Does Michael Strahan Have a Twin Brother or Other Siblings?

Contrary to popular belief, Michael Anthony Strahan does not have a twin brother. On the other hand, he is the youngest child among five siblings of his parents. Michael Strahan has a blood sister, twin step-sisters, and two brothers.

Many people are familiar with Sandra Strahan, Debra Diana Strahan, and Gene Strahan Jr., who are all Michael Strahan’s siblings. Aside from his siblings, Michael also has a family of his own, which comprises his wife and their children; three daughters and one son. The ex-NFL star is a devoted father to four kids: twin teenagers Isabella and Sophia, who he shares with second wife Jean Muggli; Tanita, and Michael Jr; both of whom he had with his first wife, Wanda Hutchins.

Does Michael Strahan Have a Twin Brother?

There isn’t a twin brother for the former athlete Michael Strahan as widely rumored and believed by many people. Instead, we know for certain that Michael Strahan, the American celebrity, is from a family of 7, now has his own family, and is also a talk show host, a five-star athlete as a former NFL player, and an actor.

As an NFL player, Michael Strahan appeared in several ads and attained some level of recognition as a media personality. After declaring his retirement from football in 2008, he even appeared on home renovation programs and has to this day remained a familiar face on American television with fans all over the world.

Concerning the rumors about him having a twin, Michale Strahan co-starred with rapper and actor Daryl “Chill” Mitchell in the American sitcom “Brothers” in 2009. The two “brothers” and their relationship were the major subject of the show, which became more upbeat with each subsequent episode. Additionally, it included C.C.H. Pounder and American actor Carl Weathers, best known for playing Apollo Creed in the Rocky film series.

Does Michael Strahan Have a Twin Brother or Other Siblings?
Daryl Chill Mitchell (L) and Michael Strahan (R) image source

Michael Strahan’s Relationship With Darryl Mitchell Was Mere Speculation by Fans

The cast of the show initially made it appear quite promising, but the plot prevented the series from being well-known. Although the show received many favorable reviews, its scripted problems also drew damning criticism, especially from those who followed the show religiously.

When the show first debuted on television, viewers were more torn than ever. The majority of people thought Michael Strahan and Darryl Mitchell were brothers, and in some cases, twins, in real life because of their method acting skills and faultless dynamics. That idea, however, was not supported by any facts and was purely based on speculations by their fans.

But as we have come to learn, Michael Strahan and Daryl Mitchell aren’t twins or blood relatives, even though the theory did look believable at the time they both starred on the Brothers show and perhaps afterward. After all, the assertion is entirely understandable, given that they did appear in a television program where their characters were brothers.

Darryl Mitchell is a Successful Hollywood Actor

Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, in his own right, is also as successful as his on-screen twin brother Michael Strahan. The 59 years old Black American actor and rapper who began his life in Wyandanch in the Town of Babylon in Suffolk County, New York, is now an NAACP Image Award winner.

Daryl’s first screen appearance was not when he starred in Brothers with Michael. It was as far back as the year 1985 when he played an unnamed role in an episode of The Cosby Show titled “Clair’s Case”. After this role came many other film and television roles for him in the 90s, like House Party, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, etc.

He Won An NAACP Award for Brothers in 2010

Daryl Mitchell’s career did not wane in the next decade neither did it wane in the decades that followed afterward. Some of his fans would remember him as the character of Det Chambers in the 2000 film Lucky Numbers. In the years that followed, he acted in films like The Country Bears, Playback, etc. On TV, he played roles in series like Traffic Light, NCIS: New Orleans, F is for Family, and also in Fear The Walking Dead, which began airing in 2018 to the present time.

Per his career accomplishments, Daryl Mitchell is not yet an actor with an award/trophy case or glass cabinet filled with career awards, but his long career has seen him earn some deserving recognitions. In the year 2010, Michael Strahan’s supposed twin brother Daryl Mitchell won the NAACP Image Award as an Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series for “Brothers”.

Get to Know Michael Strahan’s Biological Siblings 

Michael Strahan was born in Houston to Louise (Traylor) Strahan, who was a basketball coach, and her partner; a man named Gene Willie Strahan, who was a retired Army Major and a boxer with a 1–1 record against then-heavyweight Ken Norton. Michael is also the nephew of former NFL defensive lineman Art Strahan.

Little to no information is revealed about Michael Strahan’s siblings but in the past, we know they have made several public appearances with him. It is known for certain that Michael Strahan has five siblings – two brothers, a blood sister, and twin step-sisters; none of them is Darryl Mitchell.

Sandra Strahan, Debra Diana Strahan, and Gene Strahan Jr are his blood siblings. While the media has not revealed much information about his siblings and what they are currently doing now, his elder sister Debra’s death made the news.

Michael Strahan Shared a Close Bond with His Late Elder Sister Debra Strahan

Debra Strahan was 10 years older than Michael and, like him, she was also from Texas. Growing up, even though Michael moved in with an uncle of theirs as a teenager to perfect his athletic ability, he and his now late elder sister remained close. Debra was a devoted churchgoer who passed away in March 2019 at the age of 58. Michael, who was 48 at the time, was shown in her memorial pictures on the obituary page.

Despite the fact that the death of Michael Strahan’s sister was well reported in the media, reports at the time, unfortunately, didn’t state how she passed away, and Michael has never commented on what led to her sister’s death. Be that as it may, the ace sportsman has frequently discussed his parents and their love for their family, even though he has rarely, if ever, spoken about his siblings individually.

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