Does Isabel May Have A Husband or Boyfriend?

Isabel May does not have a husband nor does she have any boyfriend that is known to the public. As such, she is assumed to be single.

Isabel May is an American model and actor who is well known for her role as Katie Cooper in the sitcom, Alexa and Katie. Being a focus of public attention, a lot of people are eager to know all about her life outside her career, including her love life. But unfortunately, she prefers to keep her relationships away from the public.

This has led many to always assume that there’s a romantic link between she and any man she is spotted with. Here is all to know about her relationships and those that she has been allegedly linked to.

Is Isabel May Married?

As far as we know, Isabel May is not married and does not have a husband. Since she became popular for her role on Alexa and Katie, she has gained the attention of the public who are curious to know all about her relationship life, among other areas of her life.


Nevertheless, she has chosen to keep the public in the dark as she obviously prefers to keep personal details of her life private. Although there’s nothing to prove it, it is believed that the actress is currently single and enjoying her singlehood while focusing focused fully on her acting and modeling careers.

Who Is Isabel May Dating?

Isabel May is not dating anyone as of the time of this writing. However, this does not dispute the fact that she might be in a relationship and has chosen to keep it a secret. She is one of those actresses who leave people wallowing in speculation about her relationship and seems reluctant to let it go public anytime soon.

The actress is mostly spotted hanging out with her male friends, but the fact still remains that she is likely still single. She has also taken up roles as someone’s love interest, which has also sparked dating rumors that turned out to be false. She once rekindled the interest of the public in her relationship after she took to her Instagram handle to tease her fans about her relationship.

Isabel uploaded a picture of a monkey hanging over and captioned it, “relationship status: taken.” This made many think that the actress was about to let her top secret go viral. Nevertheless, it was one of those uploads to keep her fans entertained.

The Actress Has Been Previously Linked To A Co-star

Although Isabel May has succeeded in concealing her relationship from the media, she has been linked to someone in the past. The actress was allegedly linked to Barrett Carnahan, her co-star in her on-screen project, Alexa and Katie. 

Barrett played the role of Aiden, Katie Cooper’s boyfriend, in the sitcom. Their perfect interpretation of their roles coupled with the fact that they looked perfect together made many believe that their relationship had gone beyond onscreen.

However, this turned out to be far from the truth as Barrett was engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Nina Kubicki, at the time of the rumor. The actor and his lover later got married and have welcomed a son together. Despite the false speculation, rumor mongers have not let the news of her relationship slide.

Isabel May was once spotted in an Instagram picture with an older man getting loved up. This piqued the interest of many as her relationship is something that they have looked on to peg. The actress’s comment box was filled with lots of thoughts from people, but she did not care to react to any of them. Many questioned her to know if he was her father, but she chose to remain silent during the whole situation. She is currently focused on hitting it big in the Hollywood industry and has not cared to address the growing interest of the public in her relationship.


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