Falicia Blakely – Bio, Son, What’s Her Story, Where is She Now?

Ever seen the 2017 TVOne drama film titled When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story? The film which was directed by Tasha Smith follows the tragic story of Falicia Blakely, a teen American mom who grows up in the fast lane. When she becomes an exotic dancer, she grabs the attention of a local pimp and predator named Dino. In order to prove her love for him, Falicia goes extra-miles, even as far as killing innocent people. While some may think the story as a fiction, it is quite imperative to note that this film is a based on a true life story of the real Falicia Blakely who is currently serving life sentences for killing three men at a young age of 19.

Prior to her apprehension in 2002, Blakely worked as a nude dancer in a club in Georgia, United States. The young and naïve woman also had a son who was two years at the time she was arrested. While she has been living her solitary life away from the reach of anyone, her name popped up once more in 2017 following the release of the aforementioned movie by TVOne. Through the movie, Falicia tells the world her life story and also advises the younger generation to not trail the same path as she did.

Guess you must be wondering who the real lady behind this tragic tale is and if she did all these in the name of love. Well, here, we have gathered interesting facts about Falicia Blakely. From her story to her son, and where she is at the moment, read all you need to know below.

Falicia Blakely Bio – What’s Her Story?

According to her book which inspired the film, When Love Kills, it could be deduced that Falicia was nineteen when she was arrested in 2002 which gives her year of birth as 1983. However, the exact date of her birth is still a mystery to the media. She was born into a broken home; her father was a drug dealer who spent most of his time serving jail terms. Similarly, her mother, whose identity is not known, also left the young Falicia to be raised by her grandmother.

Growing up, Blakely spent her early years in Jacksonville, Florida. There is no record anywhere that details her academic background. The much we know is that Falicia had a terrible childhood which culminated into her doing a series of odd jobs in order to make a living.

As a teenager, Falicia Blakely followed her mom to Atlanta at the age of 15 and there, she started living on her own and began her career as a nude dancer. The young lady was so talented at what she did and won the admiration of many people who want to get involved with her. This would result in pregnancy when she was sixteen years old. After giving birth to a son who she fondly calls Man, Blakely continued her stint in order to give her son a proper upbringing.

While her career soared, the dancer fell in love with a man whose real name has not been disclosed. Being abusive, her boyfriend made empty promises of living happily ever after with her and then forced Falicia and her co-dancer named Ameshia Ervin to carry out his dubious acts which include committing robbery and even killing people.

Arrest And Life Sentence

At the height of their exploits, Falicia Blakely and Ervin were arrested in 2002 at a diner. Thereafter, they were tried in a court where the duo pleaded guilty to killing two people whose names are given as Claudell Christmas, 35, and Raymond Goodwin, 34. According to them, their third victim, Lemetrius Twitty, who was a witness to a fatal Atlanta fight that led to the murder charges against an NFL linebacker named Ray Lewis was also killed 12 hours later.

The main culprit, Falicia Blakely was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences with no eligibility of parole. The sentence was pronounced after she pleaded guilty to pulling the trigger in one of the murders. Her accomplice, Ameshia also got one life sentence with eligibility of parole after 14 years.

Where Is She Now?

After the TVOne film When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story was released in 2017, many fans where itching to know where Blakely is at the moment. However, the former dancer has been living her life away in a secluded place. She is currently serving her life sentence at DeKalb County jail in Georgia, United States.

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Falicia Blakely’s Son

Like we mentioned earlier, the former dancer had a son whom she fondly calls Man. Now in his teenage years, he was just two years old when his mom, Falicia was arrested in 2002. Recent reports have it that Blakely’s son has grown into a talented soccer player with a bright future ahead of him. Although he was very young to understand his mom’s story, Falicia though it was essential for him to know why his mother is in jail, hence she did that through Sereniti Hall who documented the life of Falicia in a published book entitled A Treacherous Hustle.

Apparently, it was the book which inspired the film, When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story. In the film, Blakely’s character was played by Lil Mama and her boyfriend was played by Lance Gross while Ameshia was portrayed by Tiffany Black.


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