Golden Child (K-Pop) Bio – Age, Height and Other Interesting Facts

Golden Child, a South Korean boy band formed by Woollim entertainment in 2017, seven years after the creation of Infinite, has not only maintained a top position on the K-pop success charts, but it’s members have undoubtedly won over hearts of millions of fans worldwide. They have remained relevant over the years, thanks to their personalities and substantial songs, written with just the right lyrics and performed with a flaming passion.

Originally, the band kicked off with startlingly handsome eleven members, including Daeyeol, Y, Jaeseok, Jangjun, Tag, Seungnim, Jaehyun, Jibeom, Donghyun, Joochan, and Bomin. Unfortunately, the number was reduced to ten following the departure of Jaeseok who had health issues.

Their songs so far have met a resounding success, which have fetched them well-deserved fame. Below are entertaining details on Golden Child members.

Golden Child Members Background Information

Lee Daeyeol (Stage Name: Daeyeol)

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The leader of the group, Lee Daeyeol, who also happens to be the younger brother of Lee Sungyeol from Infinite boy band has maintained a personal charm that has won him the nickname Charismatic Leader. He has helped in weaving the band’s success story as well as playing his part in keeping the group together with his undisputed position as the band’s leader, lead dancer and lead vocalist. Daeyeol attended Daekyung University and became a trainee with Woollim Entertainment in 2012. Born on 11th February 1993, in Gyeonggi-do, yongin, South Korea, he happens to be the eldest member of the group. He has always presented himself as stylish and level headed. His height of 155cm adds to his Charm.

Choi Seongyoon (Stage Name: Y)

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Choi Seongyoon, who’s stage name is Y (after the Y in Seongyoon), is nicknamed Bunny. Born on the 31st of July, 1995, in Gyeongsang, Changwon, South Korea, he stands to be the second in age. His character in the group has been an outstanding one. His cold facade hides a very warm heart and his knack for dressing well hasn’t gone unnoticed by his fans. Y and Daeyeol both starred in the movie My Lovely Girl (2014) and his debut with Golden Child was in August 2017. His height of 148cm just goes ahead to accentuate his good fashion sense. His position in the group is the main vocalist and visual.

Park Jaeseok (Stage Name: Jaeseok)

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Park Jaeseok, born on November 20th, 1995, was the third member of the group. He was born in Cheongju, South Korea. In the band, he played the part of lead dancer, vocalist and visual, up until his departure in January 2018. While he was still a member of the group, he was fondly called the Parkjumma due to his cooking skills, a skill that made him seem like the mother of the group. Jaeseok is fluent in the Japanese language and he measures up to 180cm in height.

Lee Jangjun (Stage Name: Jangjun)

Golden Child
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The fourth member Lee Jangjun who’s enamored with animals especially puppies and adorned with the nickname Lover of Animal 4D has maintained his position as the band’s main rapper and vocalist impressively. Jangjun has been tagged by his fans as humorous. He’s one who knows how to set the tone for fun, always bubbling with inexhaustible energy. His favorite fashion items are rings. He was born on March 3, 1997, in Jeonju, South Korea and he has a noticeable height of 179cm.

Son Youngtaek (Stage Name: TAG)

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TAG turned 21 on April 13th. He was born in Gyeonggi-do, Hwaseong, South Korea. He’s the fifth member of the group and also attended Hanlim Multi Art High School. For this member, not only is his looks complementary, his fans have somehow noticed his personal talent for writing raps. He released a song titled “Drought” with Jangjun. His nickname “Gangster” surprisingly doesn’t depict a dark nature because he has one of the brightest personalities in the group and his fans would say his impressive height of 178cm makes him absolutely adorable. He fancies bands like Twenty One Pilots, OASIS, Coldplay and the color pink.

Bae Seungnim (Stage Name: Seungnim)

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Bae Seungnim has millions of fans fawning over his shy, reserved but cute personality. Initially, his nickname “Pocket Boy” had nicked his ego but he had somehow embraced his identity as the group’s pocket boy. This handsome and undeniably charming member was born on October 13th, 1998 in Gwangju, South Korea. Behind his shy facade is a beautiful voice that has gained him the position of lead vocalist in the band. He’s 139cm tall.

