Fear The Walking Dead Cast: Top Actors And Actresses Who Left The TV Show

In September 2013, AMC announced that a prequel to the long-running hit TV series The Walking Dead was on its way. The show’s storyline follows the Manawa and Clark families who are on the run from the swamp of infected zombies threatening to take over civilization. Travis Manawa, a lead Fear The Walking Dead cast member, and his son Chris, his fiancée Madison Clark struggle to escape from the widespread zombie infection. They were later joined by Alicia and Nick Clark (MAdison’s children), Liza (Travis’ ex-wife), Victor Strand (the businessman), and the Salazars. As the infection begins to spread, the zombies multiply and tragedy strikes, the survivors must depend on each other even more.

Released on August 23, 2015, Fear The Walking Dead has run for 5 seasons, garnered millions of viewers, received several award nominations and has won the E! Online Best. Ever. TV. Awards and E! Online TV Scoop Awards, amidst notably mixed reviews. It was renewed for a sixth season in July 2019.

The show has seen the exit of a number of top original casts since launch. We examine who they are and why they left.

Fear the Walking Dead Cast: Top Casts Who Left the TV show

Fear The Walking Dead and the Walking dead exist in the same universe and so it won’t be surprising to see a number of characters appearing in both shows. Like its sequel, Fear the Walking Dead offers fans the opportunity to meet some of their favourite characters once more and that, of course, include Lennie James (Morgan Jones), Austin Amelio (Dwight) and Tom Payne (Jesus), to name a handful of them. But then, there are some Fear The Walking Dead cast members who are no longer part of the show for different reasons. They include:

Cliff Curtis

Cliff Curtis, Fear The Walking Dead cast

When Cliff Curtis‘ character Travis Manawa was killed off in Season 3, it shocked fans. Not only had it seemed sudden and early, but because the character played such a pivotal role of being moral, unifying, protective and selfless head of the Manawa, and invariably, the Clark families, it had seemed he would have more seasons to cover, even the show’s creator thought he would. However, Curtis was having scheduling issues arising from his casting in James Cameron‘s new four-part Avatar sequels around the same time. In order to allow him to commit to his latest project of interest, Fear creators decided that killing off his character early was best.

Lorenzo James Henrie

Fear The Walking Dead cast, Lorenzo James Henrie

Henrie played Chris Manawa, Travis’ rebellious teenage son from his earlier marriage who continues to hold him in contempt for the death of his mother after she was bitten. He’s shot by ‘friends’ in season 2. At about this time, Henrie had landed a role as Gabe Reyes on Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. His exit from Fear seemed natural.

Kim Dickens

Kim Dickens

Dickens played Madison Clark, Travis’ fiancée, Nick and Alicia’s mother, and the show’s female lead and protagonist. Travis’ death saw her assume his position as head of the family almost immediately and in an exceptional manner. She died saving her children in Season 4.

Dickens is presently making appearances on HBO’s Dead Wood, but is open to returning to Fear if her character is somewhat ‘revived’.

Frank Dillane

Frank Dillane, Fear The Walking Dead cast

Perhaps an exit as shocking as Curtis’ was Dillane’s in Season 4. A recovering addict and son of Madison, Nick Clark, Dillane’s courageous and selfless character, met his surprising end in the hands of a rival group, but not before taking vengeance on their member. Dillane had hinted on leaving the show since Season 3. For him, he had played Nick for a while and wanted a new challenge. Additionally, as he isn’t American, he missed home being in Europe. Nonetheless, creators are bringing his character “back again”, which means he makes one more appearance for fans before a final show exit.

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Rodriguez’s character, the disciplined and caring nurse, Chris’ mother and Travis’ ex-wife, Liza Ortiz, was the series’ first character exit, lasting two seasons. Although her role was quite brief, Rodriguez says her desire to play a strong woman facing fears like blood, gore and disaster, informed her interest in her character.

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Mercedes Mason

Fear The Walking Dead cast, Mercedes Mason

Mason played Ofelia Salazar, daughter of Daniel and Griselda Salazar another family on the run from Season 1 until her death as a result of being infected in Season 3.

Her exit from the show had been largely due to pregnancy, citing that changes in filming locations would have been a risk in her condition. Her exit was mutually agreed on.

Here are Some Original Cast Still on the Show

Season 1 main cast who are still on the show include Alycia Debnam-Carey who plays Madison’s daughter, Alicia Clark, Colmon Domingo who plays wealthy stranger Victor Strand and Ruben Blades who is Daniel Salazar.


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