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Essie Davis is an Australian actress who is best recognized for her roles as Phryne Fisher in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Amelia Vanek in The Babadook. She has also taken part in numerous Australian and American television series and continues to ascend as one of the few Australian actors shining brightly and thriving in Hollywood.

She was born on the 7th of January in 1970. She is known more by her stage name Essie Davis. She was introduced to art at a very early stage of her life; this was made possible thanks to her father who instilled the love of art in her. Essie was born and raised in Tasmania, Australia to a local artist George and Mary Davis. As earlier stated, Essie received her early pieces of training and tutorials from her father.

As a little girl, she looked up to her father as her biggest inspiration and maintains that he remains her biggest pillar of support till this present day. She never had an issue with attention as she is the youngest kid in a family of nine which includes parents. Essie had to learn to manage resources as her father was a painter and could only provide basic needs of his seven kids. Her brothers in an attempt to help her dad had to find jobs and worked alongside their studies to earn money.

Essie depended on the beauty of the surroundings of her hometown, Hobart, to keep her hope alive and showed all the signs of a creative child. She was, for the most part, a very quiet and silent child who remained firmly engrossed in nature rather than being outwardly and outspoken.

She was enrolled in Clarence High School by her father but decided to attend the University of Tasmania for her higher studies. Being constantly and continuously involved in theatre productions through her high school days and later on in college, she began doing plays immediately she left College and joined the Bell Shakespeare, which is a theatre, true to its name by majoring in Shakespearean plays.

Essie later went on to study Art at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney. From a very early age, Davis was always destined to become a big movie star and her acting career did not take off in Hollywood but actually took off in Australia. After her graduation from the National Institute of Dramatic Art, she started acting in theatre and brought to life many Shakespeare’s characters. She then moved into the movie business in full in 1995 making her debut in the movie Dad and Dave: On Our Selection where her amazing performances brought her attention from Hollywood and the Australian film industry. After her movie debut was such a big hit, Davis soon found herself acting in big films such as The Matrix series and Australia.

Essie Davis
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Her thrilling performances in those movies led to her receiving numerous awards which included a Tony Award, a Critics Award for Best Actress at Toronto International Film Festival and the prestigious Chainsaw award for best actress. Aside from movies, she continued her stints with theatre even after becoming a relatively successful film actress. In the year 2000, Essie participated in Gwendolen Fairfax’s The Importance of Being Earnest, where she also took part in their national tour.

She is a huge fan of her hometown, Hobart and says she is literally in love with the place and visits quite regularly whenever she finds time out of her busy schedule. She is a massive fan of Game of Thrones, and also confesses to never missing an episode and being a part of the show is an experience she will never forget.

Essie Davis’s Net Worth

As of July in 2017, the net worth of Esther Davis was estimated to be around $2 million. Her masterful portrayal of the role of ‘Lady Crane’ in the popular  Game of Thrones is sure to have added substantially to her income.

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Family, Husband, Children

Essie was born into an extra-large family, having 6 other siblings. Her father is George Davis and her mother is Mary Davis. Essie got married in the spring of 2002 to her long-term boyfriend and lover Justin Kurzel in 2002, the couple has just two kids, their twin daughters Stella and Ruby Kurzel.

Height and Body Stats

Esther Davis stands at a reasonable height of 1.78 m which is 178 cm. Her body measurements read 33-23-34 (bust-waist-hip) inches. She wears a dress size 4. She also wears a US size 7.5.

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