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It will not be farfetched to say that Grant Gustin would not be where he is today if it were not for his role as Barry Allen in The Flash. Gustin, who started off his acting career on Broadway, has since grown to become one of the most liked comic book movie and series actors, with a number of Kids’ Choice and Teen Choice Awards to his name.

Biography (Age)

On the 14th of January, 1990, in Norfolk, Virginia, Thomas Grant Gustin was born to Tina Haney and Thomas Gustin. His father Thomas was a college professor while his mother Tina worked as a pediatric nurse.

From a very young age, Gustin was very involved in the arts. While attending Granby High School, his parents enrolled him at the Governor’s School for the Arts program for musical theatre in Norfolk. He also concurrently attended the Hurrah Players Incorporated theatre organization before graduating from high school in 2008.

Upon graduation, Gustin applied to North Carolina’s Elon University to attend its BFA Music Theatre Program. He spent two years in college before dropping out to join the cast of the Broadway Revival Tour of West Side Story where he played the role of Baby John. Gustin performed with the tour for over a year before taking the role of Sabastian Smythe in the Fox Network musical comedy-drama series Glee (2011-2013).

In 2012, after having caught the attention of television executives from his previous roles, Grant Gustin landed roles in Lifetime Network’s A Mother’s Nightmare and the independent film Affluenza. The following year, he got cast to play the role of Campbell Price in 90210 and Barry Allen in the second season of Arrow. His role in the latter was what pushed him to greater heights as it led him to land the lead role in the spin-off series titled The Flash. The Flash’s pilot episode premiered in October 2014 with record views for a show on The CW network in more than five years. This prompted the network to order for more episodes, and as of October 2018, the show is still running and is in its fifth season. The Barry Allen/Flash character has further crossed over into episodes of Super Girl and Legends of Tomorrow.

While he continues to play his multiple award-winning Barry Allen role, Grant Gustin has appeared in the movie Krystal (2017) and Tom and Grant (2018).

Grant Gustin’s Net Worth

Grant Gustin, according to Celebrity Net Worth website, is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million. The actor, who will surely be worth much more in years to come as his profile keeps rising, was able to amass his wealth from his various acting roles. It is not clear if Gustin receives royalty payments for the songs he sang while he was still in the cast of Glee and also the ones he contributed to in Flash.

Through his character in Glee, the former musical theatre student performed songs like Uptown Girl, Bad, and Smooth Criminal, among many others, that appeared on a number of Glee music compilations. Smooth Criminal which was performed with Naya Riviera’s character, Santana Lopez, peaked at number 26 on the Billboard Hit 100 and at number 10 on Billboard Digital Songs chart.

Is He Gay?

Grant Gustin is definitely not gay. A few fans have questioned his sexuality in the past, mostly because of how good of a performance he was putting in while playing the role of the openly gay character Sebastian Smythe in Glee. Aside from that role, there are no other indications or stories that have led to credible evidence of Gustin being gay.

Does He Have A Wife?

Grant Gustin
Grant Gustin and Andrea Thoma (Image Source)

If you would need further evidence to believe the fact that Grant Gustinis not gay, how about that he is engaged to marry his American-Malaysian girlfriend Andrea Thoma, a physical therapist and fitness Instagram influencer.

It is not clear how and where the pair met each other, but they officially began dating sometime in January 2016. A year and some months later, on the 29th of April, 2017 to be exact, the couple announced their engagement to the public via an Instagram post where Thoma, who is popularly called LA, displayed her diamond ring. According to a few reports, the pair has done a traditional marriage ceremony in Thoma’s home country and are hoping to have a formal ceremony in America in 2018.

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Grant Gustin is one of the movie stars with the most attractive body ensembles. The Virginia-born star has an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches or 188 cm. The athletically built actor further weigh 75 kg or 165 pounds.

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