‘The Park in the Night Part Three’ in July 2019. All three EPs peaked at Top 13 on the Gaon Album Chart.

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So far, they have released three singles including ‘Puzzle Moon’, one in each EP. The other two are ‘Pinky Star (Run)’ and ‘Red-Sun (021)’. GWSN is also credited for singing the soundtrack ‘Oh Lady Go Lady’ in the Korean Comedy Drama series Clean with Passion for Now which was released in 2018 as well as the soundtrack ‘I’m in Love’ in Mother of Mine released 2019. Furthermore, group members, Seoryoung and Lena are credited for singing the soundtrack ‘Be Your Star’ in the 2019 South-Korean comedy series, Touch Your Heart.

Other Interesting Facts About GWSN

  • Each member of GWSN has Korean, Chinese and Japanese stage names.
  • Their group name means “Girls in the Park” in English
  • The name of their Fandom is Groo
  • According to the members, their name Gongwon Sonyeo – GSWN has three distinct meanings – Gongwon literally means Park, which is a place that all groups of people go to dream and have fun. Gongwon can also be broken down into Gong which is Korean for Zero, and Won (one), and this means when the seven members of the group unite, they become one forever. GWSN also stands for Ground (land), West, South, and North, and this describes the group’s mission to reach people from all over the world.


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