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For musicians who sing songs that belong to the Rock genre, it is important that you not only possess an incredible vocal range but have the ability to deliver electrifying performances that leave a lasting memory in the minds of fans, this is what has aided the rise of the American rock band – Greta Van Fleet.

The band was created in 2012 but their first record did not come until five years later with a signing to Lava records. Black Smoke Rising which is the band’s first official studio EP was released a month after their signing in 2017. For a period of four weeks in the month of September, the band’s first single Highway Tune rocked the top of the Billboard’s Active Rock and Mainstream charts. Greta Van Fleet went ahead to prove their competence as the revivers of rock genre by releasing Anthem of the Peaceful Army which is their first album in 2018. A week after its release, the album found itself at the top of the Billboard Rock album charts.

The work of Greta Van Fleet has not gone unnoticed by the bigwigs of the music industry as they were nominated for four awards at the 2018 Grammy Awards and won an award for the Best New Artist from Loudwire Music Awards. The group is made up of four members who put in their best to provide the kind of rock music that would appeal to a younger audience. Keep reading to find out more about the members of this band who consider themselves the revivers of the rock genre.

Who are The Greta Van Fleet Members?

The band is majorly made up of three siblings – two of whom are twins, their younger brother and a family friend. They are: Josh Kiszka, who is the lead vocalist and plays the tambourine; Jake Kiszka, backs up and plays the lead guitar; Sam Kiszka plays the keyboard and the acoustic guitar while Danny Wagner is on the drums. Jake and Josh are the twin brothers while Sam is their younger brother. When the band first started out, Kyle Hauck was on the drums but in 2013, Danny Wagner replaced Kyle.

The twins – Jake and Josh were born on the 23rd of April 1996, Sam was born three years later on the 3rd of April in 1999 while Danny Wagner’s birthday is on the 29th of December, 1998. The boys were all born in their native hometown of Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Everything You Need to Know About The Greta Van Fleet Rock Band

Greta Van Fleet
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  • Name Creation Story

The name of the band – Greta Van Fleet was derived from the name of an actual resident of Frankenmuth, a woman called Gretna Van Fleet. One of the band members had heard of her name from a relative and they decided to ask for her permission to name their band after her, which she agreed to. In an interview, Gretna Van Fleet stated her support for the band although their genre of music is not to her liking.

  • Led Zeppelin

One of the best things that can happen to musicians is when lines of intersection are drawn between them and the musicians they have adored, this is what has happened between Greta Van Fleet and the British rock band – Led Zeppelin, with fans discovering similarities between the two. The icing at the top of this cake for the members of Greta Van Fleet is with Robert Plant –  the lead singer of Led Zeppelin referring to them as ‘Led Zeppelin I’ and topping it off with a complimentary remark for the band’s lead singer. The recognition they have received from this older more experienced band means a lot and hints at the fact that they really might be the good musicians they think they are.

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  • Gigging since Childhood

The siblings in the band have been fine-tuning their art since their pubescent and teenage ages, with the twins starting out at fifteen and their younger brother at the age of twelve by performing in their hometown of Frankenmuth. Garnering range in the art by listening and practicing the music of the greats in rock who have existed before them, including Freddie Mercury of Queen, Eric Clapton, and Albert King.

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