Gene Cheeseman – Age, Height & Net Worth

An expert contractor, Gene Cheeseman has come to be known for his role in the reality TV series Gold Rush. He is a very hard working man who comes from a family that is not alien to gold mining, running as far back as the 1800s. That said, he was not handed the ticket to mining automatically as he worked his way through it all.

On the reality TV show, he first worked as the foreman of Parker Schnabel and later joined the mining crew of Tony Beets.

Gene Cheeseman Biography, Age

Gene Cheeseman is a native of Juneau Alaska. He was born on 23rd October 1968 and brought up in a family that was very much into heavy equipment and gold mining. The legacy is said to have gone back to the days of his great-grandfather and even before him, stretching back into the 1800s. It was said that his family had always been into gold mining in Alaska.

It was from his grandfather, William “Bill” Cheeseman, that he first learned the work. Bill served in the Korean War with the U.S. Air Force before he was discharged honorably from service. He would spend his life working with heavy equipment, ranching cattle, and gold mining. These are all the things that he later taught his grandson, Gene Cheeseman who joined the work when he was only 6.

Not someone who has ever had fear of work, since he started running the heavy machine at the age of 6, there was no stopping for him. He grew up in the business and made himself one of the best ones you could find, Gene joined Gold Rush in the fourth season as a foreman on the crew of Parker Schnabel. He was one of the best men the crew had but things did not work out between Gene and Parker, forcing him to later leave the crew and pitch his tent with Tony Beets.

He continued appearing on the TV show under Tony, but it did not last a very long time before he finally called it quits.

Net Worth

Gene Cheeseman has a net worth that is estimated at $250,000. The reality TV star made his decent fortune from his career on TV, as well as his work as a contractor. He has worked as a foreman and a skipper.


A well-built and hardworking man, Gene is not necessarily the tallest man on the TV show. He stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Gene Cheeseman
Gene and Parker (Image Source)

Other Facts

  • 1. Is Gene Cheeseman married?

Gene Cheeseman has been married twice thus far. The first time he got married was to Jennifer George. There is, however, no available information in the public domain as regards when the couple tied the knot. They had two children together; Garret Cheeseman who was born in 1992 and David Cole Cheeseman who was born in 1997.

Following some problems they had with their marriage, Gene and Jennifer were unable to weather the storm and so, the marriage sunk in the murky waters of divorce. According to some reports, Jennifer would later get married to someone else in 2009.

According to various reports, Gene Cheeseman has also gotten married a second time, even though he has kept all information about that away from the public domain.

  • 2. His children

His older son, Garret has also chosen to follow the engineering path of his family. He got his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Alaska Southeast. According to his LinkedIn, he has worked as a construction laborer for a few months with SECON, then was a heavy equipment operator with Channel Construction, before interning as a project engineer with COLASKA Dba SECON for which he now works as a Project Engineer.

Cole Cheeseman, on the other hand, went to Juneau Douglas High School in Alaska just like his older brother, but there is nothing known about what he is into at the moment.

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3. His relationship with Parker Schnabel

Even though Cheeseman left Parker for his rival, Parker revealed that they still have a good relationship as far as he’s concerned. He stated that all he learned were mostly from Gene Cheeseman. He said he would always be grateful to Gene who is obviously one of the best in the business. While his grandfather taught him so much, it was Gene who taught him how to really get the job done.


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