D’arcy Wretzky Net Worth and 8 Other Facts About The Musician

D’arcy Wretzky is an American multi-talented musician who has made a fortune for herself in singing and playing bass guitar for musical bands. As of this writing, D’arcy Wretzky’s net worth stands at a whopping US$10 million. 

Many American female musicians are doing great in the music industry, but very few among them are known to be gifted in playing one musical instrument or another. D’arcy Elizabeth Wretzky Brown is a multi-talented musician is one special breed, she’s both a singer and also a professional bass guitarist. The Michigan-born musician was born on May 1, 1968. She was also brought up in Michigan with her sisters. She is known as the main bass guitarist for the Alternate Rock band named “The Smashing Pumpkins,” headed by Billy Corgan.

Profile Summary of D’arcy Wretzky

  • Full Name: D’arcy Elizabeth Wretzky Brown
  • Nick Name: D’arcy Wretzky
  • Date Of Birth: 1 May 1968
  • Age: 56 Years Old
  • Birth Place: South Haven, Michigan, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents Name: Father – Jerry Wretzky, Mother – Vikke Anderson
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Weight: 68 kg (150 pounds)
  • Height: 173 cm (5′ 8″)
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • School: L.C. Mohr High School
  • College: N/A
  • Profession: Musician
  • Net Worth: $10 Million
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorce
  • Ex-husband/spouse: Kerry Brown (m, 1993-1996)
  • Children: N/A

D’arcy Wretzky’s Net Worth of Over Over $10 Million Makes Her a Millionaire

Throughout her music career in the American music industry, the multi-talented singer and musician has been able to gather a huge fortune for herself, as D’arcy Wretzky’s net worth is estimated to the tune of $10 million as of our last review.

She amassed this fortune from record sales, royalties from album sales, and earnings from live concerts by Billy Corban’s Smashing Pumpkins band, Filter, Grave next door, and Catherine band. The band had several studio albums in which the talented musician played a major role as the band’s bassist and also sang in some of their songs and albums. Her brilliant contributions in the band saw them make a lot of Fortune, and this in turn saw D’arcy Wretzky’s net worth grow consistently over time.

Facts that Reveal Untold Details About D’arcy Wretzky

1. D’arcy Wretzky is of Jewish Descent

Though D’arcy Wretzky is an American singer born in South Haven, Michigan, United States, she has Jewish origin, from the Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity. D’arcy’s father is Jerry Wretzky and her mother was Vikky Anderson. Her paternal grandparents were Belarusian jews while her mother is of Scandinavian ancestry.

2. At Ten Years Old, She Intended to Start Her Music Career

D'arcy Wretzky's net worth
D’arcy Wretzky with Billy Corgan

Like Waylon Jennings, who started singing at age 8, D’arcy Wretzky had nursed a strong interest in music right from the beginning of her life, and she knew that’s where her passion lies. While she was just ten years old, she intended to start her music career. Thanks to her mother, who must have noticed the passion and started to motivate her and her sisters to learn and perform music, as she (her mother) was also a working musician.

As D’arcy was growing up, she started developing an interest in playing musical instruments and learned to play Violin and Oboe. She then started to perform in the choir. She was also into sports, as she performed gymnastics. At around this time, the talented musician used to get scared of the stage, but as time went on, she fought her nightmare about the stage with boldness and conquest, knowing full well that she had to gain lots of boldness in stage performance if at all she’s going to make headway in music. While at South Haven’s L.C. Mohr High School, D’arcy Wretzky developed her interest in post-punk music and joined to play in cover bands.

Having had experience in band music, D’arcy relocated to France to try out with a musical band after high school. On her arrival in France, the band she intended to join had ceased to exist, she had to return to the United States in search of a musical band to join. On her return to the United States, she moved to Chicago, where she spent the summer with her friends and attended several concerts. In 1988, D’arcy Wretzky got recruited into Billy Corgan’s Alternative Rock band called The Smashing Pumpkins. After overhearing the band leader criticizing the band’s performance after a show, she talked with him join them as their bass player. When D’arcy Wretzky joined the band, only Billy Corgan himself and James Iha made up the band with the help of a Drum machine; Later, they had a drummer (Jimmy Chamberlin) join them to make a complete band.

The first five studio albums (Gish, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Adore, Machina/The Machines of God and Siamese Dream) produced by Smashing Pumpkins had D’arcy Wretzky credited as the original bassist. After being with the band for a decade, Wretzky in 1999 left with the intention of pursuing a career in acting.

D’arcy Wretzky was in the news recently for not being invited to the Smashing Pumpkins reunion. Granting her first interview after almost two decades in February 2018, she was highly bitter and critical of Corgan and their past. She described Corgan as a self-centered man who had never had her interests at heart, either during her time in the Pumpkins or after she left the group. She also responded to Corgan’s claims that he reached out to her following her expulsion from the band in 1999 and invited her to the band’s reunion, which she turned down. Responding, Wretzky said she only heard about the supposed 2005 Pumpkins reunion on the news.

3. Apart From Playing Guitar, D’arcy also Sings

Darcy Wretzky is popularly known for her skillful display with the bass guitar during live performances in many concerts and for several musical bands, and also in many musical albums. Playing bass guitar is not the only thing D’arcy knows how to do, she is also talented in singing and songwriting. Besides being the key bass guitarist playing for the alternative rock band, D’arcy Wretzky was also known to be a backing vocalist, who used to backup vocals both in the studio during recording and on stage during live performances in concerts.

