Dr. Evan Antin
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Mirroring the work of Australian zookeeper Steve Irwin, Dr. Evan Antin is an American veterinarian who has caught the attention of the world at large for not just his love of exotic animals, but also his good looks. Like the late Crocodile Hunter, Antin’s passion and desire to help animals is authentic and has earned him the title of Sexiest Beast Charmer from People Magazine and a television show on Animal Planet. Read on to find out more about him, including details about his career and love life.

Dr. Evan Antin – Bio (Age)

Dr. Evan Antin was welcomed into the world on the 12th of December, 1984, in the U.S Midwestern state of Kansas. Further details of his early life and family background are a mystery as the veterinarian does not like to divulge much information about his personal life. With that, the identities of his parents are unknown and it is not clear if he has any siblings.

About his educational background, the high school which Antin attended is not known. It is, however, known that he attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where he studied evolutionary and ecological biology. During his undergraduate years, he is known to have spent a few semesters abroad, in Australia and Tanzania to learn more about fauna and ecosystems.

The world took notice of the doctor in 2015 when he appeared in that year’s People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue. Posing with a crocodile in the magazine, Dr. Evan Antin was conferred with the title of “Sexiest Beast Charmer” in the publication’s “Men At Work” section.

Following the shoot, Antin launched his Instagram account to thank the magazine and give his new fans an insight into his work. He has since then shared numerous images of himself with different animals and birds to a growing list of followers.

Who is his Wife?

Dr. Evan Antin
Dr. Evan Antin and Nathalie Basha (Image Source)

Despite being very popular for his activities on social media, Dr. Evan Antin has managed to keep details about his personal life private. This has made many people, specifically his female fans wonder if he was dating anybody. No one knew the answer to this question for so long until Antin was asked by a reporter. He replied that he was off the market as he was engaged to a very special girl who makes him happy.

Following further investigations, his other half was identified to be digital journalist Nathalie Basha. As seen on her Instagram page, Basha has embarked on numerous international adventures with her partner, and going by a comment she left on her page recently, the pair are very much still planning to become a married couple in the near future.

While it is not clear when the pair began seeing each other, it is assumed that they have been together for a long time, as Basha once used the hashtag #PartnerInCrime10Years to describe a photo of theirs she shared in 2016.

Other Facts about the Veterinarian

1. By just looking at him, you can tell that Dr. Evan Antin spends quality time in the gym. It is further said that prior to him becoming a veterinarian, he was a gym trainer and model.

2. Antin has been mistaken for British actor Henry Cavill, who plays Clark Kent in the Superman film. This happened when he appeared on ITV’s This Morning talk show to talk about his collection of animals.

3. According to a Forbes article about Antin in August 2018, when he is not visiting any of the many exotic locations where he cares for animals, he works at the Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in Southern California.

4. Dr. Evan Antin’s collection of pets include a dog called Henry, a cat named Willy, and a savannah monitor lizard named Matilda. He also has a mangrove snake and an assortment of tropical freshwater fishes.

5. The veterinarian resides in California and his hobbies include scuba diving, hiking, weightlifting, and traveling.

6. He has traveled to six different continents volunteering to help exotic animals and work with wildlife organizations at both national and international levels.

7. According to his fiancée Basha, Dr. Evan Antin has dreamed about having his own television show for so long. The doctor himself talked about his own TV aspirations in an interview in 2018, saying that he would love to have/host his own show which would be a mix of Crocodile Hunter meets Wildlife Vet. His dream came to life in 2019 when he began to host the show Evan Goes Wild on Animal Planet.

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