Full Profile of CLC Members and Everything We Know About Them

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Crystal Clear, otherwise known as CLC, is a popular girl band in South Korea. The group, created by Cube Entertainment in 2015, comprises of seven members- Seunghee, Seungyeon, Yujin, Sorn, Eunbin, Yeeun, and Elkie. The widely acclaimed group released their debut extended play record titled ‘First Love’ on March 19, 2015. CLC as a music group also explores other genres of music like dance-pop, synthpop, hip hop, and R&B. Learn more about the South Korean K-pop group as we unravel all of the facts we have been able to uncover about the individual members of the band.

Full Profile of CLC Members

1. Seungyeon

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Seungyeon’s real name is Jang Seung-yeon and she is the leader of CLC as well as its lead vocalist and main dancer. The South Korean celebrity was born on November 6, 1996, in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province of South Korea. Seungyeon is a graduate of Seoul School of Performing Arts and she is very fluent in Japanese and is also quite skilled in playing the guitar. It is interesting to know that this vocalist is regarded as the life of the group by other members of CLC owing to her jovial disposition and attitude.

2. Seunghee

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Seunghee is the stage name used by Oh Seung-hee who was born in Gwangju, South Korea on October 10th, 1995. She was raised in Gwangju alongside her elder brother and younger sister whose identities are not yet known at this time. More so, the only known school this CLC member attended was Cheongdam Hugh School in South Korea.

The female star, nicknamed ‘Little Hani’ by her fans, features on the group as one of its vocalists. In addition to that, the CLC crooner is skilled in playing both the piano and guitar.

3. Yujin

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Yujin was born on August 12th, 1996, in Jeonju, South Korea where she was christened Choi Yu-jin. She was brought on by Cube Entertainment to feature as vocalist, dancer and visual in the group. The celebrity singer also plays the harmonica exceptionally well and she is quite fluent in Japanese for a South Korean native. More so, this CLC member has featured in some notable drama films such as Real Men, Green Fever and Nightmare Teacher.

4. Sorn

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Sorn is the stage name of CLC group member Chonnasorn Sajakul. She was born on November 18th, 1996, in Thailand and goes by the name Kim So-eun in South Korea. She finished high school from the prestigious Korea Kent Foreign School. The Asian star is fluent in speaking four languages- Thai, Korean, Chinese and English.

Chonnasorn features as a vocalist in the popular girl band and she specializes in playing the flute as well as the guitar. It is also known that prior to joining CLC, Sorn participated and won the first edition of the K-pop Star Hunt competition.

5. Yeeun

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CLC member Jang Ye-eun, popularly known as Yeeun by her many fans, was born in Gyeonggi province of South Korea on August 10, 1998. Jang had her high school education at the widely acclaimed Seoul Performing Arts High School.

Yeeun features as a rapper and vocalist on CLC in addition to the impressive way she plays the percussion instrument. It was also gathered that Yeeun had previously appeared in BTOB’s music video alongside Seungyeon and Yujin before the group released their debut EP.

6. Elkie

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The popular dancer was born on November 2nd, 1998, in Hong Kong. Elkie goes by many names despite being christened Chong Ting Yan by her parents. Her English and Korean names are Elkie Chong and Jang Jung-heun respectively. This CLC member also speaks Mandarin, English, Korean, and Cantonese fluently. Prior to joining CLC, Elkie was previously a child actress and a member of Honey Bees, a popular girl group based in Hong Kong.

7. Eunbin

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Eunbin is the stage name of the youngest member of the CLC group, Kwon Eun-bin. Eun-bin was born on January 6, 2000, in Seoul, South Korea. Eunbin features as a rapper and vocalist in CLC and she is widely regarded as the face of the group.

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Prior to making her debut on CLC, she participated in the first season of the reality television show Produce 101 but she did not win the competition. With regard to her hobbies, Eunbin loves shopping in her spare time.

Other Facts to Know About Crystal Clear Band

  • Prior to the group’s debut, the members of the group excluding Eunbin and Elkie who joined later collaborated with other music groups like G.NA, B1A4, and Got7.
  • CLC members have done modeling gigs, street performances and even featured on CLC’s Love Chemistry, an online reality show.
  • Seungyeon is the acclaimed leader of the group as well as its lead vocalist and main dancer.