For All Mankind Cast, Filming Location and Facts About the New TV Show

Apart from For All Mankind cast, viewers are also excited about the theme of the upcoming series. The series created and written by Ronald D. Moore will be yet another show with an unusual Sci-Fi theme and its set to hit the screens in November 2019. The storyline which everyone has been inquiring about is a portrayal of events that happened during the era of the al space race.

It tries to tell how the world would have been, if the race never ended, as well as the series of events that happened during that time. This alternate history themed series is produced for Apple TV+ and from many indications will make it to the list of top-notch TV shows at the moment. From suspense to thrill, there is really a lot to anticipate from the For All Mankind cast. Find out more about the series as you scroll through.

The Synopsis and Filming Location of the TV Show

It was the period of the space race and NASA celebrates the first manned moon mission, as it has always been robotics missions since its inception. Of course, the US celebrates this remarkable feat and its citizens are made proud by this. This victory is altered with a timeline of what would have happened if the space race never ended.

It goes back to dwell in the event that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) beat the US during the space race, through a Russian cosmonaut. The Russian’s moon landing culminates in several hiccups for NASA. NASA calls for a second challenge against the USSR and the story gets even more interesting.

This alternate history themed series was filmed in Los Angeles, California. Starting around August 2018, all that had to do with photography began and ended sometime in March 2019. Makers of For All Mankind had great help from footages of American astronauts in the ’60s and ’70s archived at NASA.

Who are The Members of For All Mankind Cast?

The main cast of the upcoming TV series was revealed in August 2018. The makers of the show carefully handpicked the For All Mankind cast who did well to reflect and portray its historical theme.

Joel Kinnaman (Edward Baldwin)

For All Mankind
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Leading the cast is Joel Kinnaman (as Edward Baldwin). Baldwin is one of NASA’s top astronauts in the series.

Michael Dorman & Sarah Jones (Gordo and Tracy)

For All Mankind

Actors Michael Dorman and Sarah Jones have been cast as a couple, Gordo Stevens and Tracy Stevens in the series. Gordo and Tracy are married to each other and both work at NASA. They are prominent figures at the organization and also work hard to see that the US’s goals are actualized.

Other major stars on the show are Wrenn Schmidt who plays Margo Madison, and Shantel VanSanten who plays Karen Baldwin. South African actress Jodi Balfour plays the role of Ellen Waverly

Creators of the show have chosen not to spill it all with regards to the full characters and cast and how they have been developed. But expectations are high as many look forward to seeing what this amazing cast will display.

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Other Facts to Know About the TV Show

How For All Mankind Was Born

The series was born out of the imagination of what could have happened if the space race had not ended. But then, Ron Moore reveals that the idea came about during a discussion with former NASA astronaut Garret Reisman. The two had talked about the possibility of making an alternate history where the event that the Russians got to the Moon before Americans would happen. This resulted in the two wondering aloud and subsequently leading to Ron, Matt Wolpert, and Ben Nedivi’s scripting of the series, which was officially named For all Mankind in October 2018. These three would later executive produce the series and Apple gave the drama a one-season order.


For All Mankind will hit the screens after its premiere on November 1, 2019. Apple released the full trailer of the series in June 2019, drawing more attention and of course building a fan base.

Where Will the Series be Aired?

According to reports, the series will air exclusvely on Apple TV plus after its premiere.

How Many Episodes?

There are ten episodes in the first season. The first “Red Moon” will air on November 1, 2019, while the last episode “A City Upon a Hill” will air on December 20, 2019.


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