Does Snow tha Product Have A Husband or Wife?

Snow tha Product is currently divorced and does not have a wife or husband currently. She was married to Andrew Feliciano for a decade (from 2006 to 2016) and had a son (Andrew Feliciano Jr.) with him.

In 2017, she started dating a woman named Julissa Aponte aka Daddie JuJu. Her relationship with Julissa seemed to be heading to the proverbial “till death do us part” as they got engaged in 2019 – much to the excitement of their fans. However, in 2022, Snow Tha Product and JuJu broke up.

Snow Tha Product Was Married At The Age of 19

Because of her openly bisexual personality, it’s hard to believe that American rapper Snow tha Product was ever married, but she was. She has openly talked about getting married at the age of 19. She made this revelation during a 2018 interview with Power 106 Los Angeles radio show.

The rapper revealed that she got married in 2006 to a music producer named Andrew Feliciano. She claimed she felt fully mature and prepared to settle down at that time in her life. Her husband, who is a very reserved person, briefly appeared in the music video for her track, A Waste of Time.

She and her ex-husband enjoyed a happy marriage at first and three years after they tied the knot, they welcomed a son named Andrew Feliciano Jr. Snow further cited having a child at an early age as her life’s pinnacle achievement.

Unfortunately, her marriage to Andrew got sour after some years and that, according to Snow tha Product, was because she wasn’t receiving proper emotional support from him. After 10 years together, she felt fed up with the lackluster state of their marriage and decided to take a walk. After their divorce, Andrew faded a little from the spotlight.

However, Snow tha Product has continued to be in the news regarding her newfound sexuality and her dating life. She has openly discussed how she felt about being in a same-sex relationship after discovering she was bisexual and it’s clear she doesn’t want her ex back at all.

Shortly After Her Marriage Ended, Snow tha Product and Julissa Became a Couple

Following her divorce in 2016, Snow and Julissa Aponte began dating in 2017. She and her lover, fondly called JuJu or Daddie Juju, started dating after meeting in a New York nightclub. However, the two didn’t make their relationship public until Snow Tha Product sat down for an interview with Hot97’s Nessa in 2018. Juju proposed to her on July 10, 2019, after they had been together for a few years.

With the announcement of their engagement, fans were ecstatic. They even share a YouTube channel called ‘Everydays Days’ aimed at giving their admirers a glimpse into their relationship. The channel has over 400k subscribers.

Is Snow tha Product Gay?

No, Snow Tha Product is not gay but she is bisexual. She found she was bisexual after her divorce from her ex-husband, Andrew. She even made her sexuality more obvious through her relationship with Julissa Aponte. The Mexican-American artist who is openly bisexual never holds back when discussing her lesbian relationship.

Snow’s publicly recognized bisexual partner, Juju, gained recognition mostly as a result of her romance with the rapper. During the first few years of their relationship, they epitomized everything that was expected of a bisexual couple in the public eye.

Snow Tha Product and Juju Broke Up In 2022

In 2022, Snow Tha Product and Juju separated. Even though things seemed alright at first, eventually, problems started to emerge. Snow Tha Product and Juju went their separate ways due to difficult months of irreconcilable differences. There seemed to be an unseen chasm between them despite their tremendous love for each another. To avoid any unnecessary controversy, the rapper and her partner mutually chose to end their relationship.

Snow announced their split on her social media accounts towards the end of March 2022. The reason why things didn’t work out between them is still a mystery. However, the entire breakup has been quite upsetting for their diehard supporters who have continued to wonder why their favorite couple’s romance didn’t last forever.

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