Eddy Wally – Biography, Cause of Death, Wife, Family

One thing common with great musicians who are now living from their graves is that they are being remembered by qualities that are distinctive to them. For instance, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop will always be remembered for his moonwalk and other dance techniques which he universalized just as Elvis Presley, is being remembered as the King of Rock and Roll. For Eddy Wally, it is difficult to recall his activities in the world of entertainment without his ostentatiously attractive and expensive outfits coming to mind.

Although there is no way for one to substantiate this, it is believed that no Belgian celebrity has been able to sport a vast wardrobe like Eddy Wally did. It has commonly been assumed that Wally got his flashy dressing-sense from Władziu Valentino Liberace, the American pianist who died in 1987 and Elvis Presley. To paint a better picture of what Wally’s wardrobe was like, imagine such that was acquired by a museum (Modemuseum Hasselt) and displayed with each of the 155 outfits therein valued at over $5,000.

As we have mentioned museum, we might as well chip-in that Zelzate, a Municipality in Belgium where the singer-songwriter was born is constructing a museum which will house all the special items Eddy valued and gathered. It is said that the collections range from ancient souvenirs to gifts he received, special garments and instruments. Apparently, the man attached unique emotional value to the items and the Municipality is preserving them to honour his legacy.

Apart from being a musician, the Belgian was famous as a producer and actor. As an actor, he was admired for several roles. Most recent of them all is 2006’s Willy’s en marjetten. Nonetheless, the Belgian singer attained worldwide fame with his 1965 mega-hit song, CherieIn the first two months after the song was released, it occupied the top spot in the Belgian Charts. It wasn’t long before the song became a global hit. At some point, Wally had to do a Chinese version of the song. It was called Baobei. 

Eddy Wally Biography – Family Background

Wally was born on the 12th day of July 1932 as Eduard Van de Walle. At birth, he was just another male child born to an ordinary family in Zelzate’s De Katte district, Belgium. Soon, it was pretty obvious to all that the lad has a thing or two for the entertainment industry. ‘Wardje’, as he was fondly called then, was very much unwilling to learn about the things his teachers where teaching. His only interest was making music and entertaining people. He loved everything about that.

From what we gathered, Eddy Wally was from such family that had no option but to struggle for survival day after day. Like him, his father had a thing for making music. But then, he was hugely distracted and compelled to forsake the passion by the need to care for his family. The man focused more on being a labourer in a tar factory in order to live up to the responsibility of being the sole breadwinner of the family. Apart from the fact that Wally’s mother was a sweet soul, much isn’t known about her – it is most likely being a housewife was her priority. Eddy was an only son and the last of his parent’s three children. He had two older sisters.

The Van de Walle family was devastated when its provider died at the age of 49. Poverty was very eager to have a good laugh at them until Wally took up the responsibility of caring for his guys. Irrespective of the fact that he was still a teenager, he searched and got a job for himself in a textile factory. Although it was as though he was carrying the world on his shoulder, Eddy didn’t abandon his love for entertaining people. It is said that he would play his guitar, sing and dance for his co-workers during break time in the factory.

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Wally’s Wife

Eddy Wally – Biography, Cause of Death, Wife, Family
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Remember that ancient platitude – about a woman being behind every successful man? It was invented for the kinds of Maria Roegiers, Wally’s wife. To the best of our knowledge, Wally met Maria while he was with the textile factory. We love assuming Maria was enchanted by Wally’s singings and they fell in love. After this, an engagement happened and eventually, the Maria-Wally marriage commenced on the 19th day of July 1956. The following year, June 25, 1957, the union was blessed with a daughter they named Marina.

Back to the gist, Eddy Wally’s marriage to Maria afforded him the chance to devote more time to his calling. As the story goes, he left the textile factory and started selling leather goods in partnership with Maria’s mother. The business blossomed and Maria oftentimes took care of his responsibilities in the leather business, handing Wally the freedom to actively pursue a career in showbiz. It wasn’t long before Wally became a mega super-star and started touring the world.

Cause of Death

It was sometime in 2010 that it first emerged that the great Belgian musician was troubled by unpleasant body sensation while he was performing in Ghent, Belgium. It was later reported that he suffered a stroke. Following this, he stayed in a nursing home for awhile.

Although Wally survived the stroke, he, unfortunately, suffered its effect for quite a long time before he passed on. That was on the 6th day of February 2016. From what we learnt, he died from the physical consequences of a brain haemorrhage which was triggered by the stroke. Of course, his passing was a sad event for his fans across the globe. Nonetheless, Wally died a happy man.


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