Does Tyler James Williams Have a Wife or Girlfriend and Is He Gay?

Tyler James Williams is not gay, as he has not been romantically involved with any man. The actor is also not currently married nor in any relationship that is known to the public. He has, however, been romantically involved with a few ladies in the past. 

Williams ventured into acting as a child actor and is mainly known for his role as young Chris in the UPN sitcom, Everybody Hates Chris. He has appeared in many romantic movies and displayed a perfect romance with many female co-stars. This has made many want to know what his real-life romance looks like. Here is all to know about the actor’s relationship history and sexuality.

Is Tyler James Williams Gay?

Tyler James Williams is not gay. His relationship history has proven his sexuality to be straight. He has been linked to about three women in the past, though he is not married or dating anyone at the moment.

Taking a look at those that he has dated in the past, there are no records of him dating a man. Notwithstanding, the public has remained under a huge puzzle about his sexuality after he portrayed the role of Lionel Higgins in the original film Dear White People.

In the film, Lionel Higgins is a shy gay black college student who keeps his sexuality secret. Since the black and white students were in a culture war, he had to deal with his sexuality and racial identity at the same time.

Tyler James Williams received lots of backlash from some of the black community for his role in the film. He responded to the backlash, stating that the African American community is notoriously homophobic. The actor also went on to state other facts that the black community should look at in order to embrace the LGBT community rather than despising it.

Who Is Tyler James Williams’ Wife?

Tyler James Williams is not married, nor does he have a wife that is known to the public. Though the actor has been in many relationships, he has never considered taking a wife. Despite his singlehood, he still treasures the plan of taking a wife and having a family someday, but currently, he chooses to stay focused on achieving great feats in his career.

Notwithstanding, Tyler James Williams has been romantically involved with a few stunning and pretty women who have successfully carved a niche in the entertainment industry. He is a great lover who attaches well to his partners, and all the ladies that he has dated are successful singers and actresses.

A Look Into The Actor’s Dating History

Though Tyler James Williams does not have a wife because he has never been married, it doesn’t contradict the fact that he has been romantically involved with anyone. Since he rose to prominence, he has been in romantic relationships with famous ladies, but none made it to attaining the title of his wife. Here is all to know about his past and present lovers:

He Dated Keke Palmers as a Teenager

Keke Palmer, whose real name is Lauren Keyana Palmer, is an American TV personality, singer, and actress. The musician was born in Harvey, Illinois, United States, on August 26, 1993. The actress is well known for starring as Akeelah Anderson in the film Akeelah and the Bee and her own Nickelodeon series VP and True Jackson.

The 30 year-old actress began dating Tyler James Williams while they were still teenagers in 2007. Aside from their real-life romance, they also worked together on a couple of onscreen projects. Their lovely relationship was well-cherished and admired by the public.

However, after a year and six months, their romance turned sour, and they separated without stating the reasons for their separation. Keke Palmer is the first girl that the actor has dated as far as the public is concerned.

Tyler James Williams Allegedly Dated Karina Pasian Back in 2013

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Karina Pasian is an American singer, pianist, and actress born on July 18, 1991, in New York City, United States. She is signed with Def Jam Recording and has one album credit, three extended plays, and many singles. The singer is known for starring on the TV show Hispanic Youth Showcase.

Five years after Tyler James Williams called it quits with his ex-girlfriend, he decided to give love a chance once more and began dating Karina Pasian in 2013. The actor was head over heels in love with her and frequently tweeted about how wonderful her voice was.

The duo attended various events together and also had their credits on some music videos. After some of Karina Pasian’s music videos were released, rumors about them being in a relationship began to spread. The rumors died down with time, as neither of them accepted or debunked them. Irrespective of this, the public still held onto the fact that they were in a relationship, which was evidenced in their tweets.

After some time, their relationship was noticed to have hit the rock, but they did not make it open. Though they still follow each other on their social media handles, they no longer attend events or work on music videos together. However, neither of them has come out to clear the air on why they are no longer seen together anymore like before.

The Actor Dated Anastasia Baranova Around 2017

Anastasia Baranova is a Russian actress born on April 23, 1989, in Moscow, Russia. She is famous for appearing in the television series Scout Safari as Jennifer Scout Laure. The actress also appeared in the SyFy series Z Nation as Addison Carver.

When it comes to women, Tyler James Williams has proven that he has impeccable taste. This is because he usually goes for beautiful and accomplished women. He began dating Anastasia Baranova after he ended his relationship with Karina. Though Tyler and Anastasia reportedly started dating in 2015, they made their relationship official in 2017.

The Russian actress was all over the actor while they were dating and usually uploaded pictures of them together. She also uploaded Tyler’s picture on lover’s day to her social media handle, with her wishes attached to the picture.

However, their love was short-lived, as both of them stopped their public displays of affection on their social media handles. This gave the public a glimpse that their relationship was on the verge of breaking down. After their split, neither of them came out to state the reasons why their blossoming love died down.

Who is Tyler James Williams Dating?

Tyler James Williams is not dating anyone at the moment. According to Celebritymirror, he stated in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that he was not doing much when he was asked about his Valentine’s plans. He also made it known that dating has always been weird for him. The actor further stated that he has been in the spotlight and believes that his life is not balanced.

On that note, he went on to say that everyone knew about his life from childhood to adulthood and blamed his fame for being the reason for his singlehood. However, our fingers remain crossed as we wait for the actor to find love again.


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