Emilia Fart – Bio, Age, Wiki, Real Name, Facts About The YouTuber

There is always that weird part or craving in everyone’s life that they don’t want others to see. They try as much as possible to hide it from people because it makes them feel unattractive or out of place. However, in the world Emilia Fart has created, there’s nothing like normal. She lives her life the way she deems fit, irrespective of what societal norms have to say about it. To her, normalcy is a lie and nobody has ever attained that feat. So, the next time you are battling with your insecurities and trying so hard to preserve your dignity, even when you want to let it all out, Fart might just offer the solace you desire to embrace the imperfection that we always tuck away.

The popular YouTube star has singlehandedly carved a sanctuary of self-love where laugh­ter, cre­ativ­ity, and self-ex­pres­sion have no boundaries. Following her one-of-a-kind content and often crazy acts, even in public, the speculations going rife suggest that Emilia Fart might not be a real person but a character. Below are the real facts.

Emilia Fart’s Bio (Age, Real Name)

Although she often looks like she came out of nowhere, possibly a different dimension, the comedic YouTuber was born on December 15, 1989, in Canada. While her first name (Emilia) might be real, her actual full name is not known and Fart is most likely not her real surname, though we wouldn’t put it past her to make it legal. Her family facts are not known but her mother has made an appearance on her channel in a video titled “I’m sorry mom… but you made me this way” and some others.

Hungry for ways to let out her flamboyant and unconventional inner self, Emilia Fart set up her YouTube channel on October 16, 2012. Her first video on the channel is ‘Getting Drunk To Kenny Vs Spenny’. She followed her debut up with a 5-second video titled ‘Bad Dreams’. Her vlogs are extremely funny and liberating. For sending out a positive vibe to anyone who cares to watch, Emilia Fart amassed a massive following on YouTube in no time. Viewers also flocked in to watch her videos, giving her the springboard to jump to stardom. Since the creation of her channel, she has continued to post her comedic videos on her self-titled channel which now boasts more than 740k subscribers and over 61,612,383 views – as of the time this piece was last updated.

Other popular videos on her channel include ‘Showing What I Looked Like When I Was Normal’ – through which she gave her fans a sneak peek into her old life when she was still trying to please others by being normal. ‘Why My Family Is Disowning Me & Other Truths From A Bathtub’ is another interesting video which spills the beans on her life and family.

American YouTuber Trisha Paytas gets a regular mention on Fart’s channel. “Trisha Paytas, I Have Something To Tell You…” is the most popular among several other videos where she mentioned the YouTuber.

Fashion Style

Perfect eyebrows and skinny jeans are not one of the items you might find on Emilia Fart. Her wardrobe only contains big robes, neck scarf, and so many other apparels most young women of her age range wouldn’t be caught wearing. In addition to her outfits which often covers her up to the chin, she complements her looks with flashy eye-makeup – complete with outrageous lashes that are often dyed with bright colors, lip­stick that is drawn beyond her lips and of course, her sig­na­ture green hair.

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Facts About Emilia Fart

  • She Is Real

Inasmuch as it seems like Emilia Fart is a character being portrayed by whoever is behind the mask, the bold YouTuber is very much real. She is, in fact, not interested in hiding any part of her life from the public, no matter how different or weird.

  • Love Life

Emilia is believed to be a lesbian. She allegedly featured her partner in some of her videos but currently, nobody has any official romantic link to her.

  • What Makes Her Happy

On a gloomy day, Emilia Fart finds joy in dying her hair in a public place, waiting to get kicked out (which is the climax for her).

  • Social Media Presence

She is not just a personality on YouTube but her uncanniness spreads across other platforms. She has over 30k followers on Twitter and 244kk fans on Instagram.


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