Emily Zeck Biography – 5 Quick Facts You Need To Know

Emily Zeck is a popular singer and songwriter known across the globe as ‘The Pineapple Girl. She’s perhaps one of the very few persons who have a nickname related to the fruit they love.

Zeck was just a little girl who was only interested in music as a hobby some years ago. However, she has gradually worked her way to stardom with every bit of her energy; with a soothing voice and awesome singing capability, Emily has risen beyond every imaginable doubt to her dream and beyond. Today, the list of famous and influential singers and songwriters in America will be considered incomplete without The Pineapple Girl, not being mentioned.

Emily Zeck’s Biography

The famous singer and songwriter was born on February 16, 1996, in Vero Beach Florida U.S.A and grew up in Satellite Beach Florida with her family. Not much has been revealed about her parents and siblings but there’s no doubt Emily had a wonderful childhood experience.

She proceeded to the University of Northern Florida where she earned a degree after high school. Following her graduation from college, she fully launched her career. Emily released her first single ‘Pacific Blue’ from her debut EP ‘Good Vibe Tribe’ in December 2015 and surprisingly she hit a big one with it as the song reached more than 3.6million plays on Spotify which is a remarkable achievement for such a young talent.

Then came her next single ‘Stardust-Forever Youngwhich was released sometime in April 2017. The song was all over the place on Spotify charts as it recorded more than 270,000 plays within a month. Emily Zeck further advanced her career to the next level with the producer Gazzo. Zeck has been very focused on her music artistry and has never relented in advancement. To say she has made significant progress is an understatement.

The past few years have done Emily a whole lot of good as she has never had a cause for alarm concerning her career. In the past few years, she has moved to LA, added two song to her Starbucks global, has been featured on a song by KLYMVX released by Sony France which has recorded more than 12 million streams since its debut. She has also had meetings with influential Hollywood executives, shared the stage with popular country superstar such as Jake Owen and even signed a juicy contract with PRMD/Warner!

Emily has continued to outshine her contemporaries and everyone thinks she deserves all the joy she’s getting because she has always had her hands on deck concerning her dreams.

5 Quick Facts You Need To Know About Emily Zeck

  •  The secret behind her nickname

It’s no longer news that Zeck is otherwise regarded as ‘The Pineapple girl ‘ and many have wondered how she arrived at such a moniker. Emily has, however, made it known about how so very much she loves pineapple with her frequent uploads of pictures of pineapples on her social media handles. So, the nickname ‘The Pineapple Girl’ is as a result of her uncommon love for the fruit.

  • Relationship timeline

Well, sometimes some things matter more to us than others and that is exactly the case with Emily right now. She’s still engrossed in building her dreams, so much that she is less concerned about hanging out with a boo.

  • What she is currently doing

Well, that Emily Zeck is not hanging out with a boo right now doesn’t mean she is not doing other things. Emily has been busy with her different brand ambassadorships. She has been an ambassador for Billabong Women’s and many other major brands.

She has even gained the admiration of People magazine as she has been featured as ‘one to watch’ by the magazine.

  • Online presence

Emily is not just a singer and songwriter but a surfer as well. She has a strong online presence with a huge fan following on different social media platforms, especially Instagram.

She is currently an Instagram star with over 380,000 followers and this alone has catapulted her career to a height beyond imagination. Although she initially didn’t see social media as a means of boosting her career, when she discovered she could promote her songs and dream through the social media and precisely Instagram, she grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

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  • Her personality

Emily Zeck is more on the reserved side, she has continued to live her life without revealing much about her family and personal life. Despite her love for the internet, she has clearly created a boundary between her personal life and her life on social media, thereby leaving intimate details about her only to her family and close friends.


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