Bong Jaehyun (Stage Name: Jaehyun)

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Bong Jaehyun whose English name is Kevin has, with his incredible voice, flounced his way into the heart of his many fans. He was born on January 4, 1999, in Seoul, South Korea. He attended Hanlim Multi Art Hig and he’s fluent in English due to living abroad for a while. Jaehyun loves black color and with his confident nature, he has a soft spot for basketball. His fans cheer him on as a good musician and basketballer. Naturally, his height of 177cm also complements him.

Kim Jibeom (Stage Name: Jibeom)

Golden Child
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Kim Jibeom, also known as Dishwasher Jibeom, a name he earned for himself after losing to the other members in a game, is known for his witty nature. He became a trainee of Woollim Entertainment in 2015 and currently maintains the position of lead vocalist and visual in the band. His caring personality has given him a place on the billboard of fame. He was born in Busan, South Korea and his birthday is February 3rd, 1999. His height measures up to  176cm.

Kim Donghyun (Stage Name: Donghyun)

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Kim Donghyun, with his parents’ full support, embarked on being a singer right from the 6th grade. He has made a good impression on his fans and it’s safe to say that they are awestruck. His easy charm, coupled with his 172cm height, has gained him flattering comments in the looks department. He attended the School of Performing Arts Seoul and was born on February 23, 1999, in Seoul, South Korea. Donghyun has a younger brother named Min Chan. His tenacious nature gained him the nickname search Fairy.

Hong Joochan (Stage Name: Joochan)

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There have been unremitting talks about the good looks and talent of the 9th member of Golden Child, Hong Joochan. He’s one of the GC members that attends Hanlim Multi Art High School. He’s the group’s main vocalist and his favorite instrument is the guitar. Joochan appeared in King of Masked Singer episode 153. He was born on July 31, 1999, in Seoul, South Korea. Evidently, he shares his birthday with Y (Choi Seongyoon).

He released a song with Soyoon titled “No One Like You,” which his fans love as much as he does. He’s 180cm tall.

Choi Bomin (Stage Name: Bomin)

Golden Child
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The last on this list of Golden Child members who also happens to be the youngest is Choi Bomin. He turned 19 on August 24. The young star is the face of the band. Apparently, his young nature has done nothing to obstruct his full potential as he also holds the position of vocalist, lead dancer and visual. It’s said that the group members let Bomin get away with mischief because they adore him and his carefree nature. He was born in Gyeonggi, Yongin, South Korea and has a flattering height of 180cm. Bomin became a trainee in Woollim Entertainment in 2015 and his favorite pets are cats.

Other Facts About Golden Child

Debut and first full-length album alert

GC first debuted on August 28 with their EP Gol-Cha which uncovered their talents and escalated their fame to an impressive standard. It’s been well over a year since their last mini-album “Wish” featuring seven songs was released. However, the overwhelming, high pitched chatter of fans of the Golden Child boy band is approaching deafening as they anticipate the release of the band’s first full-length studio album titled “Re-boot”, which features twelve tracks. While the release date, 18th November 2019 approaches, the band’s fans worldwide are so excited they can hardly stifle their excitement.

Reality shows

Golden Child boy band stars in two reality shows. After the creation of Golden child in May 2017, it was confirmed that the band would appear on a reality show called Wollim Pick. The show airs on Mnet.

Their second reality show is Ring it! Golden Child and it airs on Naver/V live every Tuesday. The show is hosted by Kim Shin-Young.

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They were accused of plagiarism

With some unsavory comments from the network community (netizens) and fans of GOT7 (iGOT7), sometimes called Ahgase, it was brought to limelight, in an accusatory way, that Woollim Entertainment had plagiarized GOT7 ‘Flight Log: Turbulence’ entire album for Golden Child. They had bluntly stated that everything about the album was just too similar to be a coincidence.

In an attempt to douse the negative effects rising from the accusations, Woollim Entertainment’s creative director had spoken up to defend Golden Child’s album design but his attempt was met with cold indifference, as fans of GOT7 were unconvinced and refused to accept the coincidence claims by Woollim Entertainment.


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