Did Kaitlin Olson Do Plastic Surgery? Her Looks Before and After Photos

According to reports, Kaitlin had to undergo reconstructive plastic surgery because of her fractured skull. Kaitlin Olson performed plastic surgery on her face and lips and also shaved off part of her head because she fractured her skull.

At age twelve, Kaitlin Olson was involved in a severe bicycle accident with a vehicle, resulting in a fractured skull that required reconstructive surgery. However, in her adulthood, there have been rumors about her doing facial surgery, but she hasn’t come out to confirm or debunk such rumors.

Kaitlin Willow Olson has been on the news lately for talks that she underwent plastic surgery. In the 13th season of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, fans noticed that she wasn’t looking the same. After the completion of the first episode in the series, rumors from several sections claim that Kaitlin underwent cosmetic surgery. So in this post, we’ll look into these claims to uncover if Kaitlin Olson did plastic surgery or not.

Did Kaitlin Olson Do a Face Surgery?

A significant discussion about Kaitlin Olson’s Plastic Surgery was done on Reddit. Viewers of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia held a lengthy discussion on the issue after noticing her sudden change in the subsequent episodes. While the discussion was ongoing, some fans pointed out that her eyebrows weren’t moving when she opened her eyes or while she was speaking.

They concluded that Kaitlin did undergo cosmetic surgery. Some of them even complimented how beautiful she looks after her surgery. However, some were critical and quite disappointed with her supposed decision.

Did Kaitlin Olson Do Plastic Surgery? Her Looks Before and After Photos
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After seeing the first episode of the 13th season, some disappointed fans stated that they had to search the internet to confirm if Kaitlin had done something to her face. Meanwhile, a fan expressed displeasure that Kaitlin was unable to adjust her facial expressions in the film.

Notwithstanding, most of the fans that contributed to the Reddit discussion agreed that the American actress had undergone plastic surgery. While some of them condemned her action, others praised her for how well she handled the enhancement. Here are her before and after plastic surgery photos.

Judging from her recent photos, Kaitlin does appear to have improved her facial appearance. However, the actress is yet to say anything regarding this issue. However, she did admit to having had reconstructive surgery, but she has never admitted to having facial operations, botox, or any related facelift.

Kaitlin Olson Underwent Reconstructive Surgery After Suffering a Horrific Bicycle Accident In Childhood

When Kaitlin Olson was just 12 years old, she was involved in a horrific accident that affected her bike and a car. The accident’s impact was the worst possible thing that a child could ever hope to see, except seeing it in a movie. Kaitlin was nevertheless affected by the event.

The talented actress from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” suffered a skull fracture. So she needed reconstructive plastic surgery to fix her skull to its normal, healthy state. On the bright side, the whole incident worked in her favor. It is through the treatment that she became the stunningly attractive lady that graces our screens today.

According to several reports, she still has a gaping wound at the back of her head. It was about the size of a lime. And at this point, it has become about the size of a quarter. The experience wasn’t good. Kaitlin was still trying to transition into junior high school when she decided to shave her head for the treatment to be functional.

In addition, Kaitlin Olson fractured her face and had to undergo surgery for it. Despite the pain she suffered during that time, the actress thinks it’s probably the best experience that has ever come her way in her whole life. It was indeed a very significant issue, and it took a lot of time and effort to overcome the effects of the incident.

No girl of her then age (12) wishes to start her first day of junior high school carrying a swollen face, a shaved head, and a huge scar on her skull. Moreover, Kaitlin did suffer from bullying as a result of this, but she managed to pull through.

Did Kaitlin Olson Do Plastic Surgery? Her Looks Before and After Photos
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Has Kaitlin Olson Done a Nose Job?

Kaitlin Olson hasn’t come out to confirm if she had any facial surgery. Likewise, despite her sudden change in facial appearance, the actress hasn’t confirmed if she had a nose job. However, from her before and after pictures, it seems Kaitlin Olson did undergo a nose job.

In the 13th season of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, fans noticed that she wasn’t looking the same. It seems as though she underwent plastic surgery to give her a younger appearance.

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