Who Is Flavor Flav’s Wife Liz Trujillo?

Liz Trujillo is the wife of American rapper and hype man William Jonathan Drayton Jr., popularly known as Flavor Flav. 

Prior to her involvement with the rap star, who is also a hype man for the rap group ‘Public Enemy’, she was just an ordinary girl living her life away from the limelight. That has not changed much though, as she still prefers to live a very private life. For this reason, a lot of information about her remains unknown, however, we’ve dug up some things about her that’ll definitely interest you.

Liz Trujillo Profile Summary

  • Full name: Elizabeth Trujillo
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 1975
  • Age: 49 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Elizabeth Trujillo’s Husband: William Jonathan Drayton Jr., aka Flavor Flav
  • Elizabeth Trujillo’s Children: Karma Drayton
  • Famous for: Being The Wife of American Rapper Flavor Flav

Details About Liz Trujillo’s Background Is Shrouded In Mystery

While it has been reported that Liz was born Elizabeth Trujillo sometime in 1975 and is of Middle Eastern descent, every other information about her remains unknown. Thus, her actual date and place of birth, family background, childhood, parents, siblings (if any), and education among many other details, are yet to be unraveled.

It would have been a bit easy finding out some of this information about Liz if she were on social media, but unfortunately, it’s established that she’s not present on any platform. No Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok account has been verified to be hers, and she has no available online footprint.

How Old Is The Rapper’s Wife?

We’ve already established the fact that Elizabeth’s actual date of birth is unknown. However, if the report that she was born in 1975 is anything to go by, then she is currently 49 years old. Meanwhile, her husband, Flavor Flav, was born on March 16, 1959, meaning that he is about sixteen years older than her. But their age difference notwithstanding, the couple is still going strong.

Liz Trujillo Is A Reality TV Star

According to several online sources, Liz Trujillo is a certified lawyer whose main focus is sustainable developments and contracts in the international energy sector. However, a thorough investigation into this information shows that it is actually about a different Liz Trujillo, a professor of law at the University of Houston Law Center Faculty, and has nothing to do with Liz Trujillo, Flavor Flav’s wife. So what exactly does the celebrity wife do for a living?

It’s safe to describe Liz as a reality television personality owing to the fact that she has appeared on a few of VH1’s reality shows, including Reunion of Flavor of Love season 3. Flavor of Love was a show on which more than twenty girls were brought into the mansion of Flavor Flav each season to compete for the rapper’s affection and subsequent love.

Surprisingly, during the reunion of the final season of the show (Flavor of Love 3) in 2008, the rapper popped the question not to any of the women who appeared on any season of the show, but to the mother of his seventh child, Liz.

Liz Trujillo and Flavor Flav
Liz Trujillo and Flavor Flav
image source

Liz Trujillo also appeared on the third season of the reality television show Couples Therapy, which aired on VH1 from June 12, 2013, to August 21, 2013. The show chronicles performers as they receive counseling about relationships from Dr. Jenn Mann, a professional psychotherapist, and her staff.

Liz signed up to the show alongside her partner in an attempt to fix their relationship, which was going through a rough patch at the time. In the course of it, she was asked about the lowest moment in their marriage and she revealed that it was finding out that her husband (then boyfriend) had, without her knowledge, signed contracts for his dating shows- Flavor of Love Seasons 1 and 2. Thankfully, the on-air therapy sessions helped them get things back on track.

A Health Emergency Landed The Rapper’s Wife In The Hospital During The Filming Of Couples Therapy

In the course of filming the television therapy sessions in April 2013, Liz Trujillo reportedly started “acting strange” and subsequently collapsed, and was rushed to the hospital. Some sources claimed that the incident was a result of a suspected overdose on painkillers, a report that was initially confirmed by a representative of VH1, who also explained that it was accidental.

However, Flavor Flav’s representatives told TMZ that “The claim of an overdose, or any involvement of drugs, could not be further from the truth.” Instead, the rep. cited exhaustion as the reason behind Liz’s health emergency.

The spokesperson further explained that she was treated for exhaustion at the hospital after she stayed up all night filming Couples Therapy. He further claimed that producers of the show were hyping the unfortunate incident just for the purpose of increasing their ratings.

What Is Elizabeth Trujillo’s Net Worth?

