Elena Rybakina Height: How Tall is The Professional Tennis Player?

How tall is Elena Rybakina? Elena Rybakina’s height is 6 feet, which can further be measured as 1.84 m or 184 cm. The 2022 Wimbledon tennis champion weighs 72 kg, with other body measurements of 34-24-35 inches, which are for her bust, waist, and hip sizes.

Elena Rybakina has been able to gain the interest of the public not only for her career but also for her height and other body measurements. Elena Rybakina turned professional in 2016 and has so far gotten to over seven finals on the WTA Tour, bagging two titles. Read on to learn more about Elena Rybakina’s height and other body measurements.

Elena Rybakina’s Bio and Body Stats

  • AGE: 25 years old
  • BIRTHDAY: June 17, 1999
  • BIRTHPLACE: Moscow, Russia
  • BIRTH SIGN: Gemini
  • ETHNICITY: Russia
  • FATHER: Andrey Rybakina
  • MOTHER: Ekaterina Rybakina
  • SIBLINGS: Anna Rybakina

How Tall is Elena Rybakina?

Elena Rybakina is 6 feet tall, which is the same as a height of 1.84 m or 184cm. This is very impressive compared to the height of other women. Taking a comparison through several statistical reports on women’s heights, Elena can be considered among the women with the tallest heights.

The average height for Russian women is 5 feet 5.1 inches (1.65 m or 165 cm), based on the report by VeryWellfit. If Elena Rybakina’s height is compared with the above-stated average height for Russian women, she stands at a height gap of 0.6 feet. Although in numeric terms, the gap may look as though it is small, in physical appearance, it presents a significant height gap.

Elena Rybakina’s Height Compared To other Female Tennis Players

Considering the reports on the average height of female tennis players, Elena Rybakina still maintains a height slightly above the provided height range. Most report peg the average height of professional female tennis players to be between 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 9 inches. According to these reports, Elena is still a few inches taller than the average height of a female tennis player. Meanwhile, let’s have a closer comparison of her height with some of her fellow professional tennis players.

How Tall Is Elena Rybakina Compared To Aryna Sabalenka?

Comparing Elena’s height with that of the Belarusian female professional tennis player Aryna Sabalenka, she stands a few inches above Aryna. This is because reports show that Aryna Sabalenka has a height measured at 5 feet 11 inches, while Elena stands at 6 feet.

Is Elena Rybakina Taller Than Petra Kvitova?

Elena is less than an inch taller than Petra Kvitova. Petra is a Czech professional tennis player whose height is 5 ft 11¾ inches (182.2 cm or 1.82 m). The two tennis professionals were ranked in the same category after they hit the finals of the 2023 USA: Miami Singles Main championship.

Despite the fact that Elena has a little height advantage over Petra, she still lost in the finals. This goes a long way toward confirming the fact that height has little or no advantage in tennis.

Elena Rybakina’s Height Compared To Venus Williams

Venus Williams is one of the female professional tennis players with the most impressive height. She stands at 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m or 185 cm). Comparing the height of Elena Rybakina with that of Venus Williams, the latter is an inch taller than Elena.

Is Victoria Azarenka’s Height The Same As Elena Rybakina’s?

Elena Rybakina

According to a generalized fact, Elena Rybakina has the same height as Victoria Azarenka, as they are both measured at 6 feet. Elena, on the other hand, is less than an inch taller than Victoria in real life.

Elena’s Weight and Other Body Measurements

Elena Andreyevna Rybakina has a weight of 72 kg, which is considered in the normal range. The professional tennis player must have adopted a good workout routine and a perfect diet plan to have maintained her weight.

On the other hand, Elena has the following body measurements: 34 inches of breast size, 24 inches of waist size, and 35 inches of hip size. Looking at her other body measurements, one can correctly conclude that she has a perfect body shape that matches her height.


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