Does David Muir Really Have Face Cancer?

David Muir does not have face cancer. Just like most other celebrities, he has had to deal with speculations about various areas of his life, including his health, but from all indications, he is healthy and fit, focusing fully on his career. 

David Muir is an American journalist and the anchor of ABC World News Tonight and co-anchor of ABC News Magazine 20/20. He began to make headlines after he was spotted with a slight change on his face. This got a lot of people curious to know if he was sick or had face cancer. Here is all to know about the journalist’s health condition and if he really has face cancer.

Does David Muir Have Face Cancer?

David Muir does not have face cancer. Rumor about him suffering from the disease began to spread after he appeared thinner than he used to be. Having lost weight, his face also had some slight changes and many became curious to know if he had face cancer.

But being a man who values his privacy, he did not react to the rumor.


What Happened with David Muir?

David Muir is a successful journalist who rose through the ranks to become a household name. Being someone who is always in the public eye, there are bound to be rumors about him. During the election coverage in November of 2020 some of his viewers noticed that he has some obvious bruising on his face, which could not be covered by his news-time makeup.

This made some of his fans to wonder if David was involved in some sort of accident. However, owing to the fact that he did not bother to give any explanation, other people began to form other opinions to explain what may have happened to his face.

This gave rise to speculations that he underwent rhinoplasty as the bruises on his face looked like that of a person who had undergone a nose job (a nasal scar is one of the indications of the procedure).

His before and after pictures were also compared, and slight changes were noticed, which also raised more speculation. David Muir maintained his silence and did not give any comments to confirm or deny the rumor. This, however, might be true, but will be confirmed when the journalist decides to give comments on it.

It has also been speculated that David Muir had a head injury because of the way his head appears in pictures. However, he decided to clear the air on that while speaking during an interview with Vanity Fair.

According to him, many people think he has a big head because of the way that it appears in photos. But while explaining that that is far from the truth, he said his head looks big because of the unique position he assumes while posing for a picture.

As reported on the tabloid magazine, “”He has a signature selfie face in pictures with fans: three-quarters toward the camera, with a slightly pouty smile. “My head always looks three times the size” of everyone else’s,” he says.””

However, David assured his viewers that his head is not actually three times as big as their own, adding that “It’s just the angle”.

Is David Muir Sick?

David Muir is not sick, nor has he been diagnosed with any illness. Despite rumors about his face cancer, rhinoplasty, and accident that allegedly affected his face, he appears to be very strong and healthy.

The journalist has been spotted in his various programs carrying out his duties perfectly. He does not look like someone who is sick, nor has he shown any signs of sickness while on air.


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