Dolph Lundgren
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For someone who has been following action movies, Dolph Lundgren is not among the people you are not supposed to not know. He is an actor who has become famous for his massive build and the villain roles he sometimes plays. Apart from acting, he is also a film producer, director, and martial artist. Since he began his acting career in the late 1970s, the Swedish actor has taken part in many movies and productions.

Dolph Lundgren Bio

Many know the actor as Dolph Lundgren even though it was as Hans Lundgren that he was born on 3rd November 1957 in Stockholm, Sweden. While his mother, Sigrid Birgitta was an English teacher, his father, Karl Johan Hugo Lundgren was an engineer. It was in Stockholm that he was raised until he became a teenager and then he moved to Nyland, Ångermanland in his home country of Sweden to live with his grandparents.

Raised alongside an older brother and two sisters, his father was abusive and somehow, because he kept calling him a loser, Hans worked so hard to prove himself.

Although fine arts and music were his earliest interests, he would later get a degree in Engineering. More so, since he was a child, he had loved heavy contact sports such as judo, boxing, and karate – a sport that he would go on to become a World-Class competitor in.

Education and Acting Career

One of the interesting things about Dolph Lundgren is that the actor is highly educated. After his high school education, he studied at Washington State University as well as Clemson University in South Carolina. Also, he attended University of Sydney, Australia, where he was given a scholarship for his Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. A year later, he got a Fulbright scholarship to study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.

However, he opted to take a career in acting and because of this, he went to the Warren Robertson Theatre Workshop where he studied drama.

In 1985, he got his first role as an actor when he appeared in A View to a Kill which was followed by Rocky IV in the same year. In 1994, he produced an appeared in Pentathlon and by the time he appeared in Black Water, Creed II, and Aquaman, all in 2018, he had already appeared in close to 60 movies.

While there is no denying the fact that he is a fantastic actor, he does not have too many awards under his belt. The first award that he won was in 1985 when he clinched the Marshall Trophy for Best Actor for his role in Rocky IV. During the 2013 CineRockom International Film Festival, he was given a Lifetime Achievement Diamond Award.

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Dolph Lundgren’s Wife and Daughter

Dolph Lundgren
Dolph Lundgren and Jenny Sandersson (Image Source)

Before he got very famous, Dolph Lundgren got into a relationship with Jamaican singer Grace Jones. The whirlwind relationship only lasted six months before it came to a sudden end. According to him, he was worn out by the Pull Up To My Bumper singer’s sex orgies and she became jealous as his stars began to shine.

The next woman that he dated was American model Paula Barbieri, although the relationship did not last a very long time. In 1991, the Swedish actor got married to Peri Momm; but then, the marriage ended only a year later.

A few years later (in 1994), he got married to Anette Qviberg in Marbella, Spain. After tying the knot, the two decided to own a home there and after having two children, Ida Sigrid Lundgren who was born in April 1996 and Greta Eveline Lundgren born in 2001, they decided to live away from Hollywood so that their daughters could have a normal life.

Unfortunately for the couple, their marriage ended in divorce in 2011 after spending 17 years together. Following the divorce, he got into a relationship with Jenny Sandersson in the same year. While there are reports that the pair is married, there is nothing to confirm it even though they live together.


One of the things that have contributed to making Dolph Lundgren great when it comes to action movies is that he has a good height and a nice body build. He started working on his body since he was 10 years old – when he started lifting weights.

As regards his height, he stands at a massive height of 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m) and his heaviest weight was put at 250 pounds (110 kg).

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