The Intricacies of Eden Hazard’s Playing Style, Earning Power and Family Dynamics

It has been established time and again that no other sport is as popular on a global level as soccer (football). With a fan base bigger than half of the entire world population, its players, especially those who play for the big clubs are celebrated all over the world. Eden Hazard – the focus of this piece – is indeed one of the world’s best players, known particularly for his playing style.

Whether you watch football or not, as long as you use social media, chances are you’ve seen or read about Hazard’s unique style of playing before. This article does not only shed more light on that subject, but it also brings you other salient details about the Belgium soccer trickster. Keep reading.

All About Eden Hazard Unique Playing Style

Conversations about the greatest football player of all time always revolve around Argentine player Lionel Messi and Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, both of whom are GOATs in their own rights. They are considered the best in the sport all around the world, and they both have a style of play unique to them. Messi is unquestionably the best dribbler the sport has seen, and he is known for the way he guards the ball when in his possession, while Ronaldo is known for his agility and flair, among other things.

Hazard’s style of play, on the other hand, is a unique combination of both of the aforementioned great players. He plays forward position as an attacking midfielder or as a left-winger and like Messi, he is swift, creative, a masterful dribbler, difficult to dispossess and a perfect finisher on the field. He perfectly combines these skills with agility like Ronaldo and the balance his height of 5 feet 9 inches affords him.

He is also known for his vision which makes him excellent at passing, and beyond his maneuvering and offensive skills, he is also apt when presented with dead ball situations (penalties, free kicks, and corners). Unlike many footballers, Eden Hazard has shown exceptional skills in his play as he can shoot with both feet, however, but his right foot is the stronger one.

Claude Puel, Hazard’s former coach nicknamed him ‘little Messi’ when he was younger because of his ability and the former manager of Marseilles FC, Rolland Courbis echoed the sentiment when he said that Hazard sometimes looks like Messi on the right-hand side. Former French international footballer, Christophe Dugarry also lent his voice to the discussion that compares Hazard to Messi by acknowledging the similar skills the players possess. This dynamic midfielder has also been compared to retired Belgian midfielder Enzo Scifo who not only shares a birthplace with Hazard but who also has spent some time with him.

However, Eden Hazard has faced some downtime in his career just like any outstanding player out there. In 2010, Georges Leekens, former Belgium National team manager pointed out that his performance fell short of expectations. More recently, following his move to Real Madrid FC from Chelsea during summer 2019, he was said to have lost his form when he failed to score/create a goal or assist in his first five games. He was specifically roasted on Twitter after the team suffered a loss in Champions League and a La Liga draw on a particular weekend. The player later revealed that an injury was the cause of the setback but he is fully recovered now and he is determined to give his best shot this time around.

Eden Hazard

How Does He Make and Spend His Money?

As of 2020, Eden Hazard is said to be worth $100 million, most of which he earned during his career as a professional footballer. He currently earns an annual salary of about £10.4 million and he makes extra money from advertisements, endorsements, as well as sponsorship deals. The skilled midfielder is also the captain of the Belgium National team and he co-owns California-based San Diego 1904 FC with Senegalese soccer player, Demba Ba.

With regards to his lifestyle, though he is currently the highest-paid player in Real Madrid FC, Hazard still lives by a comment he made in 2017, acknowledging that he makes a lot of money, but prefers not to flaunt. This is a lifestyle he chose to live because he believes to flaunt one’s wealth is a lack of respect to people who do not earn as much.

Who Are The Members of Eden Hazard’s Family?

Football literarily runs in Eden Hazard’s blood as both his mother and father were soccer players. His father, Thierry Hazard played as a defensive midfielder at a semi-professional level with the Belgian football club, La Louvière for most of his career. His mom, Carine was a striker for the Belgian Women’s First Division but she had to stop when she got pregnant with Eden.

Eden is the eldest of four sons who all play soccer. His immediate younger brother, Thorgan joined him at Chelsea in 2012 but he is currently with Borussia Dortmund. Kylian, his other younger brother currently plays for Cercle Brugge as an attacking midfielder, while the last born, Ethan, was last heard of playing in Tubize’s Youth academy.

Eden Hazard
Eden with his wife and sons image source

Hazard is currently in a blissful marital relationship with Natacha Van Honacker whom he married in 2012. They have three children together – Yannis, Leo, and Samy.

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