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Elizabeth Turner is a professional model who came to the attention of the public for being a Guess girl just the likes of Naomi Campell, Anna Nicole Smith, Fergie of Black Eyed Peas and Kate Upton who started out their career at the fashion dynasty.  She has worked with many big brands ever since then and has appeared in many magazines. Read on to learn more about the goddess making waves with her beauty.


Her full name is Elizabeth Cameron Turner and she was born on July 9, 1994, in Georgia, United States. The glamorous model spent her childhood in Georgia (a very small town south of Atlanta) where she had her early education. When it was time for university,  Elizabeth enrolled at Duke University and later obtained a degree in 2014. Her first thought was to continue her education but because the blonde beauty started modelling even before graduation, she decided to focus on her new career.

Good thing she didn’t go straight into a standard 9-5 job after school as her modelling career is now blossoming. She only hopes to return to school someday to pursue a PhD.

Modelling Career

Elizabeth Turner started her modelling career while in High School. Her first endorsement was shooting for Seventeen magazine and Teen Vogue. It was somewhat tough combining two demanding activities but as a devout and exceptionally intelligent student whose studies were of the greatest importance to, she gave her studies attention straight on at the university. On that note, she kept her grades up while doing modelling on the side. Now she’s got a degree, she’s focusing on non-academic pursuits. She has been able to obtain bigger deals modelling the Guess’ Jeans and Lingerie. Besides working for the clothing brand and retailer, the model best known for her natural boobs also has an endorsement with a cosmetics company known as “Too Faced”.

Her stunning eyes and eyebrows have also won a place for her in major magazines like Maxim. Top agencies like 360 Management and LA Models have also represented her.  She was also one of the interviewees of 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Candidacy and among the newly-involved models of the Guess 2016 lingerie and bikini collection. This was one big step as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit usually has its casting calls with beautiful women from LA, New York, London and all over the world. Recently, the Southern belle turned international model went to Palm Springs New York at Coachella to represent Guess and to help host a party for Guess.  She is also an AmEx Ambassador and has done shoots for @Cervezacristal and @gigcbikins. The shoots she did for @cervezacristal took her to Chile, a place she described as a paradise. With the way her career continues to boom in the fashion scene, there is no doubt that the future will be brighter for the model.

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Family Life

Elizabeth Turner Biography
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Not every celebrity is an open book when it comes to their family or personal life. This is where Elizabeth Turner falls in. The model is not generous when it comes to sharing her family life so don’t expect much from her. She is all about career and on her different social media platforms, she has held up her stylish image without depicting much about her personal life. There are no controversial love stories or anything personal about her except that she comes from a somewhat small family. She has one sister named Sarah Turner and the two seem to have a strong bond. Elizabeth also has a brother named Harrison Turner who she loves very much. Her mother is Annie Turner and she appeared to have been married to their dad for decades now. Elizabeth creates quality time to be with her family.

Elizabeth Turner Quick Facts

1. Exercise Makes Her feels Sexy

The beauty from Georgia who stands at a height of 1’10” or 178cm is an active girl who loves to work out. According to the diva, feeling healthy and working hard on her body is one of her passion.  Also, she feels sexy when she is working out and getting stronger.

2. She Goes All Out During Shoots 

Elizabeth Turner has done a lot of crazy things on a shoot, but the craziest of them all was having to sit in a water-filled bathtub for about six hours for a makeup campaign. According to her, a team of four men monitored the shoot, ensuring she was completely covered in bubbles at all times.

3. Her Most Cherished Possession

As a high-class model, the beautiful blonde can afford expensive things. However, she speaks passionately about her Duke Diploma, referring it as the most prized item in her possession. Elizabeth says she the degree is one thing she can’t trade for anything.

4. She Has Never Been To Australia

In 2016, Turner revealed that she had never been to Australia and would go soon.

5. Her Slogan

Her mantra includes; Believing in yourself, work as hard as you can, Never give up.

6. She Likes To Know what Her Fans Are Saying About Her

She reads comments on her social media but not always.

7. Her Preferred Cardio

For cardiovascular exercise, Elizabeth Turner prefers using boxing to increase her hate rate. She also loves gaming and has nice painting skills.

Body measurements:

Height: 5’10”

Chest: 32″/81cm

Waist: 24″/61cm

Hips: 35″/89cm Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

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