Does Salice Rose Have A New Girlfriend? Here Is What We Know

Salice Rose is currently dating a fellow YouTuber named Brilynn Ford. She announced their relationship in August of 2019 in a YouTuber video.

Salice Rose is a famous American model, Instagram, and Youtube star. She garnered fame through the positive reactions that followed the pictures and short videos she posted in 2013. Capitalizing on that, Rose built a huge fan base and currently has more than six million followers on Instagram.

The charming internet personality was born in Lancaster, California on November 20, 1994. She has not revealed any information concerning her parents, their names and her educational background to the media. Nevertheless, we can confirm that she has three siblings: two brothers and a sister named Ashley.

Considering her age, it is safe to presume she has finished high school. However, she hasn’t revealed her plans about getting a college degree or what area she will major in if she chooses to get one.

The California-born celebrity is of Peruvian descent which got her a great deal of exposure to the Spanish language since she was a child. Though raised in California with her sister and two half-brothers, the beauty is fluent in her native language. Let’s take a look at the famous social media idol’s rise to prominence and interesting facts about her love life.

What Salice Rose Revealed About Her Sexuality and New Girlfriend

Salice Rose’s lifestyle and outspoken personality have left fans in a limbo as to her sexual orientation. While many regard her as gay, Rose herself hasn’t come out to confirm the claims, until recently. Although she’s had intimate relationships with ladies such as Chas Franco, her most recent revelation became the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In August of 2019, the YouTuber released what her fans (the Rose Family) consider to be one of her most unexpected videos. She announced that she was dating Brilynn Ford, a fellow YouTuber.

The announcement came out of the blues and as Rose puts it, she was scared and was so worried her fans may not accept that part of her life. At the time, the two had known each other for three years and only started dating recently.

The video captioned “the wait is over. I’m shaking. I’m so nervous. You guys…MEET MY GIRLFRIEND!” was an unexpected release and took fans by surprise. It is still considered to be the weirdest video the star has ever put up. Nonetheless, her fans loved it for being real and for Rose’s determination to hide nothing from them.

One thing that never stopped to baffle her viewers was her reluctance to embrace the word “dating” while describing her relationship with Brilynn. While Brilynn Ford insisted they were both dating already and even tried kissing her on set, Salice Rose, as Ford puts it, continues to live in denial.

While Rose may have dated several ladies, one thing is certain, she is not lesbian. As she puts it, she is bisexual.

What Happened to Salice Rose’s Relationship with Chas Franco? 

September 2019 came and several reports affirmed that Rose and Ford have split. If that’s true, then it would probably be the shortest known relationship the Youtuber has ever had. Shortest? Yes! Salice Rose, as far as records show, has been in several relationships.

Salice Rose
Salice Rose and her girlfriend Brilynn Ford: Image Source

In August of 2019, around the time she announced her new relationship with Ford, her ex-girlfriend Chas Franco came out to relate the abuses she faced while dating the Youtuber. She narrated an experience where Rose reportedly poured coffee all over her, dropped the container and asked her to pick it up while walking out on her.

Fans were shocked to hear this side of Salice Rose. While some doubted it, others who’ve known Chas since childhood asserted that she couldn’t be lying about this. Rose responded barely a week later in a video, blaming it all on Chas. By the end of August 2019, the two appeared to be in good terms, but not lovers anymore.

How Salice Rose Became Famous

The young social media star started her career in 2013 when she casually joined Instagram. She started as an entertainer and an internet personality who posts sexy pictures and short comedy videos on the platform.

After a while, her popularity began to increase and she started having numerous followers. Currently, she has more than six million followers on her Instagram handle.

Salice Rose soon parleyed her Instagram influence into a successful YouTube channel; where she uploads videos on trending topics, including her daily life experiences. She is a very talented singer and often posts videos of her singing.

Needless to say, her fans love it. As with Instagram, she has built a huge fan base on YouTube with more than one million subscribers as of this writing. Rose also joined SnapChat where she garnered much fame after she started a thread titled My Story.

The social media star is a recipient of several notable awards, nominations, and recognition. For her distinctive creativity, she received the TECLA Awards for Top Comedy Creator in 2017. Beyond her accolades, fans are eager to know what she identifies as; lesbian, bisexual or any within that category. Let’s tell you more about that.

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