David Begnaud Married, Gay, Wiki, Biography, Quick Facts

Lovers of CBS television network will surely know David Begnaud who is a correspondent for the outlet. David and his tight pants have been a delight to viewers ever since he joined the CBS network in 2015. Not just CBS viewers but the entire US have gotten a feel of the reporter’s competence from his unique and dedicated approach to news reporting.

David Begnaud’s Biography, Wiki

The CBS correspondent was born on June 13, 1983, to his parents in Louisiana, United States. Young David always had an interest in journalism and didn’t hesitate to take a bold step into the field when he was 17. He started out at KLFY-TV as a weekend anchor and reporter. He then moved to KFLA-TV while serving at Shreveport. He worked for a year and a half there before he moved to Sacramento where he sat for CBS for three years before joining KTLA as a reporter.

Before joining CBS as a News Correspondent in 2015, David Begnaud covered a range of breaking news relating to different categories. He also worked as a news reporter for Los Angeles-based journalist for Newsbreaker at ORA TV, which was a social media platform for events and breaking news. Starting out young, he gained lots of experience which prepared him for the big deal ahead – when he started work as a CBS News correspondent.

In the course of his profession, David’s skills took him to many places within the United States including the Pulse Night Club, Orlando, Florida, where massive shootings happened in 2017. The talented reporter covered the breaking news of one of the deadliest shootings which took place in Orlando, as well as the shootings at San Bernardino, California.

Begnaud covered Hurricane Harvey in 2017 in Houston, He also covered Hurricane Irma, Florida, as well as Maria in Puerto Rico. News lovers have grown fond of the reporter and on many occasions have recommended him for recognition by the government.

It can be recalled that when Puerto Rico was afflicted with the aftermath and horrors that came with Maria, David Begnaud brilliantly, diligently and professionally rendered a thorough coverage of the disaster, reporting recent development, reactions and others. His apt commitment to his presentation drew the attention of the public to him, as well as commendations and recommendations.

David’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. This is quite befitting for the correspondent who has proved himself unique among his counterparts. According to reports, his salary as a News Producer at CBS is about $90,000. With the way he is going, this figure will be a trifling amount to him in few years to come.

He’s also got the right body that suits his profession. David stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches which graces his weight and very attractive body.

Married or Gay

It could be due to his looks or the way he talks, but the reporter’s sexuality has been an often debated issue several times. Being a handsome young man, David has a lot of female admirers inquiring about his love life including his sexuality.

However, the reporter is quite private about his personal life. This has made it difficult for people including digital media sources to understand his dealings behind the camera. He was once rumoured gay by sources, but his notoriously private nature made for a quick collapse of the rumours as nothing was found about his sexuality.

But regardless of his protective moves, it is widely known that David is not married yet. However, we do not know who he is dating (if there’s anybody). More so, he does not portray himself as gay and for this reason, he cannot be regarded as such.

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Quick Facts about David Begnaud

  • David Bednaug was in high school when he started his career in journalism. Begnaud had his tertiary education at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette where he graduated in 2005.
  • He reported the earthquake that hit Ecuador in 2016 which left hundreds dead and thousands injured.
  • David showed profound competence and dedication in his correspondence during the Puerto Rico hurricane crisis, earning himself the nickname ‘Patron Saint of Puertoricans.” He had spent 30 days reporting the day to day turn out of the devastating events that followed the natural disaster.
  • His name is pronounced “Bed no”
  • David is so dedicated to his work and exudes excellence in the way he handles his job. He has become a source of motivation for his colleagues in the field.


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