Danny Gonzalez Bio: Age, Net Worth and Wife of The Popular YouTuber

Danny Gonzalez is a 30-year-old American YouTuber, Twitch streamer, musician and comedian known for his comedy sketches, gaming videos and commentary on his YouTube channels. Through these avenues, the social media personality has come to accumulate a massive net worth estimated at not less than $3.5 million.

His career aside, Danny is a married man. He tied the knot with his wife, Laura Gonzalez, in 2017 but it is not known whether or not they’ve welcomed any kids.

As much as he continues to make good money from what he does, his fame has spread across the globe with millions of dedicated followers. What this has meant is that a lot of people are interested in knowing what goes on in Danny’s private life, who he was before he became famous, and what have you.

Profile Summary of Danny Gonzalez

  • Full Name: Daniel James Gonzalez
  • Nationality: American
  • Place of Birth: Wheaton, Illinois, U.S.
  • Date of Birth: June 12, 1994
  • Age: 30 Years Old
  • Occupation: YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and Musician
  • College: Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Parents: Judi and Dave Gonzalez
  • Spouse: Laura Gonzalez (nee Fuechsl)

The 30 Years Old YouTuber Has a Degree In Computer Science

Danny Gonzalez was born and brought up in a suburban city in Wheaton, Illinois. You wouldn’t have to search hard to find that he was born on the 12th of June 1994. Many things about his family background and the kind of upbringing he had are yet to be revealed. We can only confirm that his parents’ names are Judi and Dave Gonzelez. More so, Danny is not their only child. He has at least two siblings, a brother and a sister whose names are yet to be revealed.

The YouTuber attended a public four-year high school in Wheaton, Illinois known as Wheaton North High School. It is said that he was pretty popular in high school as he was a member of the school’s speech team. Following his graduation from Wheaton North, he decided to further his education at Georgia Institute of Technology, a public research university located in Atlanta, Georgia. At the university, he obtained a degree in computer science. According to him, he would have become a software developer if he didn’t become famous on Vine.

He Began His Social Media Career On Vine Before Moving to YouTube In 2014

Danny Gonzalez’s journey to stardom began on Vine. He gained so much popularity on the platform with his comedy sketches that he gained nearly three million followers on the site before it was shut down. In 2014, before Vine packed up, Danny had taken his activities to YouTube.

Apart from comedy sketches, he also makes gaming videos and commentary that cover a wide range of subjects. At the moment, he has three channels on the site. His first and eponymous channel created in September 2014 has 4.95 million subscribers with over 922.7 million views as of October 2021.

Roughly four years later, he launched his second channel on the site named 2 Danny 2 Furious. It now has 1.34 million subscribers with over 45.2 million views. His third channel named Danny GAMEzalez is dedicated to gaming. Created in March 2021, it now has 351 thousand subscribers with more than 16.280 million views.

Danny Gonzalez’s Net Worth is $3.5 Million and YouTube Is The Major Source of His Wealth

Danny Gonzalez’s ability to network with other YouTubers is one of the factors that helped him become a notable and successful vlogger. At the early stage of his career, he collaborated with other prominent content creators from BigNik to Esa, Brennen Taylor, and much more.

There is no doubt that YouTube is the major source of his income. All his three channels have a total of 6.62 subscribers with over 976.1 million views at the moment. Given that and the fact that every 1,000 video views bring in anything from $3 to $5, it is not hard to see that being a YouTuber has been a cash cow to Danny and has contributed the bulk of his wealth estimated at $3.5 million.

Apart from what he makes from YouTube, Gonzalez’s popularity means he is someone who can influence the performance of a product or service in the market. So he also makes money from endorsing brands. The YouTuber has also been making money from his music career, even though he is yet to become a prominent figure in the industry. He has several songs listed on his Spotify verified page where he attracts over 245 thousand monthly listeners.

That’s not all, he is also a comedian and has performed in various venues over time. He once went on a comedy tour with Drew Gordon and Kurtis Conner. While what he makes from his music and comedic endeavors are best known to him, they have contributed a significant amount to his wealth.

All The Sources of Danny Gonzalez's Wealth
  • Ad revenues from YouTube
  • Income from an endorsement deal
  • Proceeds from streaming his songs online
  • Earnings from his comedy shows and tours

Danny Gonzalez Has Been With Laura Gonzalez Since 2017

According to several reports, the YouTuber is married to Laura Gonzalez whom he dated for several years. Before they got married in 2017, Laura was featured in a number of his videos like the one below. Danny has always kept much of his private life away from his career, so it comes as no surprise that much isn’t known about the special woman in his life. Because of this, there have been so many speculations about her life.

Some reports have even claimed that she is a Colombian actress and model. But they are clearly referring to Miss Colombia 2017 who represented the country at Miss Universe 2017 and finished as the first runner-up. But that’s a different Laura González and her spouse is Diego Sáenz, not Danny Gonzalez.

From what we gathered, Danny’s wife was known as Laura Fuchs before she got married to the famous internet personality. How, where, and when the couple met are yet to be uncovered. But they dated for several years before they took the relationship to the next phase. They reportedly exchanged marital vows in 2017. It is said that their’s was a private wedding and it was held somewhere in Chicago. As far as the public knows, they two are yet to become parents.

Who is Danny Gonzalez’s Wife, Laura Gonzalez?

Various reports have it that Danny Gonzalez is married to a certain Laura Gonzalez, who he dated for some years. Due to his preference for keeping his private life away from the public, there is only very little information about the YouTuber’s spouse.

What is Danny Gonzalez’s Age?

The online celebrity, Daniel James Gonzalez, is 30 years old. He was born on June 12, 1994, in Wheaton, Illinois, U.S.

What is Danny Gonzalez’s Net Worth?

Danny Gonzalez has definitely made a good amount of money from his online career, but his net worth is not known. There are varying reports about how much he is worth, however, they all agree on one thing- that he is worth more than $3.5 million.

What is Danny Gonzalez’s Ethnicity?

A lot of information about Danny’s background is unavailable, it is easily seen that he is White, judging by his looks. He has Mexican roots as his paternal grandfather comes from Mexico.

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