Esme Young Illness: Does She Have Parkinson’s?

Esme Young does not have Parkinson’s disease or any other known illness that is serious in nature.

The renowned English fashion designer and television presenter has been the judge of the BBC reality series, The Great Sewing Bee, since 2016 and currently teaches at Central Saint Martins, an art school in London. Born in February 1949, Young is currently 75 years old but has not shown any sign of retiring. Despite working with celebrities in the entertainment industry, she prefers keeping a low profile. Thus, information about her personal life is very scanty.

Does Esme Young have Parkinson’s?

Esme Young has remained a very private person since she came to the spotlight and has not shared any information about her health. At 75 years old, she is likely to have health challenges, but Parkinson’s has not been confirmed as one of them.

She was, however, born partially deaf and was diagnosed with glue ear at the age of seven. Young had her tonsils and adenoids removed to get the relief she needed at the time. Being partially deaf meant Young was rarely stage-struck or overwhelmed by fame right from the beginning.

According to her, she became “emotionally detached and self-reliant” due to the kind of childhood she had. She was sent to boarding school at the tender age of five. “I was never bothered by what other people think or how they behave towards me or worried about celebrities or any of that stuff. I don’t feel nervous,” she says.

She has continued with this lifestyle by keeping to herself most of the time and not relishing the perks of being in the spotlight.

What Happened to Esme in Sewing Bee?

Esme Young is mostly hale and hearty, and speculations about her health seem unfounded. The fashion icon has always kept a low profile despite being in the spotlight most of the time. Thus, rumors tend to emerge about her as fans often look for answers but get none from her.

Following her exploits in the fashion industry for decades, Esme Young was given a spot on the set of the renowned TV program, The Great British Sewing Bee as a judge. She has been in this position since 2016. She also contested in Richard Osman’s House of Games in December 2022 as part of her television career.

Esme Young currently teaches her beloved craft (fashion) at Central Saint Martins. She is also part of a project called Exploding Fashion.

Where is Esme Young Now?

Young currently resides in London, where she teaches at Central Saint Martins, and also takes part in Exploding Fashion, where the importance of pattern cutting is highlighted. The English fashion designer and television presenter is still active in her The Great British Sewing Bee gig.

Esme Young’s autobiography was published in 2022. The book is rightly named Behind the Seams: My Life in Creativity, Friendship and Adventure from the star of the Great British Sewing Bee.

Interestingly, she is still residing in the social housing that she has rented since the 1980s. She got the place after being made homeless for a while. Before the social housing, Esme lived with a friend in a council flat, and when the friend left, the council did not allow her to stay as a tenant. Thus, she was forced to leave.

It is important to note that she was already a known television star and an icon in the fashion industry at this point in her life. However, she prefers to live a lowly life without any luxury. Esme could afford a mansion, but she prefers her social housing home. There is no information about her having children or being married; thus, we can’t say if she lives alone.

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