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Becoming a YouTube star is really not an easy task. From growing your YouTube channel to rooting for views and subscribers, it takes a lot to make it to the top on YouTube. Meet Grian, a respected YouTuber and British Minecraft gamer who successfully built his channel to a celebrity status by a dint of sheer hard work and diligence.

Grian was born on August 9, 1993, in England, in the United Kingdom. At age 7, he relocated to Japan following an invitation by his friend Sam. He attended the Akademi High School along with his two best friends Sam and Taurtis. Prior to his decision to go solo in 2014, the respected YouTuber was part of a YouTube channel known as CraftedMovie, a Minecraft cinema channel that was operated by a group of YouTubers from 2011 to 2014.

Grian first appeared on CraftedMovie as a set builder following an invitation by the original founders of the channel. He began appearing in the video after some time as his own character, gaining an overwhelming number of followers online.


The British gamer had his major breakthrough after uploading the video “5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Minecraft House”. The video did not only shoot him to prominence but also multiplied the number of views and subscribers on his channel.

There are over hundred YouTube channels committed to Grian’s Minecraft. Some of them are SkyDoesMinecraft and Yogscast. His Minecraft tutorial, which helped in launching him into stardom, is a detailed account of how to craft wheat with step-by-step instruction and screenshots. A part of Grian’s game requires users to farm and harvest wheat instead of making them with a furnace or crafting table, as contained in the respected gamer’s Minecraft tutorial.

Although there’s only one Minecraft game, there are three different versions of it depending on the platform a gamer is playing on. For those using a computer, the game is compactable with Mac or PC, there’s also a pocket edition for mobile devices and another for gaming consoles like PS4, PS3, Xbox One and 360.

Best known for inventing “build swaps”, Grian also does video blogs which he occasionally uploads on his channel. Despite creating build swaps (an interesting Minecraft minigame) and writing Minecraft building tutorials, the England-born YouTube star, also loves playing non-Minecraft games.

Grian is seen as a major inspiration to many budding YouTubers and gamers in the gaming industry. He has also collaborated with veteran YouTubers Samgladiator and Taurtis and up-and-coming YouTubers like NettyPlays in making some videos.

At the moment, his channel has over 2.1 million YouTube subscribers while his Wynncraft MMO server is fast becoming the go-to server for online gamers. Besides “5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Minecraft House”, Grian’s other video that pulled a lot of internet users to his side is “50 Small Building Tricks in Minecraft.”

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Lesser Known Facts about Grian the British Minecraft Gamer and YouTuber

1. Grian has a sister whose name is not publicly known.
2. His birth sign is Leo.
3. His friends also call him Mr. Boy-Man.
4. The YouTuber’s best friends are Taurtis, Majo Ellen, Sam, and InvaderGaming.
5. It took him about three years to create his Wynncraft MMO server.
6. The British gamer’s YouTube channel crossed the 1.1 million subscriber mark in July 2016. At the time, Grian, who couldn’t hide his joy, thanked his fans for believing in him and holding onto his ideas.
7. Grian has uploaded about three hundred and twenty-five videos to his YouTube channel.
8. He is currently dating Majo Ellen. Grian’s relationship with his sweetheart began after his friends Taurtis and Sam convinced him to ask Ellen to be his Halloween partner.
9. He stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall.
10. Grian’s weight is 158lbs.
11. He is very active on YouTube, having joined the video-sharing website since November 22, 2009.
12. It’s generally believed that Grian’s Minecraft game has helped many young people to build skills such as collaboration, innovation, and creativity.

How To change your Minecraft version

The process of changing your Minecraft version is quite an easy one. First, you need to find your way to the bottom left corner of the Minecraft Launcher. Once you get there, click on “New Profile”.

Then move over to the place where you have “use version”. Once you’ve done this, you will be directed to where you will select the Minecraft version of your choice. Select the version you want by picking a profile name and clicking on “Save Profile”.

Enjoy your game!

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