What Is Danny Gonzalez Famous For? Who Is His Wife And What Is His Earning Power?

Danny Gonzalez is a popular American vlogger with several millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel. He started his career on the now-defunct video-sharing platform, Vine, in 2013. Danny built his Vine subscriber base to almost 3 million before the service packed up. It was in 2014 that his YouTube presence became quite noticeable. Presently, he maintains an active presence on other social media platforms as well. For instance, he has many thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram; these have cemented his status as a social media influencer. If Danny is this famous, he certainly has something special to offer his audience. What is that? Well, that’s partly what we are here to discuss, tag along.

How Danny Gonzalez Became So Famous

The vlogger is known mainly for his ‘I Talk About A Thing’ video series. The series often sets in his ‘Danny’s Kitchen’, where according to the witty dude, he cooks up pranks instead of food. Generally, he is famous for routinely sharing amazingly funny videos. One of his videos entitled Trying Troom Troom’s Awful Pranks, which has close to 10 million views as of this writing, is a recipe for baking a pie shaped like a phone case and using it to cover your phone. As you eat the pie, you make people around you think you are going crazy for eating your phone’s case.

His videos are well-loved because he brings in a blend of passion and experience into it. As a result of his love for beautifully made videos, he learned video editing when he was only 12 years old and in 7th grade. So, over the years, Danny Gonzalez has grown to become extremely talented when it comes to making good videos. His knack for adding special effects to his videos coupled with his witty style of presentation is probably his strongest selling point.

He first shot into the limelight with a video titled Target Headphones like What’s Up back in 2013 when he was still on Vine. He kept making new videos almost daily. The tagline of his YouTube channel states ‘New Video Every Second’. While he has not achieved this obviously, we think it’s his vision statement.

Danny Gonzalez career
Danny’s Kitchen, where he cooks up pranks instead of food: Image Source

Another secret to Danny Gonzalez’s rise to fame which we discovered is his ability to network with other vloggers in his niche. Back in the days, he collaborated closely with notable Viners and internet stars like Esa, Brennen Taylor, BigNik, and many more.

Does the Vlogger Have a Wife?

His extremely youthful looks and prankster demeanor might make you think Danny Gonzalez is still too young to have a wife. But then, he has someone he refers to as ‘my fiancee’, who has even appeared on a number of his videos that reveal what a lovely couple they are. If you watch his video entitled Girlfriend Does My Make-Up below, you will immediately notice the profound camaraderie that exists between them.

Although his fiancee is often identified as ‘Laura’, we have found that her full name is Laura Fuchs. However, we have not been able to unearth just how the couple met or when they are planning to wed. Also, we are yet to get to know if they have any kid or are expecting any. So, we are going to update this space with these details as we grab them. 

Danny’s Net Worth and How He Achieved It

How rich Danny Gonzalez is at the moment might be a subject of controversy. Different sources are reporting different figures that vary between $1 million and $5 million. But the latest figure we obtained placed his worth at $2.6 million as of early 2020.

As for how the YouTuber pooled up so much, it is mainly through ads placed on his video channels as well as through endorsement deals that he goes into by the reason of his popularity as a social media star. You must have seen him endorsing brands like e.l.f and NARS in the video cited above. Each of those brand displays means that some dollars are getting into Danny’s bank.

Although many do not know this, another major source from which Danny Gonzalez’s net worth has accrued is his music career. Although he is yet to gain any significant traction as a musician, there is no doubt he has made some income out of it; considering the number of projects he has released, including Beef With Me (2017), Spooky Boy (2017), Greg (2018), Vape Tricks, Dentro De Mi (2018), and Dab on the Haters (2018).

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