Some of the Smashing Pumpkins’ tracks that she had made brilliant vocal contributions include “Daydream” from Gish, “Farewell and goodnight”, Many songs on Siamese Dream 1979, ” “Beautiful”, “Cupid De Locke,” “Where Boys Fear to Tread” from Mellon Collie, as well as “dreaming” and ” The Bell” from The airplane flies high. One of the Smashing Pumpkins songs was also co-written by D’arcy Wretzky – Daughter in 1995.

When D’arcy Wretzky joined the band called Catherine, she was the second vocalist for their final album titled “Hot Saki and Bedtime Stories,” and she also showed up in the video for Four Leaf Clover. D’arcy Wretzky is also known to make vocal contributions to the track “One and Two” on James Iha’s solo album (Let It Come Down) in 1998. D’arcy recorded again with cellist Eric Remschneider in 1999 (she had worked with him before when she recorded with Smashing Pumpkins). She also made backing vocal contributions on the Filter song “Cancer” from the album “Title of Record”.

4. D’arcy Wretzky has been In Jail Before

Nobody wants to have anything to do with court issues, let alone having a jail term either long or short. D’arcy has once found herself behind bars before, and it has never been a palatable experience for her.

On February 1, 2011, D’arcy Wretzky was jailed for ignoring four court dates based on a court charge against her for failing to control her wild horses. It was reported that she let the horses roam about freely in the street during nighttime, thereby inducing interference to local traffic and destroying crops of farmers which affected market supply. The animals were also found to be intruding on public property and destroying vegetables on such properties. She was arrested and found guilty and had to spend six days in jail over the case.

D’arcy got herself into the police net again the day following her release from jail. She was apprehended on February 7, 2011, for driving under the influence of alcohol and road rage charges in South Haven, Michigan, this led her back to jail. But in the course of time, she was freed from jail and has since then been seemingly careful about finding herself back into jail. Apparently, it wasn’t a pleasant experience for obvious reasons.

5. D’arcy Wretzky is Divorced with No Kids

D’arcy Wretzky got married to Kerry Brown in 1993, though she had been in a relationship with her colleague from the Smashing Pumpkins band for three years (1988 to 1991) before meeting Kerry Brown, and she had no kid with David Iha. After her marriage with Kerry Brown, they lived together happily for a period of six years before things went sour in their marriage, which eventually led to a divorce in 1999. The ir6 years of marriage did not produce any kids.

Apart from these men she had a relationship with, she was also into another relationship with Richard Patrick sometime in 1999. In an interview with Loudwire, Filter lead singer Richard Patrick revealed he had a romantic relationship with Wretzky, and that his Song Miss Blue, was about her.

On the other hand, D’arcy was also rumored to have had a fling with Mickey Rourke. More so, she dated late Wendell Green. She confirmed this during her interview on Chicago’s Q101 FM, where she mentioned that her former fiancé Wendell Green had died. As of now, she is single.

6. D’arcy Wretzky has a History of Drug Abuse

D’arcy was involved in hard drugs at a point in her career, and it had a severe effect on her. Not long after she quit her former band (Smashing Pumpkins), she was apprehended by the police for possession of crack cocaine. During this period, she seemed to have been totally overwhelmed by hard drug addiction. This is evident in the comments made by the Smashing Pumpkin’s boss Billy Corgan about the professional bassist.

According to Billy Corgan, D’arcy Wretzky was dismissed for being a die-hard and chronic drug addict who has not submitted herself for any aid. He said she had to be replaced with Mellisa Auf der Maur (former bassist for Hole) during their 2000’s Machina tours. Be that as it may, many years have passed after Wretzky’s drug issues and there have not been any reports of her involvement with drugs again. Perhaps she has cleaned up herself and is now staying clear off drugs or the white substance in particular.

D'arcy Wretzky Net Worth
D’arcy Wretzky’s mugshot during her incarceration for drug abuse

7. D’arcy Wretzky is not on Social Media

These days, people believe that if you are not on social media, you are not where you should be. It’s quite common not to find a celebrity from the entertainment industry on social media platforms, but D’arcy Wretzky is not into all this social media craziness.

Celebrities believe that social media is the platform to reach out to their fans, socialize with people, promote their careers, businesses and market themselves, but D’arcy Wretzky seems not to buy the idea. As of today, D’arcy Wretzky has not been active on all these social media platforms. She is reported not to officially operate any of these platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the rest. Perhaps, any social media account you see bearing her name is not operated either by her or her brand management company.

8. Other Source of Income that Contributes to D’arcy Wretzky’s Net Worth

Though a large chunk of D’arcy Wretzky’s net worth of $10 million comes from her music career, she is also reported to have other businesses she handles that bring in income for her. She reportedly owns 3 antique stores in Michigan. No information is available in the public space about the size of her other businesses or how much she makes from them, but these businesses do contribute to D’arcy Wretzky’s net worth. Perhaps the reason for this is that she doesn’t want to grow these businesses with her image as the owner but would rather have them compete equally with similar businesses around them and see them thrive and grow organically. No doubt, this has paid off immensely.

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