Gabriel Iglesias Wife, Son, Family, Net Worth, Stepson, Girlfriend

Gabriel Iglesias
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One of America’s funniest man, Gabriel Iglesias has been around for two decades plus, (having begun his career in 1997), making people laugh at his clean jokes and even landing some small parts in Hollywood, most notably voice roles. Fluffy as he’s also known has even made a number of appearances in the WWE. Read on for facts about his family.

Gabriel Iglesias Wife/Girlfriend

Fluffy’s entertainment exploits are out there for all to see but the same cannot be said about his personal life which he seems to be very privy about. However, he has been in a very long-term relationship with a certain Claudia Valdez.

As shocking as it may sound, Iglesias’ girlfriend is also into the show business. According to her IMBD profile, she is an actress known for Monsters, a 2010 film directed by Gareth Edwards. Other sources say that Claudia is a film producer, which if true, explains her level of privacy – not many film producers are well-known in Hollywood.

Gabriel Iglesias
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Claudia is incredibly private, her aforementioned IMBD profile is almost empty. She doesn’t even operate a social media account which is very rare for someone in her line of business. Her husband does operate some social media accounts, but one could be forced to think that Claudia may also be allergic to photos as no photo of her as appeared on her hubby’s social.

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Claudia was first spotted out with Gabriel in 2008 when they both attended a Make A Wish event at the Laugh Factory. They have since stuck together, a rarity in a crazy place like Hollywood, if anything, Claudia deserves some kudos for sticking with Iglesias for that long. Fans have their fingers crossed in hopes for wedding bells soon. We hope the private family can let fans in on some details of their big day.

Gabriel Iglesias Son/Stepson, Family

Fluffy guy has a son named Frankie, well technically, Frankie is not his biological son but his stepson. However, he often refers to him as “my son, Frank” when he is on stage.

Claudia had Frankie from a previous relationship before she met Gabriel. As she maintains an incredibly private life, not much is known about Frankie’s dad and if he is involved with raising his son. Well, even if he doesn’t Gabriel must be a perfect substitute.

Iglesias revealed some information about his son, sorry stepson in January 2017 when a fan asked him about how FrankIe was doing. The Twitter user by the name Agnes Egwuonwu asked Gabriel “How’s your son by the way,” and the funnyman replied “My son is great! He’s 19 and chills. What a life! Any cute girls wanna take him off my hands? He has all his shots 😃 #FreeFrankie.”

Adding to Iglesias’ family are his two adorable dogs which he often flaunts on his Instagram page to his over 1.3 million followers.

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Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth

Iglesias is one of those comedians who came from nothing. Born on July 15, 1976, as the youngest of 6 children, Gabriel who hails from Mexican roots was raised by a single mom in a low-income neighboorhood in Long Beach.

He began fending for himself very early life. Among the jobs he worked included one for a cell-phone company in Los Angeles. It was the last job he did before opting to go into comedy full-time.

However, Gabriel was forced to regret that decision almost immediately after he made it as he was thrown out of his apartment and also had to part with his car. Undeterred, Iglesias kept at it and fast forward to a couple of years later, he was rubbing shoulders with the big boys in the industry. Today Gabriel is not just one of the most-loved but highest-paid comedians in America, filling up large venues after large venues.

For years now, Iglesias has been featured on Forbes list of highest-paid comedians with paychecks ranging from high 7 figures to low 8 figures. In the 2015 list, he raked in $8.5 million from all endeavours.