Does Travis Fimmel Have a Wife, Girlfriend or Kids?

Travis Fimmel is not known to be married or have kids with any woman, however, there are rumors that he is dating co-actor Paula Patton. But until that is confirmed, Fimmel is assumed to be a single man.

Since his appearance on the hit TV show Vikings, the talented Australian actor has won the hearts of many audiences, particularly female fans, with his exceptional acting ability and charming appearance. Many people are interested in learning more about his personal life as a result of this, and this article will tell you all you need to know.

Travis Fimmel is a Former Model And an Actor

Born in Echuca, Victoria, Travis Fimmel is a former model and is also known for portraying the character Ragnar Lothbrok in four seasons on the popular historical series, Vikings, which aired in Australia on SBS. Travis was first discovered as a model while he was going about his exercise routine at a gym located in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn before he starred in a now-famous Calvin Klein ad.

From modeling, Travis became known, and then he transitioned to the movie industry. He landed a lead role in 2003 TV series titled Tarzan, and this brought about more fame for him. Ever since Travis became a public figure, he has been considered by many as a ladies’ man since lots of women flock around him and have fallen head over heels for him.

The famous actor, at his age and going by his long list of women whom he has dated, has gotten many wondering if he is married, has kids, or if he is currently dating anyone.

Is Travis Fimmel Married, and Does He Have a Wife in Real Life?

The answer is Travis Fimmel is not married and has never been married in the past to any woman. Given his age, many had anticipated Travis to be married and have children, but the actor is currently still single. It’s possible that he’s unsure of who to choose as his wife because he has so many women who want to be with him.

Who Is Travis Fimmel Dating?

Travis Fimmel allegedly has a relationship with Paula Patton, according to media reports. However, the actor hasn’t revealed whether he’s dating Paula Patton or someone else, though he is in a relationship. Paula co-starred with him in the film Warcraft as his on-screen girlfriend and shared good chemistry. And as expected, their delivery of the part has led some people to wonder if they were actually dating.

The rumor gained traction after Paula Patton and her ex-husband Robin Thickie filed for divorce. Despite the persistent rumors of their alleged romantic relationship, neither Travis nor Paula have denied the rumors or publicly acknowledged their relationship, so we cannot be certain if they are dating.

Furthermore, Travis is not active on any social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, which has made gathering information about the actor’s private life, most especially his relationship status, very difficult. However, he did comment on how easy it was to work on his chemistry with Paula.

Is Travis Fimmel Gay?

Travis Fimmel is not gay and has never been associated with any well-known men or a scandal that would imply that he is. The American celebrity has always loved women and has been straight since birth. Over the years, he has been associated with a number of well-known women who he was assumed to have dated.

The Women Travis Fimmel Has Dated 

Nicole Appleton

Nicole Appleton is a Canadian musician well known as a member of the Brit-pop group, All Saint. The information about their relationship was revealed by Travis himself in one of his interviews back in 1999.

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Travis began dating Nicole in 1999, and they dated for three years before the latter got married to another Hollywood actor, Liam Gallagher. Nicole was the one who decided to end the relationship as she dumped Travis. The pair never revealed the reason for their breakup. Although many had speculated that the ex-lovers had broken up as a result of infidelity on the part of Travis.

Rachel Hunter

After Travis Fimmel and Nicole Appleton ended their relationship, the actor moved on in 2002 and dated New Zealand model Rachel Hunter – who is also the host of Imagination Television’s Rachel Tour of Beauty. The model has appeared on diverse magazine covers, including Elle, Playboy, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, and Sports Illustrated.

Travis Fimmel

The duo dated for one year and called it quits on their relationship in 2003. The reason for their separation is not revealed to any source, as neither of them has talked about their relationship.

Merrin Dungey

Merrin Dungey was another famous lady Travis Fimmel had dated. According to sources, the pair had a huge age difference between them, as Merrin was eight years older than him, yet they got along just well. Merrin is an American actress who was birthed to her parents in Sacramento, California.

Not much information and pictures abound about Travis and Merrin, but their relationship lasted only a year before they broke up. The reason for their breakup remained unknown, although rumor had it that Travis was cheating on Merrin with the American model Jessica Miller whom he began dating after his breakup with Merrin.

Jessica Miller

Travis Fimmel has also been linked to American model Jessica Miller. The pair were seen attending the Oscars Vanity Fair party together. Like his other relationships, his relationship with Jessica Miller also ended shortly.

Mei Melancon

Travis Fimmel also dated American actress Mei Melancon in 2007. The duo was an item for about a year before their relationship went sour, and they separated in 2008.


Travis Fimmel has also been linked to American pornstar, Ceara-Lynch. The pair were rumored to have gotten married, and this news circulated the media for some time and then faded but to date, the actual story behind their relationship remains unknown.

Joy Bryant

According to sources, it is believed that Travis Fimmel’s first girlfriend was American model turned-actress Joy Bryant and they had met during his days as a model. However, the news of their relationship is considered a rumor, as Travis confirmed in an interview that they never dated and were just good friends.

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