The rapper has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Having appeared on the above-mentioned television shows, there’s no doubt that Liz Trujillo was paid for her appearance. However, the amount she made from them is not known. It is also unknown if she runs any other personal business or has a job through which she makes money, but even if she does not, we believe she’ll still be financially okay, as her husband’s career is flourishing.

The Truth About Liz And Flavor Flav’s Marital Status 

Liz and Flavor Flav are said to have met off-set while the latter was filming the second season of Flavor of Love, but it is unclear when they started dating. As earlier stated, Flavor eventually proposed to Liz during the reunion of Flavor of Love 3 in 2008, ditching the winners of the three seasons of the show.

While it is believed that the celebrity couple has long made their relationship official, the exact date on which they tied the knot is not public knowledge.

This is because a few years following their engagement, the rapper maintained a low-key life, shielding his personal business away from the public. This left fans uncertain about where his relationship with Liz Trujillo stood. So to make things clear, the Public Enemy hype man revealed that they were still together.

He made the disclosure in May 2016 when he stopped by Steve Harvey’s talk show to reminisce about his days as a reality TV personality on Flavor of Love. According to him, “My son Karma, he’s nine years old right now… And my girl, she’s at home, she’s just chilling. But yes, we’re still together after twelve years…”

Flavor Flav Made the Headlines For Assaulting Liz Trujillo

From the time Liz and Flav got together, their marriage has had many ups and downs. From marijuana being found in his vehicle while driving past the speed limit to cocaine use, the rapper has been the cause of most of their issues. The duo’s relationship experienced a major crisis in October 2012 when Flavor Flav was arrested and charged with assault and battery of his fiancée Liz Trujillo.

Giving details of the incident during an interview with Rumor Fix, Liz said it happened at the entertainer’s home in Las Vegas. She also told the media house that the rapper beat her up so badly that she could not walk and alleged that he also attempted to kill her then 16-year-old son, Gibran Trujillo, with a butcher knife after she accused him of being unfaithful to her.

According to her, the hype man had been cheating on her for months. She was sure about it because she saw a text a woman sent him saying she enjoyed her time with him. Flav had also planned on going to meet the same woman in Vegas. When Liz saw the message, she smashed his phone out of anger. The sound of the smashed phone, Liz said, woke Flav up and things went downhill from there.

The Hip Hop Star Unleashed The Beast In Him

Flavor called Liz a “f***ng bitch”, threw and tossed her around, and pulled her earrings out, leaving her bruised and bleeding all over. “I’m damaged, I’m in complete pain, I can’t move,” she told Rumor Fix, adding that she was in so much pain that she had to visit the hospital and was prescribed medications for pain and anxiety.

In the midst of the chaos, Liz’s teenage son, Girard, came to her defense as he put Flav in a headlock and refused to let him go until he promised to be calm. Taking the hip-hop artist’s word, Girard released him and sure enough, Flave got more violent. He went for a 20-inch butcher knife and pointed it at Girad, threatening to kill him. At this point, the frightened mother said she put a call across to the police.

According to the mother of two, her angered beau, whose lifestyle involved constant drinking and smoking, was “coming down from a high” the night of the incident. She also disclosed that Flav, in addition to damaging her, also destroyed their home, her iPhone, iPod, and other of her valuables.

In 2017, Flava was prosecuted for the act. He faced 12 years in prison after felony charges were laid against him. However, he pleaded guilty to attempted assault as part of the plea bargain and was put on probation for 1 year and taken through domestic violence training.

The Couple Has A Son Together

Liz Trujillo and Flavor Flav welcomed their first child together, a son named Karma Drayton, in 2007. The little boy was introduced to the world as a baby when he appeared with his mother on the reunion of Flavor of Love 3 and was right in his mother’s arms when his father proposed to her.  Flava usually posts pictures of Karma on social media and from the posts, he appears to have a profound affection for him.

Although the now--1-year-old remains the only known offspring Liz and her rapper spouse share, he is not their only child as they both have kids from other relationships. Karma is his mother’s second child and his father’s seventh. Many years before his birth, his mother had a son named Gibran Trujillo for a different man. His other half-siblings from his father’s side are Shaniq, Dazyna, Quana, William, Jasmine, Kayla, and Jordan.

Liz is one of those celebrity spouses who would go to any length to keep her life and business far away from the prying eyes of the media. While most of the things we know about her are related to her relationship with rapper Flavor Flav, we still hope that more information about her will come to light soon.

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