10 Famous Celebrity Twins You Probably Didn’t Know

They are our stars, our celebrities who we love so much and admire. Our admiration and love for them have led many of us to do several imaginable and unimaginable things; like searching the internet to get every damn detail about them; from what their normal days look like, to where they live, who they date, their clothes size, shoe size, body stats and lots more – well, that is is for the imaginable aside.

For the unimaginable part, some fans have gone as far as ‘stalking’ their favorite stars just to get to meet them and get their attention. Well, by ‘stalking’ here we mean showing up everywhere the celebrity shows up. What if, just what if your favorite celebrity has a twin that you never knew of and you have been following up their twin instead of them? Now I got you there, right?

There are several celebrity twins out there we are aware of and familiar with simply because they are in the spotlight, for instance, many of us are familiar with these wombmates: Benji and Joel Madden, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Tia and Tamara Mowry; but there are countless others who are not that popular, probably because they choose it that way or their womb-mates are not as popular as they are or simply work behind scenes.

Thus, in this article, you will be getting to know some of your favorite celebrities who are twins and because the list is endless, we will just be giving you ten names of your favorite celebrities whom you may never have known are twins; some identical twins and others fraternal twins. Take a look at the list and tell us what you think.

Identical Celebrity Twins

Twins are beautiful, in fact, we love them. The idea that two separate individuals came out from one womb at the same time is amazing but even more fascinating is the idea of the identical resemblance. Below is a list of some identical celebrity twins; so before you ‘stalk’ that celebrity, be sure it is not their twin you are actually following around.

Jon And Dan Heder

Jon And Dan Heder
image source

Remember Jon Heder, the actor that starred as Napoleon Dynamite in the comedy film with the same name? He is a twin brother Dan, who looks just exactly like him. Jon is the one we see in movies, as for Dan, he is also involved in the movie industry but not as an actor, but as a visual effect and animation guy.

Dan often stands in for Jon at autograph signings. So, you see what I told you about been certain, the celebrity you have been following is actually the right person?  it may just have been Dan who signed that autograph the last time you ran to Jon for an autograph. Not to worry, they are one after all.

Aaron And Shawn Ashmore

Aaron And Shawn Ashmore (Image Source)

Many are familiar with Canadian television and film actor Shawn Ashmore due to his outstanding performances in the X-Men series but not many are aware he is a twin brother to another amazing actor, Aaron Ashmore, whom we have also come to love and admire.

Aaron is popular for playing Steve Jinks on Warehouse 13 and as Jimmy Olsen on  Smallville. He also appears as Johnny Jaqobis on the Canadian TV series Killjoys.

Linda And Leslie Hamilton

Celebrity Twins
Linda And Leslie Hamilton (Image Source)

Remember Sarah Connor from the 1984 science-fiction movie – The Terminator? Well, that was Linda Hamilton. She has been praised for her amazing performance in the movie, but she wouldn’t have done it all by herself without the help of her twin sister Leslie who starred alongside her in the movie.

Leslie played as her body-double in Terminator 2. Recall when T1000 (Prototype Series 1000 Terminator) transformed into Sarah Connor in an attempt to lure her son and then kill him but was stopped at the dying minute when the real Sarah (Linda) showed up to save the day? Well, that cloned Sarah wasn’t the work of some post-production techniques but was played by her twin sister, Leslie.

Fraternal Celebrity Twins

Unlike identical twins who look exactly alike and share the same DNA, fraternal twins develop from two separate eggs, do not have the same DNA, may look alike but not exactly alike like identical twins. Check out these fraternal celebrity twins.

Ashton And Michael Kutcher

Celebrity Twins
image source

One of Hollywood’s best Ashton Kutcher was born a twin. His twin brother Michael Kutcher was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when they were just kids and at the age of thirteen, he had to undergo a heart transplant.

Thankfully, Michael is hale and hearty living his dream, although not in the showbiz world as his twin brother. He currently resides in Iowa living his life as a motivational speaker and he is also involved in research funding and fighting for those with cerebral palsy.

