Exploring DC Young Fly’s Parents, Siblings and Family

DC Young Fly’s parents are his dad Solomon Whitfield and his mother Betty Whitfield. The 32-year-old comedian is the youngest of seven children born to his parents. 

Not much is known about his siblings, all of whom are older than he is by some distance, except for his now deceased brother named Richard “Day Crew” Whitfield. DC Young Fly recently opened up about his family, and this article explores everything there is to know about them.

DC Young Fly’s Parents’ Relationship History

DC Young Fly was born to his parents long after they were married. The timeline of their relationship has yet to be established at this point, but the fact remains that they were married for a long time before their divorce in 2006.

We don’t know how, when, or where DC Young Fly’s parents met. We will also have to go back in time to discover how long they dated before getting married. The dearth of information regarding their wedding also means we can not verify the exact date of their wedding and the guests who graced the occasion.

Who is DC Young Fly’s Dad?

DC Young Fly’s dad was born Solomon Whitfield in 1931 in the United States of America. The exact date and month of his birth are pieces of information that are currently unavailable to the public or the media.

He belongs to the African-American ethnic group, although the identities of his parents remain one of the mysteries that remained uncovered till his death. Also, we will not rule out the possibility that Solomon Whitfield had other siblings from his parents, but if they did exist, there is little to no information regarding their whereabouts.

Although he grew up in the United States, we don’t know for sure that Solomon Whitfield grew up in Atlanta, even though he spent the majority of his life in the state of Georgia. Given that Solomon came to the limelight as a result of his youngest child’s fame and success, details of his formal education background have been relegated to the background of that success.

It’s logical to believe that Solomon engaged in a form of productive labor to provide for his family, but we don’t know the exact nature of what he did at the time as it has yet to be revealed to the public. As previously stated, we also don’t know when it happened, but Solomon Whitfield eventually got married to DC Young Fly’s mother. They divorced in 2006 before his death a few years later. He had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and the disease led to his death.

Meet DC Young Fly’s Mum

DC Young Fly’s mum is also an American citizen who was also born in the United States. Her name is Betty Whitfield, and there is even less information about her, including the identity of her birth family, which is not evident in the last name she currently goes by.

Like the man she eventually married, we only got to know about Betty Whitfield because of her son’s rise to global stardom. Also, like DC’s father, one would assume that his mother was born in Georgia and has spent the majority of her life living there, as well as raising her children there.

DC Young Fly was a Teenager When His Parents Divorced

We have established the fact that DC Young Fly’s parents were married for many years. It has also been revealed that the former couple had 7 children together. DC is the youngest of those children and was born on May 2, 1992.

At this point, it becomes imperative to mention the fact that DC’s father was 61 years old when he was born. He could do very little about his parent’s divorce in 2006, but he was old enough to realize that his family had now become part of an unpleasant statistic about homes that had been ripped apart as a result of divorce.

DC’s father was 75 at the time, and the comedian had to stay with his mother due to a combination of a variety of factors that included his father’s advanced age.

Who are DC Young Fly’s Siblings?

DC Young Fly has six older siblings, most of whom have preferred to live a life away from the glare of the spotlight. It was in a recent appearance on Club Shay Shay with former NFL player Shannon Sharpe that DC Young Fly revealed that he has a complicated family lineage.

One of the complications revolves around the fact that his father had him when he (DC’s father) was 61 years old. Everyone present when he made that revelation was shocked, to say the least. None was more surprised by that statement than his host, Shannon.

To compound things further, DC revealed that his oldest sibling, a brother, was 66 years old, prompting a further awed reaction from Shannon, who asked him how he called someone who could easily have fathered him his brother.

To this, DC replied that he placed his relatives into different categories. He referred to those closer in age to his father as grand, hereafter revealing that he called his older brother “grandbrother,” a term he had obviously invented. He also further stated the fact that he had been a “great” since he was 12, whether a great uncle, a great nephew or something similar.

DC Young Fly also disclosed the fact that he had to get some of his relatives to refer to him with the term cousin since he considered some of his little uncles too young to even be called uncle. However, despite giving his audience, and by extension, the public and the media, a glimpse of his family tree, DC never once disclosed the identities of any of his siblings.

The most popular among all DC Young Fly’s siblings is his older brother, Richard “Richie” Whitfield. Many got to know about him from his career as a hip-hop artist and also from the tattoo on DC’s forehead, which was imprinted as a tribute to his late brother, who was murdered in 2011.

Beyond the fact that he was known by his stage name of Da Crew, any other information has undoubtedly been swallowed up by DC Young Fly’s popularity.

His Mother Had an Impact on His Success

Certain celebrities today have been vocal about how much influence their parents have had over their thriving careers, and DC Young Fly has joined the growing number of celebrities who have expressed this sentiment. In his case, the comedian acknowledges the value of his mother’s prayers and also vowed to do everything in his power to make sure she doesn’t lack anything as long as he lives.

He has also put his money where his mouth is and purchased a house for her. He bought the house in 2018 and made an Instagram post about it. His mother’s reaction to the endearing gesture was perfectly captured in the picture they took together.

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