  • Vin Diesel And Paul Vincent

Celebrity Twins
Vin Diesel and twin brother Paul Vincent image source

I already know what your reaction to this revelation is, but it for real, your favorite actor Vin Diesel has a fraternal twin brother named Paul Vincent. Their names don’t even have any connections whatsoever, so there wasn’t any way you would have guessed they were related, let alone being twins.

For many who are not hearing this for the first time, they may have heard it for the first in 2013 when Vin shared the photo of his twin brother alongside that of his former Fast and Furious co-star Paul Walker online with the caption The two Pauls. Paul is said to be a film editor.

Scarlett And Hunter Johansson

Celebrity Twins
Scarlett And Hunter Johansson Image Source

Scarlett Johansson is one of the many Hollywood stars that fans adore, not just for her acting skills which have earned her the honor of being one of the world’s highest-paid actress but also for singing abilities.

Interestingly, the actress was born a pair. She has a twin brother named Hunter who once accompanied her to the Golden Globes awards as her date. He also shows up with her in a couple of other events. Hunter is not into showbiz but into politics. Back in 2008, he served as a campaign adviser for former U.S President Barack Obama. He is also involved with several charity groups and organizations.

Aaron And Angel Carter

Celebrity Twins
Aaron Carter and his twin sister Angel Image Source

Aaron Carter is another famous celebrity who was born a pair. The singer has a twin sister name, Angel Carter. The celebrity twins are so close that you could mistake them for an actual couple. It was actually Aaron who walked Angel down the aisle during her wedding in 2014; now that is how close the duo are. Angel tied the knot to her boyfriend, Corey Conrad in February 2014 at Newhall Mansion in California.

And for Aaron, he initially came out as a bisexual in 2017 but would later retract the statement in 2018 calling it “misconstrued”, he says he sees himself settling down with a woman and having kids. His is currently dating Lina Valentina.

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Black Celebrity Twins

Here are some of your favorite African-American celebrities you will be shocked to learn they are twins.

Tasha And Sidra Smith

Celebrity Twins
image source

We are all in love and familiar with Tasha Smith, at least not many of us are quick to forget her amazing performance as Angela in Tyler Perry’s 2007 movie Why Did I Get Married? and as Jennifer (Shane’s ex-wife) in Peter Billingsley’s romantic comedy film, Couples Retreat. However, not many are aware she has an identical twin sister, Sidra Smith, who is also in the showbiz business, though not as an actress but works behind the scenes as a director, producer and casting director.

Horace And Harvey Grant

Celebrity Twins
Horace And Harvey Grant (Image Source)

A little away from the world of showbiz, are you aware that former NBA stars Horace And Harvey Grant are identical twins? If didn’t know, now you do. Horace and Harvey both played professional basketball for over a decade before retiring.

Harvey retired from the NBA in 1999 after eleven years in the league, he spent most of his active years playing for the Washington Bullets, while Horace spent most of his playing years with the Chicago Bulls and retired in 2004 after seventeen years of playing.

Markieff And Marcus Morris

Celebrity twins
Markieff And Marcus Morris (Image Source)

Markieff and Marcus Morris are another set of NBA celebrity twins who many are not aware are twins. The identical twins both play as a power forward but for two rival teams. While Marcus currently plays for the Boston Celtics, Markieff plays for the Washington Wizards.

Morris began playing professionally in the NBA in 2011 after he was drafted by the Phoenix Suns as the thirteenth overall pick in the draft and Markieff was also selected in the draft by the Houston Rockets which selected fourteenth overall pick just five minutes behind his twin brother. This celebrity twins are so identical that they have sometimes been accused of replacing each other in games, which they have admitted having sometimes done.


As mentioned above, the list of celebrity twins cannot be exhausted here as there are several others celebrities who have a twin like Judy Reyes, Charlie Carver, Will Young, Rami Malek, Laverne Cox, Gisele Bundchen, Giovanni Ribisi, Barbara Bush, Jenna Bush Hager and many more.


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